When Cherry Blossoms Bloom

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Hirozaki quietly entered Ruth’s apartment. He knew she would be sleeping this early. He went into the kitchen and fixed her breakfast. He was so thankful she was a heavy sleeper. He stood in the doorway and watched her for a moment. Her breathing was even and she was smiling. He wondered what she was dreaming about. He kissed her on the cheek to wake her. Ruth woke and rubbed her eyes. “Hirozaki.” He set the tray down and held her. “I missed you so much.” She tells him. He held her tighter as she cried. He put his finger under her chin and kissed her deep. When Ruth went to reach for him, he held her hand to stop her. His voice was husky with wanting. “You need to eat first, love.” He tells her. Ruth pouted up at him. “I’m not hungry for breakfast.” She tells him with a smile. He raised an eyebrow. “You’ll need your strength.” Her eyes lit up. He handed her the tray and she ate. He sat back so she could sit against him. He was glad she was taking her time. When she had finished, he lay the tray down on the floor and allowed her to finally undress him. He began fingerfucking her immediately as she did so. After a moment, she lay there at his mercy. He chuckled as he had to finish undressing himself. He kissed her and fucked her even harder until he felt the welcome gush of her juices over his fingers. “Hirozaki.” She breathed. He wasted no time then. He shoved his member into her and began fucking her with all he had in him. Months of sexual frustration. She put her arms around his neck and held his hair. He came way too quickly. When Ruth went to aid him. He nodded and simply kissed her again, she lost all will. He handled his own member until he was hard again. He rolled her over and shoved his cock into her ass. Ruth gasped and then moaned. He fucked her ass smacking it to make sure he had her full attention. When he came again, he pulled out and rolled her back over again. Ruth saw stars as he proceeded to eat her out, not caring that he had filled her with his own cum. He beat her clit with his tongue and watched her cum all over herself. She still bucked, begging for more. His cock was hard again after he had serviced her clit, so he plunged himself back into her. He grabbed her hips and fucked her. Pounding into her relentlessly. He was pleased that his cock had lost its eagerness to cum. He intended to make his love cum as many times as he could before he reached the peak of his own. “Please, Hirozaki.” Ruth breathes then. “Cum for me.” That’s all he needed to hear. He grabbed her hips and shoved himself into her balls deep. He could feel her nails dig into him as they both came together. He collapsed beside her. Finally breathing heavy. Ruth kissed him and he put his arm around her and held her close for a time. He smiled as she fell asleep. After a long flight, he was more than happy to join her in her slumber.

When Hirozaki woke, it was evening already. He found Ruth sitting on the couch writing and watching her anime. He got himself a cup of tea and sat down next to her. She turned to him and smiled before kissing him. “How was school?” She asked. “It’s going well.” He answered. He began to touch her leg working his hand up her inner thigh. She closed her eyes and sighed. When he reached her center, she almost dropped her laptop. He chuckled and stopped. Ruth glared at him. He winked. They could spend his entire fall break having sex, and he preferred that, but he wanted to get the more serious situation at hand first. “What happened in your dream when I was gone?” He asked. Ruth’s face fell and her hand reached up instinctively to touch her cheek. He took her hand in his. “We need to find a way to deal with this while I’m physically with you.” Ruth nodded in agreement. Though she had no idea how they would do that. Miro had said that if he learned anything useful in regards to her ex, he would contact his friend. Though Hirozaki feared Miro was going to be more involved than he claimed. Ruth described her dream to him. When she had finished, he thought to himself. So they had succeeded in defeating Ruth’s mother through her death. As much as he hated to admit it, he was thankful. He was thankful to that Ruth was so strong.

It was nearly a week later, and long after he and Ruth had gone to sleep that Miro had called him with the news. Ruth’s ex had overdosed on a bad batch of methamphetamines’ and was currently in critical condition. Hirozaki needed to get to Ruth’s side immediately. “Take the phone with you.” Miro tells him. “I may need to help you.” When Hirozaki reached Ruth’s side, she was in a deep sleep. She appeared fine at first, but then he noticed what looked like indentations of someone in the act of choking her. “Someone’s choking her.” He tells Miro. “Take a deep breath, Hirozaki. Don’t panic. I need you to use the meditation technique I showed you. Do it now.” Hirozaki put down the phone and relaxed. He slowed his breathing. He could hear his friend whispering in his ear. When Hirozaki opened his eyes, he could see Ruth sitting in the familiar chair. She was helpless as a misty figure attempted to choke the life out of her. “Ruth.” He calls. His voice steady and strong. “Relax, take control. Listen to my voice. This is your world, you created it.” Ruth was panicking, she couldn’t breathe. “Relax,” Hirozaki repeats. Ruth closed her eyes and simply went dead weight. When she did that, she found that she could breath some. “Enough.” She screams. The mist stopped. “You have no power over me.” Ruth could feel tears in her eyes. She felt almost sad then. “I’m sorry you chose this path. But the pain your feeling, you brought on yourself. Let go and leave me be.” The mist screamed. It was so piercing that both Ruth and Hirosaki closed their eyes and grimaced. Suddenly silence. When Ruth opened her eyes, the mist was gone. Hirozaki found that he could go to her. “Thank you.” Ruth tells him. They watched as the second chain holding her dissipated into nothing. Ruth smiled then. Hirozaki reached for her.

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