When Cherry Blossoms Bloom

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They had a meeting with the professor again today. He had scheduled a question and answer session for the students to see where their interest lie. Hirozaki dressed and they left for the campus. As they walked toward their destination, students stopped, stared and pointed. Some giggling. Others actually took their time to flip the pair off. Suddenly a wad of paper came out of nowhere. Hirozaki caught it and dropped into the next trashcan he came to. While some of the American students chose to make asses of themselves, many of the other students were respectful and would nod as they passed. They arrived at the classroom where the professor was waiting for them. Professor Struthers looked exhausted. “Students,” He yells. Some stopped and turned to pay attention. Others simply ignored him. “This is Professor Hirosaki Samuke. He resides in Aogashima, Japan. Feel free to ask him any questions you may have.” The questions that followed were typical. What was the weather like, was the food different, did everyone there dress as he did. Hirosaki answered each question with patience and grace. Then one of the students ask a question he didn’t expect. It came from a young woman who couldn’t have been more than twenty. She flipped her hair back and popped her gum before asking, “Is it true that the men in Japan have smaller dicks than guys in America?” Iruko grabbed his friends arm from behind to steady him, calm him. So many responses to that question popped into his head. Things he wanted to say in the heat of the moment. But instead he sighed, smiled right at her and said. “Next question, please.” The girl huffed. The students only had a few more. Thankfully none were as colorful as that one. After the students had been dismissed, Professor Struthers apologized. “I’m so very sorry, Professor Samuke.” Hirosaki nodded. “It’s quite alright,” He said as he bowed. The professor offered to take them to lunch. As they sat and drank coffee and ate sandwiches, Professor Struthers shook his head. “Being a teacher used to be such an adventure. The kids were so eager to learn.” Hirozaki nodded. “Society is in such a sad state.” Professor Struthers sighed. “Well, there may not be very many, but a few of my students have approached me requesting to hear from you again. Only this time, I told them that all questions were to be written and you would choose which questions to answer. Any follow up questions would be allowed. If a repeat of what happened this morning happens again, the student would get a zero for participation.” Hirozaki nodded in acknowledgement. “Well, gentlemen.” He says as he stands up. “Thank you for humoring me. And again, I am sorry for the behavior of my students.” “When would you like me to return?” Professor Struthers thought for a moment. “Well, tomorrow is the last day of class before Spring Break next week. So in another week or so. I’ll be sure to contact you. This gives the students time to hopefully come up with more meaningful and appropriate questions for you to answer.” “One could hope,” Hirozaki responded with a smile and shook the hand he offered. Iruko smirked. “That went well.” Hirozaki glared at his friend. “You’re enjoying this way too much.” He tells him. “Maybe I am.” Iruko responded. They made their way back to where they had parked and returned home.

Hirozaki decided to take a shower. Dealing with the students had made him tense. He washed his hair and then soaped himself up. He was not a vain man, but his body certainly didn’t match his age. He was well toned, an obvious six pack. The young students question rang in his head and he looked down. He wasn’t sure where she had gotten her information. But the men in Japan varied just as much as Westerners when it came to their size. He never bothered to actually measure. But he never had a complaint. Not that his one encounter was a fair assessment. But if he looked at himself. If he had to make an educated guess, he would say he was above average. Eight, maybe nine inches. And an impressive girth. He blushed. So much for not being vain. He hurried and finished before he got out of the shower. As he dressed again, he thought of Ruth. What did she do during the day? Did she work? It seemed like so many of the women were career women. Not so different from home. Women have certainly forgotten their appropriate place in society. He didn’t mean that in a patriarchal way either. Its just that women had always been known to be in charge of the home and children. While the men worked to support them. While he understood why some women feel like they are better than that, there were still others who loved nothing more than to live a simple life. The young men today certainly don’t do their part so that women feel that they are able to do so.

Hirozaki decided to borrow Iruko’s laptop while his friend was gone for the day. He had some things he could work on in regards to his own students. He decided to begin working on grading some of the essays. As he worked, it occurred to him that while Ruth may be somewhat shy speaking to him in person, she had mentioned that she was a writer. That gave him an idea. He put down the laptop and picked up his phone. After a moment, he found what he was looking for. He called the florist. “Hello,” A woman answered, “Englewood Florist, how may I help you?” “Yes, maam,” He answers. He ordered a bouquet called Simply Roses and had them delivered to Ruth as soon as possible. On the card that held his message, he included his email address. Maybe this form of communication would make her more comfortable. She had certainly proven she was old fashioned. Though after the dream he had last night, he was beginning to understand why. Ruth was like a maze. Twists and turns. Traps even. And as corny as it sounded. He wanted to eventually find a way to the center of that maze. To her very heart. He understood only too well, the struggles of being a gentleman, and fighting his bodies physical need to take her. In a way, he felt, she was begging to be taken. Despite her shyness and hesitance. He could sense her begging him to treat her like a real woman.

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