When Cherry Blossoms Bloom

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Lonely Struggle

She closed her eyes, took a deep breath and ran for her bed. As soon as she had reached it, she jumped under her covers. She said the prayer Miro had taught her. Over and over until she could no longer see her breath. Ruth only fell asleep when exhaustion took over. Once again she found herself chained into a chair. And yet, there was one less chain than there had been before. Her mother was truly gone. She only heard one whisper. “What the fuck. You’re too fucking lazy to do shit.” It said. Her ex and her daughter’s father. “I got away from you.” Ruth murmured. The entity chuckled as it appeared in front of her. The eyes still glowing ember as before. “You really believe that?” She didn’t want to remember. But as if to torture her, Ruth found herself lying in a familiar room in the home that she had shared with her daughter’s father. She heard her baby girl crying from the makeshift nursery in their large closet. Her ex lay asleep next to her. Ruth got up to tend to her daughter. She picked her up and brought her to her bed. She lay her down between she and her ex. Her daughter calmed for a little while, but then she began crying again. Her ex bolted up out of bed before Ruth could react. He picked up the seven month old. “Shut the fuck up. I’m trying to fucking sleep.” He screamed as he shook her. He threw her down on the bed next to her mother. “Where the fuck is her bottle.” Before Ruth could answer he stormed out the door. Ruth held her daughter close and calmed her. Tears falling down her own face. After a moment, her ex came back into the room “I can’t find her fucking bottle.” He yelled at Ruth. This only made the baby cry again. Ruth was about to grab her daughter and take her with her to find it. But her ex grabbed the baby. “Go find the fucking bottle. Stop acting like I’m some kind of monster. I would never hurt my daughter.” Ruth hurried to her daughter’s crib and found her bottle right where it should have been. She took it to the kitchen and fixed a fresh one and hurried to her daughter. Her ex grabbed the bottle from her and moved her daughter to his side of the bed. After feeding the baby, he allowed Ruth to burp and change her. He lay the baby between them again after Ruth had rocked her to sleep. He held the baby. When Ruth tried to reach out to hold her daughter as well, he pulled the baby away and closer to him. “Go the fuck to sleep.” He tells Ruth. “Unlike you, I actually have to get up for work tomorrow.” Ruth remained facing her daughter and waited until he had gone back into a deep sleep. She pulled her daughter to her then and held her tight. “I’m so sorry, baby girl.” She whispers into her baby fine hair. Hot tears running down her face. While the following nights were never that bad. Ruth would be shocked out of a deep sleep every night. “Why the fuck didn’t you put my damn laundry away.” “You didn’t do shit today did you.” “Lazy fucking bitch. Your worthless.”

“Stop!” Ruth finally yells. The entity stopped for a moment. She saw the entity smirk then. “You feeling stronger, are you?” Ruth looked at the floor. “Just know, child. You may have destroyed my underling, but she was the weakest. Your on your own now.” Ruth thought of Hirosaki then. The entity watched her. “He can’t save you. Your white knight.” The entity says. ” His power is limited by his distance from you. You should have listened. Thanks to him, I have gained more knowledge, and with that, power.” Ruth looked directly at the Entity then. “Do your worst.” She didn’t care anymore. She was tired of the constant threats. The Entity watched as a sliver of light hit his hand. He screamed. Ruth’s eyes lit up. The Entity laughed then. Deep, maniacally. “Foolish girl.” Then he struck her, hard. Had the chair she was sitting in not been bolted down, she would have fallen over. Ruth spat out blood. Then heard skittering as creatures eagerly clear the blood away. She could feel her face begin to swell. “Your white knight has been a bad influence on you, I think. Remember your place.” He struck her on the other side of her face then. She cried out this time. The Entity disappeared. Her ex’s whispers continued, until she lost consciousness.

Hirozaki woke sweating. “Ruth,” She had been hurt. Not just emotionally, but physically this time. He had been able to see her in a dream state as before, but everything was blurry. All he could do was watch. He tried to call out to Ruth to be strong. But no words came out. Before the Entity had struck her, and as he was talking about Hirozaki, The Entity was looking right at him. Taunting him.

Miro met his friend in his kitchen and listened as they drank green tea. Miro shook his head. “I was afraid this would happen. Ruth has gained more confidence since she’s been with you. While its good that she’s standing up to them. This is going to make her more of a target. She has amazing energy, and they have fed off of her since she was born.” Hirozaki shook his head. Miro had done research on Ruth’s family so that he knew how best to help her. Ruth, Miro had learned, had been born months earlier than she should have. Due to this, she had died on multiple occasions and then had been brought back. Each time she had died and had been brought back, she was left vulnerable to entities that waited to attach themselves to her. She had then been abused through her entire childhood, this only fed the entities that had successfully joined with her. They thrived on the constant fear that she felt. And they only got stronger with each relationship she became involved in. Two violent relationships that wore her down, weakening her. Rather than her mother trying to support her and protect her, her mother reveled in her daughter’s pain. Hirozaki sighed. His hands were tied. Even he couldn’t make bureaucracy speed up. No more than he could leave his position at University. And knowing Ruth, she would not choose to live with someone. She enjoyed her privacy. “All you can do is try to draw them out when you are physically with her.” Miro tells him. “From what Ruth has told me of her dreams, there is a smaller presence, I believe that would be the most abusive of her past relationships. Very likely her daughter’s father. There is so much trauma involved with him. And worse yet, it’s unfinished.” Hirozaki looked at him. “The only way Ruth got rid of the last entity is because her mother took her own life.” Miro nodded. “I am not going to participate in bringing about the death of someone. Even if is her ex.” “I would never ask you to do that, my friend.” Miro assures him. “We must rely on fate to deal with him.” “There’s no guarantee fate will.” Miro nodded again. Hirozaki was right of course.

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