When Cherry Blossoms Bloom

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Safe Harbor

Ruth opened her eyes. What was that smell? Lavender? She looked around. Her wound once again was healed, though she wore a nasty scar. She felt the warm breeze next. “Hirosaki?” She whispered. She was so tired. Then she felt his breath on her. “I’m here, love.” Then he was gone again. His presence remained barely noticeable. The entity walked up to her. “How long do you think you’ll last?” She asked. “Longer than you.” Ruth said simply. She was at a loss on how to possibly end this. “How do I beat you?” She asked. Not sure where she came up with that idea. Not realizing she had asked out loud. The entity turned and looked at her. Ruth knew the answer, she just wasn’t sure. Identify the demon. But that was real demons. What was she? Then a random thought. She was writer. “You’re your own worst critic.” She whispered. That was it. “I know who you are.” Ruth says then. The entity turned and looked directly at her then. “You’re me. All my fears and weaknesses. You’re the embodiment of them.” The entity hissed. When she removed her hood, her eyes no longer burned. Ruth was staring at herself, complete with the scars that the entity had given her. “It was never your fault,” Ruth says then. “You have bested every trial you have ever faced. You have birthed four beautiful children. A legacy that no one can take from you.” Suddenly her chains dissolved. The entity began to back away. Suddenly she grabbed the entity and pulled her close. “I forgive you, Ruth. We must leave the past where it belongs. We are loved, truly loved. And that makes us freer than we could ever hope for. Dreams do come true. Now we must start living it. He’s waiting for us.” Suddenly the entity burst in a flash of white light. The walls fell away. When Ruth opened her eyes, Hirosaki was holding her hand. Miro’s students bowed. Miro smiled at her before suddenly collapsing. His students gathered him up and quickly moved him out of the temple. “Hirozaki.” Ruth whispered. “Thank you.” She saw the tears fall from his eyes as he kissed her hand. “I’m sorry.” She looked at him confused for a moment. Then it occurred to her. She had blocked him the way Miro had taught her and yet... “I forgive you.” Ruth tells him. She would ask him how he had done it at a later time. “Miro?” Hirozaki shook his head. “He’s fine, he’s just exhausted. He prayed over you for nearly three days straight with no rest.” Ruth sighed. Had it been that long? Time was certainly a mystery. She tried to sit up, but Hirozaki shook his head. “You need to rest.” He tells her. “That’s all I’ve been doing.” She tried to move her legs and found that she couldn’t. Hirosaki shook his head. “You’ve been unconscious for a few months, my love. It will take some time and patience.” When he saw a tear fall, he kissed her. And proceeded to slide his hand up her gown. She gasped. “I’m going to enjoy having you at my mercy.” He tells her with a smile. Ruth blushed. Talk about turning a negative into a positive.

After nearly six months of intensive therapy and plenty of initiative from Hirozaki, Ruth was able to walk again. Hirozaki carried her into his home the day she was finally released from the hospital. With only one thing on their mind, he took her to their bedroom and lay her down. She shuddered as he kissed her neck and untied her robe. He worked his way down slowly. He smiled when she groaned impatiently. They had been forced to be gentle in their lovemaking for so long, he knew she was tired of it. He also knew she was completely healed. He ran his fingers lightly over her pussy hair before leaning down to kiss her stomach. She bucked begging him to get on with it. He took four of his fingers on one hand and shoved them into her then. She gasped as she came. “Please, don’t stop.” He kissed her long and deep and began to pound into her. Slowly. She put her arms around his neck and wrapped his hair around her hands. She pulled hard. He raised an eyebrow, smiled and stopped altogether. She rolled her eyes and let go. “Put your hands under your ass.” He tells her. Ruth complied. Hirozaki proceeded to finger fuck her again. He put his head down and began kissing the inside of her legs until she spread them open. He teased her a bit and avoided the one place she most wanted him to be. Finally he began beating her clit with his tongue. He put his other hand under her ass and held her while his fingers were fucking her on the inside. She couldn’t go anywhere. He began beating her pussy in all the best ways until she began trying to back away. At that point he slid the fingers of his other hand down and shoved his fingers into her ass. He lay into her then. She backed up until she had no where else to go and yet he kept going. “Oh please. That’s too much.” Ruth breathed. Her body didn’t seem to agree and she came. He removed his fingers from her pussy and ate her out, shoving his tongue in all her crevices. When she was wet enough for him, he pulled her down shoved his manhood into her. He allowed her to drape her legs over his shoulders and he held her and proceeded to pound into her again. He grunted as he did so. His cock throbbing in time to her pussy walls as they gripped him. He felt her tighten even more. “Not yet.” He tells her. Ruth relaxed. But not for long. He pulled himself out completely, only to shove himself into her again. Finally he let himself go. Ruth motioned for him to come to her and he pulled out. He sat above her head so that she could take him into her mouth. She gently handled his balls causing him to close his eyes. The combination resulted in him becoming hard again. He went back to her entrance, only to hold her legs and shove his hardened manhood into her ass. Before she could gasp he proceeded to fuck her some more. He grabbed hold of her legs. He smiled when she instinctively went to her clit to pleasure herself and grimaced, he had done his job well so far. He intended to pleasure her so completely, that she would need a break. When he finally finished, breathing heavily and at his limit, he was rewarded when he noticed that Ruth was sound asleep. He ran his finger from the bottom of her pussy to the top and Ruth rolled away from him, putting her back against him so that he was spooning her. He put his arm around her and sighed. He kissed the back of her neck causing her to smile before finally falling asleep.

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