When Cherry Blossoms Bloom

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Write To Impress

Ruth had awakened earlier than usual, her pussy throbbing after the thorough job Hirozaki had done on her last night. She had to work to make herself cum to ease the hunger her pussy was now suffering from. She thought of him as she came, her juices rushing past her fingers. Ruth wouldn’t be surprised in the least if the man held a doctorate in how to tease a woman and leave her begging for more. She smiled at the thought. She finally willed herself out of bed and got up to make herself a cup of coffee. She sat down and decided to watch her anime for a while before trying to write anything. She sat and had watched clear up to lunch time before she noticed there was no knock on the door. She had already gotten used to expecting it. She sighed and fixed herself some lunch. She decided to check her email. There was a letter waiting for her.

Activity 4: Stories Are Like A Window To The Soul

This activity is a way for you to tell me about your deepest desires in written form. I want you to write a story about your ideal man and what you would expect of him. The setting is to be strictly in the bedroom(for now). Tell me in the most descriptive way possible everything that you would want done to you. When you are finished, email me and I will let you know when to expect a car. We will meet in a small shop I have chosen downtown. It is a bookstore with a coffeeshop. We will flip a coin and whichever side loses will be required to read their story out loud to the other person first. (Don’t worry, the owner assured me that any patrons who dare to remain to listen to the reading are required to be 18+) The shop owner found my proposed exercise to be both intriging and humorous.

So much for not being in the mood to write. The reason Ruth loved her writing so much was that it virtually wrote itself. She could come up the general idea of what she wanted to write, decide the genre and create the characters. Once that was done. Her writing took on a life of its own. Ruth grabbed herself some chocolate and a Smirnoff Ice and settled in to begin.

The woman was a mystery to him. She may have appeared quiet and demure, but he would soon learn that behind closed doors, she was insatiable. Her body had been denied the touch of a man in so long that it ached. Her desires were beyond your average woman’s. Her body was not content with normal sex. She demanded that he be rough with her. Her body would not react to anything else. He began by being gentle and learned that she would not allow him to be. When she grabbed a handful of his hair and pulled hard. He learned his first lesson. He fucked her then. Watching as she only came after he began to pull her hair and call her demeaning names that he would never have dared at any other time in his life. As he fucked her he found that he was beginning to remain harder longer than he had before. Her hunger for his cock beginning to rub off on him. He fucked her like a man unhinged, only to hear her beg for more. To anyone who dared to witness it, they would swear the woman was being raped. The man twisted her nipples hard as he fucked her, she gasped in pleasure at the torture. Then as he put his hand around her dainty throat, she smirked. He squeezed her throat then, not in an attempt to harm her, only to show her who was in control. He sat next to her now and watched her smile as she took him into her mouth. He used his fingers and pounded into her at the same rhythm she sucked his cock. If she dared stop to catch her breath, he stopped as well, only continuing when she did. Soon he was pounding into her, her juices squirting everywhere. Once his cock was hard again, he roughly turned her over and shoved his raging hard cock into her ass. He smiled as she screamed when he entered her unprepared. He fucked her again while demanding that she beat her own clit. With his free hand, he began to attempt to fist her. Only then did she genuinely beg him to stop. In such a frenzied state, he didn’t hear her. Twisting his wrist, forcing his fist into her. She could no longer make a sound, she beat her clit in an attempt to add some lubrication to her pussy as he continued to force his fist into her. Even after blowing his load inside her he continued. With a snarl he tells her, “Let me help you, whore.” With that he forcibly pulled his cock out of her ass as well as removing his fist. But only long enough to wet her pussy with his cum. He put her on her back again and plunged his fist into her. It went in so much easier this time. He pounded her over and over again. Once he had finished with her on his terms, he leaned in and whispered. “Be careful what you ask for. You may bring the beast out of the man and get more than you’re prepared for.” With that the man left her there as he laughed. All the woman could do was breathe, any movement caused her pain. Then she smiled again before drifting off to sleep. Who underestimated who?

Ruth blushed terribly as she read through what she had written. Just as she was going to change her mind and delete it, she received another email. She opened it.

No matter what you write, do not delete it. I want to read your most carnal desires. I’m waiting for you to send it as soon as you have keyed the last word.

Ruth gasped. How could he have possibly known what she was even thinking of doing? Almost as if to answer her question, she received another email moments after she had clicked the send button.

If you write the way I believe you do, you’re mind takes over and you write from the deepest parts of yourself. No filter. Your words flowing with an almost unimaginable intensity as though someone was forcing your fingers to fly over the keyboard without you having any direct control.

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