When Cherry Blossoms Bloom

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Her Knight

Hirozaki’s mouth fell open. “The only way you can override her mother is if your her husband.” Miro states. Iruko shook his head. “There’s no way they’ll believe that. If they’ve declared her insane, then the marriage would be deemed null and void.” Miro smiled. “It’s not official yet. I have a plan in mind, but you’ll need to do exactly as I say.” They looked at him confused. Then he pulled out a box, when he opened it, they saw a Stoll. He sent Hirozaki on an important errand and when he returned, Miro had been granted emergency access as her priest. They drove to Stormont Vale where Ruth was being held. Miro went to the front desk, with Iruko in tow as his “assistant”. “I’m here to see Ruth. The nurse looked her name up. “I’m sorry sir, she’s in lockdown.” Miro smiled and handed her the paperwork he had brought. She looked it over. Made a copy and handed it back. “Right this way, sir.” She says. She led them down the hallway and unlocked a large door. They followed her to another desk, where she handed the nurse the paperwork. The nurse nodded. “Please have a seat.” The new nurse tells them. After a moment, she got up and retrieved a card. “Come with me please.” Miro and Iruko followed her. She led them to a patients room and unlocked the door. Ruth was sitting in front of her window. Miro walked up behind her and motioned for Iruko to stand at her other side. “Ruth,” He whispers. “My name is Miro, I am a close friend of Hirozaki’s.” Ruth nodded ever so slightly. Smart girl. “We know of a way to help you get out of here,” He said then. “And if you do as I say, your mother will never be able to touch you again. Do you understand?” She nodded again. Miro nodded at Iruka and he showed Ruth a ring. She blushed but made sure not to move. Miro began. “Ruth, with Iruko standing in as proxy for Hirozaki by the authority granted to me. Do you take Hirozaki to be your lawfully wedded husband?” “I do.” She whispered. “Iruko speaking for Samuke Hirozaki, do you take Ruth to be your lawfully wedded wife?” “I do.” He whispered. “The ring.” Iruko put the ring on Ruth’s finger. Miro finished. “By the powers vested in me by the city of Tokyo, in the country of Japan. I now pronounce you husband and wife.” He then prayed over her in his own language. He slipped a paper in her lap as well. “Sign this, quickly.” He whispers between the words of his prayer. Ruth did so. Miro slid the document into his sleeve. “Stay strong, Ruth.” He says simply. Ruth nodded. And whispered. “Thank you.” The door opened then. “I’m sorry gentlemen, but your time is up. Visiting hours are over.” The nurse tells them. Miro simply bowed and Iruko followed suit before they walked out the door. The nurse locked the door behind them. When Miro and Iruko got to the car, Hirozaki could barely contain himself. “Congratulations,” Iruko tells him. “You’re a married man.” Hirozaki frowned a moment. “She said yes?” “Of course, did you think she wouldn’t?” “It’s too early to celebrate.” Miro tells them. “We still have court tomorrow.” He turned to Hirozaki. “Hiro, you need to call her attorney and update him on your marital status. Let him know we are on our way to his office with the marriage license.” “But.” Hirozaki starts. “Just do it.” While Hirozaki did as he was told, Miro pulled out a marriage license. He signed his name as the minister, and handed it to Iruko. “Sign as the witness.” He tells him. Iruko nodded and did so. He then handed the paper to Hirozaki to sign. When he saw Ruth’s signature, tears welled up in his eyes. He wiped them away. “Hurry, my friend.” Miro tells him with a smile. “The attorney is waiting for us.” Hirozaki nodded and wrote his name as neatly as he could. When they arrived at the attorney’s office, he was waiting for them. He had a big smile on his face. “Who’s idea was this?” He asked. Hirozaki nodded at his friend Miro. “Sir, I am not worthy. You are a genius. I’m going to make a copy and file an emergency order right now. I dare say court is going to go a lot differently than what her mother is expecting.” “How far did her mom go?” Iruko asked. “Not far enough. She presented a list of witnesses who she claimed could testify to Ruth’s mental instability.” “And?” Iruko pressed. “The judge laughed at her. Her mom’s boyfriend then tried to claim that Ruth had propositioned him for sex.” “Good God.” Hirozaki breathed. The lawyer nodded. “Her mom is one hell of a piece of work. But I gave the judge the testimony from her children, her therapist and her doctor. “This,” He pointed at the marriage license. “has just guaranteed that there will be no hearing. The entire fight will be in the judge’s chambers.” “What will happen after the judge makes his decision.” Hirozaki asked. “Ruth will be released, and considering the circumstances of your wedding, I hope you made better plans for your honeymoon.” He laughed. Hirozaki blushed. Then bowed deep. “Thank you do much for your help.” The lawyer nodded. But then he became serious. “Hirozaki, if I were you, I would get her away from here. Her mother will not take kindly to losing. And as they say, A court order won’t stop a bullet.” Iruko started. “You don’t think...” The lawyer shook his head. “I don’t believe she would, but its always a possibility.” Iruko stood up and shook his friends hand. “Thank you for your help.” The lawyer nodded. “I’ll call you as soon as I have the judge’s order in hand and meet you at the hospital. I’m going to call and make sure she’s ready to go before I leave the court house.” He smiled then. “Iruko, make sure your friend brings a dozen roses when he meets his wife.”

Ruth was led outside with her attorney holding her arm. When she saw Hirozaki she ran to him before he could even show her the roses. He held her close. Her tears wetting his shirt. When she had calmed some. He handed them to her. “Mrs. Samuke.” He says. He picked her up bridal style and turned around. Waiting for them was a white limousine. The chauffeur opened the door for them. Hirozaki set her inside and then sat next to her. The chauffeur shut the door just at Hirozaki kissed her. After a moment, he pulled away. Ruth saw the tears in his eyes. “Samuke?” “This is not how I wanted any of this to happen.” Ruth lowered her eyes. He pulled her to him. “Please Ruth don’t take that wrong, I’m sorry.” He held her the rest of the way to Lawrence and chose to remain silent. With what she had been through he felt that was wisest. When the limo pulled in front the Eldridge, she smiled. “You didn’t have to...” She started. “Ruth, you’re my wife. The least I can do is give you a decent honeymoon.” She blushed. When the chauffeur opened the door, Hirozaki took her hand and helped her out of the car. He then picked her up and carried her to the suite he had gotten for them.

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