When Cherry Blossoms Bloom

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Honeymoon Reprieve

Hirozaki lay Ruth down. She looked so exhausted. “Ruth, you should probably rest, we can do this another time.” Ruth nodded and kissed him. “Please, Samuke, I need this.” “As you wish.” He kissed her again. He helped Ruth out her clothes before taking off his own. He kissed her again. Ruth could sense his hesitation, so she grabbed his member and began to get him hard on her own. He sighed. And began rubbing her clit gently at first and then more forcefully. Once she came, he pushed himself into her. She put her arms around him and held him. He began gently until she whispered in his ear. “I’m alright, I promise.” With that he picked up his pace. He began sucking on her nipples as well and could feel her pussy tighten in response. Then he grazed them with his teeth and she tightened even more and gasped. He wrapped his arms around her and began to slam her on his cock. They kissed for a few moments, her body responding to that as well. He pulled her off of him and had her on her hands and knees. As he reentered her, she began to help him by backing into him. He grabbed her hips and plowed into her. “Yes, Samuke. Fuck me.” He smiled. But kept his pace. He started to kiss her up and down her spine and felt her shiver. As he got closer, he pulled out again. Ruth groaned in frustration. With a smile, he dipped his cock in her juices, then while holding her back with one hand, he guided his cock into her ass with the other. He had expected her to ask him to stop. Ruth only turned and looked at him and smirked. He fucked her letting all his frustrations go. He fucked her harder as he thought about all she had been through. It amazed him that despite all that she had been through, she still begged to be fucked. The physical release she desperately needed right now. He was more than happy to oblige. He came and then lay down next to her. He fully expected her to fall asleep. But she surprised him. She got up and after going to the bathroom, she returned with a washcloth and thoroughly cleaned him. Once she was finished, she took him into her mouth. He groaned. She worked her tongue expertly around his tip and up and down his shaft. As he began to grow, he could hear her gag some and raised a hand to stop her. She deep throated him even more and he grabbed her by her hair. He pulled it hard as a test. In response, she sucked him vigorously. He gasped, “Ruth, please,” He begged. All he could do was lay his head back. “Uuuuh fuck.” He came then seeing stars behind his closed eyes. He bucked some at the sensitivity as Ruth swallowed all of his juices and flicked his tip as one last tease. Only then did she sigh and lay down. She lay on his chest. As he played with her hair, she looked up at him. He smiled. “I love you, Samuke.” Then she thought for moment, “What am I supposed to call you now that we’re married?” Hirozaki smiled. “Well behind closed doors, you can call me whatever you like.” He looked at smirked. “Though master sounds appealing.” He was shocked when all she did was smile. “We’ll see.” Ruth’s eyes grew wide again. “Ummm. Samuke.” “Yes.” He says as he pushed her hair behind her ear. “You realize I don’t know Japanese, right?” Hirozaki laughed. “You probably know more than you think.” He tells her. “You are an anime fan.” Ruth thought about that. “Do you know any words from your anime?” Ruth answered. “I can remember two.” He looked at her surprised. “Well?” “Baka,” she tells him. He nodded and smiled. “And the second,” She blushed. “Sensei” He raised an eyebrow. “That’s useful.” Ruth rolled her eyes. He kissed her on her forehead. “You’ll learn. Who better to teach you than a Professor?” Ruth’s stomach growled making Hirozaki chuckle. “Me too.” He answered her growling stomach. He ordered room service for them and as they sat and ate, Ruth asked him, “Samuke, are you psychic?” Hirozaki almost choked. “Why do you ask?” “Because, you were in my dream when I was in the hospital.” He had thought she was unconscious. “I heard you challenge the entity.” She ran her finger lightly over the healing scratch. He grabbed her hand gently and held it against his chest. “I have quite a few abilities of my own.” Ruth nodded. “Just as you do.” Ruth looked at him. “You don’t think I’m crazy?” He rolled his eyes, “Love, if I thought you were crazy, why would I help you get out of an asylum?” Ruth couldn’t help but laugh. “Your boys told me that you had dreamt about me more than a year ago.” Ruth nodded. “What else can you do?” Ruth shrugged, “Nothing major.” He raised an eyebrow. “I’m an intuitive. I can sense when something bad is going to happen, or sense if a person is bad, I guess. I have premonitions through my dreams. I dreamt of my daughter when I was pregnant with my second son. But because her name started with a D, I knew I wouldn’t have her for a while.” “You named your kids alphabetically?” He smiled. “Yes,” Ruth answered. “There’s a story behind the reason though.” “I’m going to enjoy hearing all of them. Any more abilities?” Ruth shrugged. “Automatic Writing, I guess. But that only happens when I’m writing my stories or poetry.” Hirozaki smiled at her again. “My turn?” He says, Ruth nodded. “Well, premonitions, intuition and going into people’s minds while they sleep.” He looked at Ruth then. “You are a puzzle, my love.” “The demons?” She asked. Hirozaki leaned on his elbow and stroked her arm. “There not demons in the normal sense. Inner demons maybe.” Ruth nodded. “Since meeting you, I’ve been able to sense your emotions. When your happy or scared. And when you can’t sleep, neither can I.” “I’m sorry.” He kissed her. “Don’t be. We still have some work to do though.” He tells her as he taps her forehead lightly. “You have a lot to work through. And I intend to help you. “Like a psychiatrist?” Ruth smirks. “No, more hands on than that.” Ruth blushed. “You do have a dirty mind.” He tells her. “Benefits me greatly.” He kissed her. “The entity that attacked me said that the only one who can get rid of their inner demons, is the one whose mind they inhabit.” “That makes sense.” Ruth yawned. Hirozaki cleared away the dishes and crawled under the blankets. He pulled Ruth close wrapping his arms around her. They both fell asleep.

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