When Cherry Blossoms Bloom

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Cherry Blossoms

Ruth stared in awe at the village around her. She was as giddy as a child. Hirozaki couldn’t help but smile. The villagers bowed to them as they passed. Some of the women nodding their heads at the newcomers behavior. Ruth surprised them by speaking in fluent Japanese not to be so judgmental of others before having a chance to get to know them. The women huffed and went on their way. Hirozaki chuckled. Ruth had no problem shaking up the people around her. Ruth was so distracted by the new sights that she nearly walked past where her husband and stopped. He gently took her shoulder causing her to pause. As she turned to what he wanted to show her, she looked at him confused. It was an empty building. “I thought of the perfect way for you to get out of the house on a regular basis.” Ruth raised an eyebrow as he handed her a document. The heading read: Aura of Anime. Ruth smiled. Hirozaki knew anime was big in the city and many of the younger generation had been asking for a place closer to home. He turned her attention to a beautiful and yet simple home a block away from the store. Ruth hugged him before he could stop her. So he whispered in her ear. “Public displays of affection are frowned up her, love. You really should save your energy for the bedroom.” Ruth blushed and nodded as he led her to the doorway. She smiled as he lifted her into his arms and carried her into the courtyard of their home. He opened the door, slipped off her shoes and then his own before he carried her to their bedroom. “We’ll save the tour for after we break in our marital bed.” Ruth wouldn’t argue with that. She slipped out of her dress and heard Hirozaki click his tongue. She wore nothing. Ruth only smiled as she helped him undress as well. He had decided on a bed more western than he would have liked at least for now. Ruth yelped as he buried his face in her heat. She was already so very wet. “Please.” She begged. Breathless with the little attention he had already shown her. “As you wish.” He shoved his fingers into her and began pounding into her center. He could feel her grab a handful of his hair and pull as worked on her. He pounded into her that much harder until her juices gushed over his working hand. He put his face in her sopping pussy and beat on her clit until he felt her gush again. Ruth was seeing stars from all of his hard work. But she wanted more and he knew it. She gasped as he plunged his rock hard cock balls deep and began fucking her. “Fuck me.” was all Ruth could get out. Hirozaki grabbed her ass and fucked her even harder. Ruth’s walls grabbed at his cock and refused to let go as they milked him dry. He slammed into one more time before rolling over on his back. Ruth was on him in an instant. Taking his spent manhood in her mouth. Hirozaki groaned as he felt himself grow to his full length once again under her ministrations. He knew what she want she wanted now. And he intended to give it to her. He watched as Ruth got on her hands and knees and smiled. He smacked her ass hard making her squeal before spreading her ass cheeks and shoving his cock into her. Her screaming intensified as he fucked her long and hard. He came quickly. After they had finished and lay down to catch their breath, Hirozaki chuckled. Ruth looked at him. “We may have to invest in soundproofing.” Ruth laughed. “Trust me, we’ll need it. Unless you think you cant keep up with me, old man.” Oh she went there. Before she could slip away, he shoved his fingers back into her until she had thoroughly soaked their bed. “This old man has more than enough to keep you satisfied, love. Never doubt that.” Ruth could only smile as she tried to catch her breath. He took her hand and helped her to her feet. After they had showered and dressed in fresh clothes, they cleaned up their mutual mess and he proceeded to show her around their new home.

Hirozaki truly enjoyed his married life. He would leave school with a big smile on his face and his steps were quick and sure. He had a wonderful woman to go home to each night. She was truly traditional. She always had a hot meal, a clean home and plenty of conversation waiting for him when he got home. Her business was booming. Even the women who had huffed at her came into her shop with their children. The women bowed and apologized for their rude behavior before complimenting her mastery of the language. Ruth smiled. Suddenly a wave of nausea hit her and she ran out the back door. After relieving herself, she went to the bathroom and washed her face. An elderly women smiled at her when she returned to the counter and reached out to touch her belly. “Twins.” was all the woman said. And handed her a pregnancy test. Surely not. Ruth thought. The woman disappeared. She had shock white hair and familiar eyes. With only thirty minutes to close, Ruth thanked her customers but let them know she was closing early due to not feeling well. She quickly walked home, slipped out of her shoes and hurried to the bathroom. The waiting was torture but her hand shook as she looked and saw the bright positive sign. Hirosaki would have much more waiting for him than just dinner and conversation tonight.

Hirozaki arrived home and announced his arrival. He found Ruth waiting for him, dinner on the table. Next to his cup of hot tea, he found a gift box. He looked at Ruth questioningly. She only smiled. He opened the box, dropped it, and grabbed Ruth into a hug all in one swift movement. He kissed her deep. “Love,” She gasped. If your not careful, we may have to forgo dinner.” Hirosaki smiled.

Ruth had never felt more content. Hirozaki sat next to her beneath the cherry blossom trees. At their feet slept their children. A set of twins. A boy and a girl. Sakura looked like her mother. Brunette hair and hazel eyes. Sachihiro was the image of his father. As Ruth lay her head on her husbands shoulder, she smiled. Sakura had rolled over and grabbed her brothers hand so that she could hold it. Sachi, as they chose to call him pulled his hand out and pushed her away. They had fallen asleep after the guests had left. They had turned two years old today. A breeze picked up and Hirozaki smiled. “It’s going to rain. We should get them inside.” Ruth nodded. Hirozaki picked up his son and Ruth their daughter. After they had placed them in their own beds, Ruth yawned. “I suppose we should follow their example.” Hirozaki tells her before kissing her. “There will be no nap for us if you keep that up.” She tells him. He chuckled. “Perhaps your right. We may need to call Miro and have him watch the children then.” They went to their room and lay down next to each other. Ruth lay her head on her husbands shoulder and listened to his heartbeat for a moment. “Hiro,” She says. “Hmm.” “What made you fall for me exactly.” Hirozaki thought about it for a moment. He never thought that his life would turn out this way. Being in his fifties, married, caring for a set of twins. And more recently retired. Hirozaki kissed Ruth again. “I believe it was when you insisted on calling me sir.” Ruth smiled. Before long he heard her breathing become soft and regular. Hirozaki began to close his eyes when he heard the familiar sound of his children. They had awakened already. He sighed, slid Ruth off of him gently, and went to see to his children. He may have achieved his dream much later in life than others around him, but the story of how they had met and the struggles they faced made it all worth while. He knew his parents smiled down on their children as well. He was so thankful that he had taken his best friend up on his offer. He met the most beautiful woman. And she had shown him that no matter how much time passes by, you will always learn something new just by simply meeting someone. And that when you be who you truly are, there will always be that one person who was meant to love you. No matter how long it takes you to find them.

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