When Cherry Blossoms Bloom

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Surprise Me

Ruth opened her eyes, she felt so warm, so comfortable. She could feel Hirozaki still holding her. When she turned to look at him, he had his head nestled between her neck and shoulder. Her heart swelled. It was like a dream. Her smile faded for a moment. Maybe it was. She had learned long ago that as soon as she felt safe, secure, happy, it would only be a matter of time before something or someone pulled the rug out from under her feet. Her breath caught. She closed her eyes tight against the thoughts that began to cross her mind. “Relax, Ruth. Please.” Hirozaki had felt her tense up so suddenly. “Talk to me.” Ruth shook her head. He turned her around to face him. Her eyes were still closed tight as if she were afraid something would happen if she opened them. He kissed her. He did the only thing he could think of then. He reached down and began to rub her clit. The plan would still continue but, she needed him. He could feel the pain she was experiencing. It was so intense. Ruth gasped as he continued his work. Only after she came the first time, did he feel her relax. She thrust against him begging him not to deny her anymore. His body screamed in response even as his mind chided him for rushing things. He closed his eyes as he slid his hard cock into her. She gasped again, relief flooding her face. He wrapped his arms around her and started out slow wanting to feel and commit to memory every part of her womanhood. She was so tight, the resistance was amazing. Ruth opened her eyes and looked at him. “Thank you.” She mouthed. He kissed her. He continued to take his time until she finally told him what he wanted to hear. “Fuck me. Please.” He smiled and kissed her again. “As you wish.” He took her hands and interlocked his fingers with hers holding them beside her head. As he picked up the pace and intensity, Ruth took a deep breath. He focused solely on fucking her. There would be no lovemaking this session. She needed him to make her feel. He pounded into her watching her face. With every thrust he could feel her body relax a bit more. He fucked her so hard and deep that she could think of nothing else. And that was his intention. He became angry thinking about how much she was suffering emotionally. As he thought about these entities that were enslaving her, his pace picked up even more. A growl escaped him. “Oh, God. Please Hirozaki. Don’t stop.” Ruth cried. He responded to her by finally letting himself go. He would fuck those demons into silence if that’s what she wanted. He began speaking in Japanese again as he got close to cumming. He slammed into her once, twice, after the third, he held her ass burying himself to the hilt. He closed his eyes as he finally blew his load. She moaned as his seed unleashed into her. She dug her fingers into him as they both sighed. The tension gone. Hirozaki lay next to her. Ruth had a genuine smile on her face. “Thank you so much.” She says as she snuggled into him. He put his arm around her pulled her close. “Will you please talk to me now?” She looked at him, but looked down again. He put his fingers under her chin and made her look at him. “Please.” Ruth took a deep breath. She nodded. “Anytime anything good happens to me, something bad always seems to follow.” She started. “Give me an example.” He tells her. Ruth decided to begin with the one thing she most cherished and lost. “I met a man about 13 years ago. Not even a year after my sons’ dad had abandoned us. We spoke online for three months before I was stupid enough to move him in. Within twenty-four hours he was abusing me and my babies. But it was already too late. In my selfishness, all I cared about was that he could give me the daughter I had longed for after so long. And three months later I was pregnant. Getting into an abusive relationship is so simple. Getting out again well...” Hirozaki kissed her forehead and smiled. He remained silent, his eyes begging her to continue. Ruth sighed. “I finally escaped after three years of abuse. My children and I finally returning to Lawrence. My baby girl was two years old. My boys were five,nine and twelve. We arrived here in the middle of winter and spent the next seven months being homeless. My babies never did without. They were always clean, fed, and attended school. My daughter and I had our own routine. We finally got housed just in time for school to start. We were happy. Then in September, I received paperwork from the court in Missouri. My abuser was demanding custody of my daughter. Claiming that I had kidnapped her. Everything changed after that. It was like falling into a sink hole. The more I fought, the worse everything got. He got visitation that Christmas. When I got my baby back after three days with her father. She disclosed that her daddy had raped her.” Ruth stopped then. Hirozaki had to take a breath. Abusing a woman is one thing, but to harm an innocent child. His eyes flashed. He held her tighter. “It’s okay, you can keep going.” “I don’t want to scare you off. It gets so much worse.” He saw tears start to gloss her eyes. “One, nothing you could ever do or say would scare me off. And two, I want to help you work through all of this.” Ruth scoffed at him then. He waited. “Why?” Her answer stopped him cold. “You’ll just leave once I’ve finally gotten to where I feel like I’m finally happy. They all do.” Hirozaki’s eyes narrowed. “Ruth,” He said sternly. “Look at me.” She did as she was told, blushing some. “I am not the type of man who just beds a woman and leaves. My last relationship was over thirty years ago.” Ruth’s eyes widened then. “But why me? I have nothing to offer you. I’m fat, I’m....” He glared at her then. “Stop. I pursued you because I chose to. And trust me, it wasn’t planned. I came here on business, remember?” Ruth nodded. He had to get her focused again. She needed the emotional release as much as she had needed the physical one. “Please continue. I want to know what it is that affects you so deeply.” Ruth nodded again. “If you insist, but...” He kissed her again. “No buts.” She smiled at his sternness. How do men do that, she wondered. She took a breath. “I got to keep my baby girl until she was six years old. She was molested by her father as well as others during her visitations. Then her father took me back to court and was granted full custody. My ex had accused me of overdosing her on nonexistent medication. During the three years, he had kidnapped her twelve different times. Each time I would ask the judge for help, my ex would accuse me or my children of something new. During the last court hearing, I warned the judge that if he granted custody to my ex, my daughter would be raped within thirty days. It was prophetic. My daughter disclosed almost five months later that her teenage stepbrother had attempted to rape her. When I tried to get help for her, it only made everything worse. Over the next six years, my abuser would use visitation as a weapon. I haven’t seen my baby physically in two years. Finally, my ex who had been doing heavy drugs through all of this, and with everyone’s knowledge was caught with drugs while my daughter was with him. The state took custody. I called immediately and demanded that my daughter be returned to me. They refused. My ex requested that my daughter live with his ex wife. As of a few months ago, my rights were terminated and she was adopted by her. Her worker made eighty thousand dollars by selling her. Her adopted mom makes eight hundred dollars a month off of my daughter. Along with abusing her. She hates my daughter and treats her accordingly.” Ruth took another deep breath. She was expecting him to be shocked and start demanding to know why no one was helping her. Hirozaki simply shook his head, a sad look on his face. Ruth felt bad then. “I’m sorry.” He blinked. He smiled then. “Don’t be.” He kissed her again. “Thank you for being willing to tell me.” Ruth was confused for a moment. “It doesn’t bother you?” He looked at her, “In what way?” “That you ended up with a basket case?” Her eyes filled with tears then.

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