When Cherry Blossoms Bloom

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As You Wish Professor

When Ruth woke the following morning, Hirozaki had coffee waiting for her. As well as breakfast in bed. “You’re going to spoil me.” She tells him. “You better get used to it.” Ruth smiled. “That will take a while.” After she had finished she asked him, “If we’re married, then I get to live in Japan, don’t I?” “Obviously,” He says. “But not right away. Miro was able to get a marriage license, but we still have a lot to do. It will still be some time before you actually get to move.” Ruth nodded. She had done research on it just out of curiosity. Again he seemed to know where her mind was going. “If its about money, that’s the last thing you need to worry about, trust me. Between my position at the University and my other ventures, you will be very well cared for.” Ruth blushed. “Its going to be so different.” She sighed. “What do you mean?” He took her hand and kissed it. “I’ve been living on government money for so long that its going to take me a while to get used to relying on someone again.” “Please don’t worry.” Then he thought of something. “You said that you always dreamed of marrying a prince, correct.” “Yes.” Ruth says, “Well how would you have dealt with a change in lifestyle like that?” Ruth shrugged at first. “I never really thought about it.” Hirozaki smiled. “All your needs will be met no matter where you are. Granted one need may be lacking for longer than I like,” He kissed her then. Her questions all but forgotten as began to make love to her again. When they had their fill of each other, they checked out and Iruko picked them up. Rather than going home like Ruth thought, they pulled into the parking lot of a large building. Hirozaki covered her eyes with a blindfold before helping her out of the car. He nodded at Ono, and the woman led her into the building and into a small room. Ono removed the blindfold. Soon Ruth was dressed in a beautiful wedding kimono. Ono placed the blindfold back over her eyes. And handed over to someone who waited outside the door. “Mom,” Ruth teared up. When they finally stopped, the blindfold was removed one last time. As Ruth looked around, she saw many of her friends. Her eldest son stood beside Hirozaki. She saw her other two boys sitting in the front row, beaming. Miro was there as well and nodded. The wedding was more beautiful than Ruth could have dreamed. Ruth’s body tingled as they said their vows. And then Hirozaki kissed her. The whole world seemed to slow down in that moment. Then there were cheers and applause. Later they had the reception. When she and her husband danced. She felt as though she were floating on air. They cut and served the cake. By the end of the night, Ruth was exhausted. Iruko drove she and Hirozaki to her place. He drew the line at them having sex at his house when she still had hers. Though on this night, all they did was hold each other. Hirozaki was leaving the following afternoon. He had taken care of everything for her. Even going do far as buying modest homes for both of her adult children. He didn’t want Ruth to worry about her children when she left. Her youngest son chose to live with her oldest. He had no interest in moving out of the country with graduation coming up. He had paid her rent up to the point when she would physically leave to live with him in his country. And when he offered to hire her a maid and a cook, she had declined emphatically. Though she relented on the driver. “I thought you lived simply?” She tells him. “I do, but I’m not going to force you to.” Ruth raised an eyebrow. “I fell in love with you because of your simplicity.” He chuckled, “And I thought it was because of my long hair and good looks.” “Well that too.” He had taken the to sit and fill out a calendar with her as well. He would call on certain days using video chat so they could see each other and ease stress when it became necessary. He smirked at that. He would also call her. He put up a clock so that she knew what time it was in Japan. She had been afraid to call unless he did that because she was not going to interfere with his work schedule. While he was gone, she had agreed to start taking formal classes in learning to speak Japanese. He said he would test her regularly to make sure she was learning. He also agreed that they would write stories to each other when they could, but Ruth had to learn to write in kanji as well. “Ever the professor.” She tells him.

The morning he was leaving, they made love again. He promised that he would return to stay with her when University was on break. That was from the first week of August until the last week of September. “So only a few months until then,” He tells her. Ruth smiled. When the shuttle for the airport arrived for him. He kissed her again, long and deep until he knew she felt it completely. “I love you, Ruth.” He tells her as took her hand and kissed her again. She hugged him. “I love you, too.” He gave her one more smile before walking away. He climbed in the van and waved at her as he left. Ruth smiled even as she felt a tear fall down her cheek. In a situation such as this, the best remedy was chocolate and watching more of her anime until she was so tired sleep would come easily for her. Her plan worked and later that night she fell asleep. Tears wetting her pillow without trying.

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