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My Ruthless Boss

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He was broken from a young age, shattered beyond repair. He never believed he could be saved and not just saved, but by a girl!. Nathan Chris was known for his coldness and arrogance, always seeing the worst in people, especially women. But what happens when he meets with someone that is not intimidated by him...who doesn't even know who he is given the fact that he is the richest and most handsome bachelor in the country????? Georgia lost her parents at the age of seventeen and had being surviving on her own since then now 23 she managed to bag a degree in psychology by working more than nine to five to make ends meet some work worst than the last but she had to keep going for her little niece who was brought to her three years ago by a strange guy with a DNA proof that her sister indeed had a daughter!.

Erotica / Romance
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According to Nathan, no one was ever worth his attention, time, and money, especially not the gold-digging women who try at every opportunity they get to get his attention. Well, that's why he had a trustworthy PA who knew how to handle and fend them bitches off.

Today not being different, Nathan was at a charity event with women swimming at every corner to flirt with him, but of course, he left them to his PA. He was on his way to the restroom, but because he was always on phone attending to important business deals, he didn't see the incoming collision!



"Damn it"

Their voices resounded at the same time. Nathan was surprised to see that his hands were holding onto a slender waist keeping the owner from falling face-first while her slender fingers clung to his bicep like a second Armani suit.

"You didn't have to follow me to the men's washroom, gorgeous."

Nathan meant go be sarcastic bjt he wasn't lying when he called her gorgeous because damn! She was, and with the right curves in the right places. But he knew them well to fall for their innocent looks.

"Umm... no... I, I wor..."
"Stay away bitch!"

He not so nicely withdrew his hands from her waist and went into the nearest toilet, slamming the door.

Georgia stood there, perplexed by the incident that just took place a few seconds ago, or was I hallucinating?

"Yep... probably hallucinating, because only an airheaded jerk would ever act so rudely. The worse humans even lack that attitude, he must be the last of his kind... narcissist."

She turned to see where he entered and it just happened to be the toilet she was about to clean up, a gentleman with diarrhea just happened to have come out from that particular toilet.

"Oh well." She snickered and left.

In the hallway, she saw a handsome guy coming toward her.

'Not as handsome as the extinct narcissist eh?' Her brain teased her.

"Not now dude... And, he ain't handsome... just so-so." She murmured to herself

'Yea... just so-so🌚'

"Stop it!"

" Umm, you okay Sugar?"

"Huh...oh damn, I mean sorry... Yeah, i'm great"

'Damn you brain, you've turned me into a psycho who talks to herself inside the male restrooms... way to go!'

"You sure you're fine sweetheart?" The handsome guy came to stand beside her, raising his hand to her forehead.
She gave him a blinding smile and tactfully dodged his raised hand, she turned to leave but decided against it, wanting to create a denting impression for a certain narcissistic devil.
"Oh, and avoid the third door. A certain narcissistic douche seems to have chronic diarrhea."
" What?"

She turned around with an evil smile on her face, not caring about what the handsome man was about to say. She left straight for the home since it was already the end of her shift.

   Nathan had sworn in all languages of all planets. The moment he slammed the door his nostrils were brutality assaulted and his eyes bled from beholding the generously scattered poop dotted with what seemed to be undigested popcorns?!

"Fuck!!!" He cursed as the fight or flight mood activated in his body. Agreeing more to the first, he struggled with himself to fight because his ego was still on the line and hearing what the shameless gold-digging slut was saying outside, he couldn't ruin his reputation and ego.
'Since when do you care about reputation and ego douche?'
'Not now dog, stand down.'
He wasn't in the mood to chitchat with his overbearing brain... Not in the current situation.
'Whatever... Douche.'
He ignored his brain as he heard the retreating footsteps of his nemesis. He quickly turned the knob and rushed out. The momen he got out, he dragged the much-needed oxygen into his lungs like his head had been held under the water in a torture session.

"Fuck this feels nice...ahh!"
He looked around, checking if anyone saw his momentary lapse, seeing no one, he acquired his indifferent look immediately and headed out.
"Do you happen to come out from that door, Nathan?"
" What?"
He didn't expect to see his best friend/PA outside the hallway, he did not understand why he asked such a stupidly weird question.
"Did you happen to have come out of the forbidden door mate?"
"What do you mean?"
Nathan was still trying hard not to snap at his PA for this interrogation when all he wanted right now was to go home and have water run fien his skin, watching away the dirt he dirt crawling over his skin.
"A sweet angel warned me about your diarrhea... You know you could have just told me and we could bail this shitty gala an..."
"What!!! You know what? Fetch me Mr. Luke!"

'I'm not paying him to be seeing this kinda shit.'


He ignored the snide remark from his brain and marched outside ignoring the lingering eyes of people in the ceremony, mostly ladies.

He was angry. He hoprd his manager would probife him a tabgubke reason why he hired a slut.
"Fucking hell." He murmured, irritated by the overall turnout of the day.

The manager met him when he was about to enter his car.
"Good evening, Mr. Nathan." the manager greeted cheerfully thinking he's been summoned to get praised for his good work on the successful event that was held in the hotel.

"You'll love to maintain your position as my hotel manager... right?"
Nathan asked in a dangerously low voice.
"Y-yes...yes sir. Of course."
Mr. Luke immediately understood that the onversation wasn't one of the praises and raises, rather fume and rage, he felt threatened automatically.
"Fire whoever was on night shift for the male restrooms before 24hours. I wouldn't want to see a repeat of what happened."
He entered his Lambo and drove off not waiting to hear whatever response the poor manager had to give.
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