When Cherry Blossoms Bloom

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A Light In The Dark

Ruth couldn’t move. She could hear voices. She could smell antiseptics. What happened. She remembered being so excited. She had called her mom to tell her she was in love, that she would finally be happy. Logically she knew that was dumbest thing she could have done. But surely, now that her children were gone, her mother was unable to hurt her. Wasn’t she? She was forty-three years old, a grown woman. Her mother should not have any power over her now. What did she hope to gain. “Hirosaki.” Ruth whispered. “Dr., she’s conscious.” Ruth opened her eyes and looked around. She saw a doctor and a nurse. “Why am I here?” She asked. Her mouth dry. The doctor’s tone was mocking. “You’ve been committed.” “Why?” “You’re not mentally capable to understand why.” “That’s not true. Tell me why I’m here. I have a right to know.” He turned to the nurse then. “Nurse make a note that the patient is suffering from delusions. She believes that she honestly has rights right now.” The nurse laughed. “Yes, doctor.” It hit Ruth then. “Where is my mother?” “She’s safe.” Why would he say that? He leaned in and whispered in her ear then. “You have really been a pain in the ass for your mom.” Ruth turned to look at him. She knew him. Before she could form the words. She felt pain and was swallowed up by the darkness. When she opened her eyes, she froze. It was here. The familiar cloaked figure. But she sensed something else. A warmth from an unknown source in a normally cold place. She wanted to look for it, but she couldn’t move. She heard a familiar voice. “Do you doubt that I can help her achieve that?” Hirozaki? But how? Suddenly the cloaked figure was gone. Then both the voice and the warmth were gone. She was alone again. All that were left were the whispers. “He thinks your crazy now.” “I own you.” Ruth did everything she could to keep from showing weakness, this only strengthened them. But she was so tired, so scared. She did her best to imagine Hirozaki holding her again. That’s when she felt safe. “But he’s leaving you.” The whispers reminded her. “What will you do then?” Her heart ached. It was true, he was leaving her. Surely he had read the email her mother had sent. Her mother had read it out loud to her as she typed it. Laughing about the fact that once he found out the “truth” about her, he wouldn’t be able to leave fast enough. Her mom’s boyfriend meanwhile had been holding her down. “If she’s such a fucking whore, why can’t I have her?” He asked. Ruth’s mom smacked him. “Because, you idiot, you’d leave behind evidence.” He had called one of his buddy’s from the psych ward to come and pick them up. Ruth had screamed for help, but no one came. When her mom’s boyfriend tried to be sneaky and mess with her when her mom’s head was turned, she bit h[m. “You bitch.” He struck her.

Hirozaki met his friend at the airport the following morning. He bowed and took his friends hand. Miro Sato had long hair like his friend, but it was jet black. His eyes dark enough to match. “It’s good to see you, Hiro.” He nodded to Iruko. They then walked back to Iruko’s car and before long, they were on their way back to Lawrence. The men remained silent until they pulled in to Iruko’s driveway. Iruko led Miro inside as Hirozaki followed. They sat down at the kitchen table. “I’ll brew some tea.” Iruko offers. Miro nodded in thanks before turning to Hirozaki. “You need to tell me everything that has happened, Hiro. From the beginning.” He looked at him sternly. “And I mean everything.” Hirozaki blushed. “That’s what I thought,” Miro smirked. “You’ve developed a connection with her then.” He stated. “Begin at the beginning.” Hirozaki nodded and as embarrassing as it was, he told his friend everything. How he came to be here. How they met. The game he had devised. The feelings that began to develop over such a short period of time. Their encounters and finally what her children had said. Miro listened intently. Then asked. “How long has she been in the hospital?” “Since Thursday night.” Iruko answered. “Her mother had her committed?” “Yes,” Hirozaki growled. Miro looked at him. “May I read the email you spoke of?” Iruko brought his laptop to him. As he read it, he nodded. “Have you checked on her status?” Hirozaki nodded. “They refuse to tell us anything considering we aren’t family.” “Did you think to have her children check on her?” That hadn’t occurred to him. Iruko handed him the phone after dialing her oldest. When he answered, Miro motioned for the phone. After introducing himself, he told him exactly who to talk to and what questions to ask the staff. “Do you know who her doctor and counselor are?” He asked then. Miro nodded and wrote down the names he was given. “Thank you, young man.” With that he handed the phone back to Hirozaki. He stood up. “Iruko, give me her attorney’s information.” He nodded and did as asked. Miro then excused himself to make phone calls of his own.

Ruth’s son called from the hospital a few hours later. Somehow, their grandmother had been granted guardianship over their mom. Even they were denied contact. Hirosaki slammed his fist on the table. Miro raised an eyebrow. Iruko simply shook his head. This entire situation just seemed so bizarre. Miro said something then that shocked both of them. “Hirozaki, you love her, don’t you?” Iruko looked at his friend. When did this happen? They hadn’t known each other that long. Miro waited for an answer. Hirozaki looked him in the eye and said, “Yes, I do.” Iruko’s eyes went wide. “Then marry her.” He said simply.

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