When Cherry Blossoms Bloom

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Enter The Dragon

Hirozaki was worried. Ruth would typically respond to his email almost immediately. His activity he had planned this time had been a simple one. He was going to come over and Ruth was going to cook a meal of her own for him. It had been three hours since he had emailed her. He stood up then and began to pace back and forth between the kitchen and the front door. Iruko had gone to run an errand and would be back soon, but he felt like he wanted to rush over to check on her. He felt that taking Iruko with him would be safer in case there was trouble. He was filled with panic. That told him that Ruth was too.

When Iruko walked in and found Hirozaki in front of his laptop instead of where he had planned, he stopped for a moment. “Hiro?” He put his keys up and walked over to his friend. He was staring at an email on the screen. “Hiro.” He touched his friends shoulder. Hirozaki jumped. When he turned to face Iruko, his face was tense. His eyes held a fire Iruko had never seen. His friend was angry. That worried him. It would take something extreme for that to happen. Hirozaki turned the screen to his friend as an invitation to read the email he had been sent. Iruko sat down. When he began to read the email, it sent chills through him. Hirozaki had gone to his room and slammed the door behind him.

To the fool who stupid enough to want my daughter, It began.

I have no idea what would possess someone to even take an interest in my whore of a daughter. She is the most worthless piece of shit that I ever gave birth to. So I will do you a public service. My daughter is an alcoholic, a drug addict, a whore, and clinically insane. Being the bitch she is, she chose to abandon two of her children. I’m stuck with one of them. She loves to lie to people and claim that she suffers from anxiety and depression. She goes out of her way to blame me as well any man she gets with. That’s easier than her being able to admit that all the abuse she claims happened to her was all in her mind. She loves attention and will get it anyway she can. Even going so far as going online and selling herself to any man who is willing to take her. As for her children, she was accused of severely abusing them. She starved her youngest son and kept him doped up on medication so that she didn’t have to actually take care of him. As for her daughter, she lied about being abused by her ex. When he retaliated, she falsely accused him of raping her daughter only in an attempt to regain custody. Ruth was the cause of the abuse that did occur. Being a pathological liar has to have some consequences. Her ex was a hard working man and bent over backwards to cater to her. He smoked marijuana just to cope with dealing with her obvious psychoses. Since my daughter is obviously incapable of making responsible choices for herself, I have had her forcibly committed. This is your notice that you are no longer allowed to have any further contact with her. Otherwise, I will have a restraining order placed against you. My daughter is sick and needs to be made to get well. You are a danger to her mental health from this point on.

Iruko couldn’t even breathe for a moment. The venom that saturated the page was beyond anything he had ever imagined. Surely Hirozaki wasn’t foolish enough to believe any of this? He had the answer to his question when his friend came out of his room and sat down on the couch. He had calmed some. Probably because he had chosen to meditate to re center himself. Iruko closed the laptop and joined his friend. “They won’t even allow me to speak with her.” He whispered. Iruko sighed. “They said she has been placed on a forty-eight hour hold.” “Hiro,” He turns to his friend. “It’s only temporary. If what this woman says is true. Which I very much doubt, Ruth has certain rights.” Hirozaki sighed. “Please tell me you don’t believe any of this.” Iruko says then. “Of course not.” Hiro responded. “I just don’t understand how someone can do that. Especially her own mother.” This only made his urge to protect her even stronger. As if having inner demons to contend with wasn’t bad enough. “Enter the Dragon.” Iruko murmured as though reading his friends mind. Iruko rubbed his temples. After a moment he picked up his phone. Hirozaki watched as his friend became all business. He began calling attorneys as well as friends that he knew that had the knowledge in regard to the current situation. After a few hours on the phone, he finally hung up and plopped on the couch next to his friend. He was smiling. “Everything is going to be fine.” He tells Hirozaki. “How?” Hirozaki asked, not at all convinced. “You’ll see. But there’s nothing I can do about the hold. That’s routine for this kind of situation.” Hirozaki waited, knowing his friend would explain further when he was ready. “Before I explain everything, let’s eat dinner. Its going to take a while.” Hirosaki nodded. As soon as dinner was over and everything was put away they sat down and Iruko explained. “After some digging, I found out that Ruth’s mother has been notorious in how she deals with her daughter. She’s been using the system to control her daughter since she was younger. When Ruth started having children, it only got worse. Her mother has hot lined her hundreds of times in the last twenty-four years. All to either gain custody of her grandchildren for money, like in the case of her youngest grandson or to punish her daughter after refusing to pay bills for her by helping her abuser gain custody of her daughter.”

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