When Cherry Blossoms Bloom

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Enter The Darkness

Ruth froze then. Only another writer would be able to describe how she felt as she wrote. Her works would indeed flow unbidden. It was an eerie and yet exhilarating experience. After a moment another email arrived.

Your ride will arrive in ten minutes, when you get to the shop, I will be waiting for you outside. Once we go inside, we will have someone print our stories. We will then sit at a table in the center of the cafe. I will see you soon.

Ruth wasn’t afraid. She found this exciting. All these activities that he planned seemed to be to help her grow. Emotionally and obviously sexually. The ride arrived as promised. No special outfit this time, just dressed as herself. Her heart was pounding. She was never afraid of public speaking, but to bare her soul in front of total strangers. He was showing a different side of himself as well. And it made her hot as fuck. He was upping the stakes. How much would she be willing to risk? How far would she be willing to go? He was making himself just as vulnerable. Doing things outside his comfort zone. She sighed. He had it so much harder than she. He had lived his whole life being sheltered by his own choice. And yet he was pushing his own boundaries just because he had begun to care for her. And she for him. As the car pulled up, she blushed. Hirozaki was waiting for her and opened the door. He took her hand and helped her out of the car. Before he opened the door to the shop, he pointed out the sign the owner had put on the door. Public reading in progress. Patrons only 18 are permitted until the reading is over. Thank you for your patience. Ruth blushed again as he finally opened the door and followed her inside. He nodded to the owner and she left to print out the items he had requested. While they waited they each ordered a beverage and sat down. A moment later, the owner returned and handed each of them a paper. Ruth recognized what she had written. Hirozaki smiled. A sincere kind smile and kissed her hand. “Shall we begin?” Ruth took a breath and nodded. With that, he pulled out a coin. He watched her for a moment and waited. “Tails.” She calls. He flipped the coin and smacked it onto his opposite hand. He showed it to her then. She sighed and rolled her eyes. “Figures.” She took a deep breath and began to read her story aloud. She saw Hirozaki’s cheeks flush more crimson than she had ever seen as she read it. The other patrons that were in attendance watched and hung on every word she spoke. The further she went the tighter they gripped their individual cups that held their chosen beverage. By the time she had finished, the shop was deathly silent. Then a collective breath. Then the patrons that were there stood up and gave her a standing ovation. Ruth began to cower some, acting as though she wanted to shrink into nothing. Hirozaki took her hand and had her stand up. He smiled then. He looked at her and nodded. They both bowed. This caused the patrons to only become more excited. Ruth began to sit down, prepared to hear Hirozaki’s own work. Hirozaki shook his head. Ruth was confused. He leaned in then and whispered in her ear. His voice husky, and thick with desire. “I prefer to show rather than tell.” Ruth had to close her eyes. Hirozaki put his arm around her to steady her. At his touch, she felt herself gush. How could he have that much influence on her body? He nodded to the owner in thanks and walked Ruth out to the waiting car. They arrived at his home and he led Ruth inside. She looked up at him when he chuckled. She could only stare. Her body was on fire, the heat rising to an almost unbearable intensity. He kissed her as he began to undress her. She did her best to undress him as well. So thankful now for the simplicity of his yakata. He lay her down on his bed and began immediately to kiss her neck and work his way down to her breasts. He was taking his time. He put his fingers into her heat while alternating between giving each breast his utmost attention. He kissed her deep as he felt her get close to orgasm. Fingering her with almost blinding speed. Ruth’s body tensed as she exploded. “Hirozaki....” She shuddered. Before she could catch her breath, Hirozaki smiled at her. And put his hands under her ass lifting her dripping wet pussy to his mouth. He proceeded to ravage her clit. With his tongue, his teeth. All while burying his fingers into her again. She came over and over, her body wracked with orgasms. She could no longer form words. Her body jerked as her clit hit its limit. So tender that she began to instinctively pull back to protect herself. Hirozaki only pulled her back to his ravenous tongue. Despite the tenderness, she came over and over. Almost wishing it would stop. But then not wanting it to at the same time. The mix of intense pain and then pleasure turned her brain to mush. Finally, her body began to spasm. “Hirozaki.... Oh fuck.” One last massive orgasm and Ruth nearly collapsed. Her body shaking from the intenseness of what he had done to her. He lay down next to her then. And brought her hand back so that she could hold his now hard cock. Ruth gasped. When she turned to look at her prize, he kissed her deep. “Not yet. You only get to play for now.” She smiled then and began pumping his cock. So happy to be able to finally touch him, hold him and show him how much she appreciated everything he had done for her. He moaned and leaned back. As she pumped him vigorously and the rhythm increased, she heard him gasp. “Yes, Ruth,” He says. Ruth’s heart nearly burst at the sound of her name coming from his lips. “Oh yeah. I’m going to cum.” Ruth picked up her pace even more and felt him explode all over her hand. She slowed down, but pumped him gently, feeling him jerk as it became too much. “Chikushô.” When he cursed in Japanese, she finally stopped. He took a breath. “I deserved that.” He kissed her long and deep one last time. She felt him turn on his side, his now wet and flaccid member rubbing up against her ass. He put one arm over the top of her and she rolled back so that his other arm was under her as well. He pulled her against him, holding her tight. Soon all he heard was her even breathing as she fell into a deep sleep. He had no other choice but to do the same. Exhausted as he was after such an intense day. Each day of his best laid plan was getting harder and harder. Every part of him wanted to say screw it, and just ravage her the way she had described in her story. To a point. He would never hurt her. Wherever that story had appeared from in her mind, it was dark, even for him. It wasn’t her fault. No one can control how their mind chooses to respond to different things in there lives. The fact that she didn’t have issues with the typical vices people use to cope. Alcohol, drugs, crime. She had become a sexual beast internally. Thriving on the physical relief it offered. Her interest in pain allowed her to “feel” what she normally would keep bottled up as emotions. He held her tighter. She was not broken as she believed, she only needed someone who could show her the whole parts of herself that she refused to recognize. These “demons” who haunted her mind, had been given free reign for far too long.

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