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About a curvy Anxiety filled woman who gets through the big mafia boss's heart with her goods.

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1

1.Esme's p.o.v.

I'm taking notes for my food, condiments, and other things I needed for my restaurant while listening to my best friend Lauren ramble on about her cousin, who she works for as an assistant. I've never really met her family other than her parents, and grandparents, so I can't really help her with his so called attitude.

"I swear one of these days I'm going to throw the whole coffee machine at him." She grumbles as she bites her burger.
"He's family Lauren." I giggle handing my list to Michelle, my manager.

I've known Lauren since I was 15. We've always been close even when my health problems stopped me from going to school, but she helped me graduate within 6 months. I started college when she was in her junior year, and then once she graduated she moved in with me. At 23 I opened my own restaurant, Baked Zone, it's half all day bakery and diner. It has a standard baked goods cookies, cakes, pies, little pastries, and muffins, but once 11am hit the menu for lunch/dinner burgers, pasta, chicken, and BBQ.

"I don't care. He drives me nuts, and what makes it worse is he wants me to find him a new house just because his last "buddy" won't stop coming over." I take her plate.
"Well I wish I had the money to do that." I mumble. "At least he's trying to get away, and it's not his fault the girl is crazy."
"Esme? Has he stopped at all?" She asks with sympathy in her eyes.
"Not really just texts and random gifts at my gate. I mean he's not coming into the yard or say anything other than he's sorry." I lean against the counter with a sigh.
"Please don't go back to him. You know I won't ever tell you how to live, and I'll always be there. I just worry he's going to get in your head, and just hurt you again." She holds my hand.

I dated Benjamin for 2 and a half years, he even proposed to me. The very next day after I came home for one of my logs, and I found him and some bimbo fucking in my bed. That was 2 months ago, but he hasn't left me alone.

"I'll be okay." I smile at her.
"I hope so..." her phone cuts her off. She groans when she looks at who it is. "Yes Mr. Santi?" She sarcastically answers. "I'm eating Mariano....well no...I was about...ugh shut up." She hangs up grabbing her bag. "I'll see you later. Can you help me with the house? You know I have no clue to that." She waves off her comment.
"Sure. I'll be free after 2pm today, but I need to check other days" I pass her cup of soda.
She waves as she leaves.

4 hours later
I'm now standing in another mansion with Lauren as she talks to the realtor. I could only imagine how it would be to live in a house like this. Tall ceilings, 8 rooms, 3 turned into an office, theater, and library, while 1 is a master bedroom with a big bathroom and closet, and the rest are guest bedrooms. I love the big open kitchen with an island, and a bar separatingthe dining room and backdoor. The living room across the kitchen had a fireplace for a big TV go over, and the backyard had a 8ft pool with a grilling section.

"It's perfect. Isn't it?" Lauren comes from the living room to the kitchen.
"Thank you for helping me. I know it took forever." She laughs.
"Oh it's fine all I had to do anyway was count receipts, but I can do that tomorrow." We walk out to our cars, and hugging.
"Call me later." I smile while getting into the car.

Today was supposed to be a busy day, but turned pretty easy. On my drive home I think of what Lauren said earlier about Benjamin. Yes I know he's just getting in my head, but I don't know how to get him to stop. Pulling up to my gate I notice a bag hanging on the gate handle. I sigh getting out, opening it to see a nice red dress with lace that looked 2 times to small. I crumple the bag throwing it in the garbage. I close and lock the gate as I drive in. My mom, Lauren, and myself are the only ones with a key. Since Benjamin started his mess I've gone lockdown just to be careful. I eat a leftover box of Chinese food, take a shower, and watch Friends while I fall asleep.

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