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"Why can't you understand that I don't want both of you?" She cowers in fear as they both growled. Trent clenched his jaw, he was livid. Tyler closed his eyes and calmly stalked towards her. "We will have you little one, willingly or by force. Your choice." He smiled wickedly, showing his fangs. Her blood ran cold.

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The City

Hey guys, thanks for giving my book a chance!

Are you ready for an epic fantasy story?

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The sun illuminates the corners of the dark mountain and a fresh breeze of air-kissed her creamy skin.

Molly runs excitedly, a small basket hooked around her small arms. The blueberries spilling on the ground.

The sounds of her small feet and crunches of twigs and dry leaves.

She pushed herself to run fast, passing her neighbor with a bright smile on her face. At the age of three hundred and sixty-five blue moons, she was still considered young. Though her body has matured enough, she was a little bit childish compared to the other faes of her age.

"What got you so jolly little one?" Asked Charles. Charles Everett, owner of their townhouse market.

"Grandma is coming and-and!!!" She squealed. Molly couldn't contain her excitement, she felt like she will burst into bubbles in a second.

Old Charles laughs a hearty laugh, his eyes crinkled with mirth his warm brown eyes following her every move, she was so adorable. He ruffles her hair and ushered her to go.

Molly waves her little hands and went towards their small cabin.

She opens the wooden door with a loud slam.

"Mum I'm home! Where's Gram's?" She politely asked.

A creak of a chair scrapes and her familiar voice floods the room.

"Over here little one!"

She whipped her hair, and her brown hair bounced. Molly placed her basket on the coffee table and made her way toward her beloved Grams.

She sits on their old couch and leaned forward, eager to hear her mythical stories.

One of her favorites was the story of the Dragons. She wondered what would it be if she saw one?

Will they eat her? Grams always says that they have scary teeth that can cut you into pieces.

Sharp claws that can tear your heart, and scales hard as a stone. To top it all they breathe fire.

Molly shivered at the thought.

"Are you still listening?" Her Grams asked. She nods her head and yawns.

"Grams I'm scared, what if they come here and eat me?"

"Hush, they're not going to eat you. They're not interested in Fae like us."

"I guess so." She slumped her shoulders and yawned again.

Her Grams chuckles and puts the book down.

"Come on, let's get you to bed. We're going to the city tomorrow."

Molly smiles and nods again, she can barely lift her eyes.

Her Gram lifts her with ease and tucked her into bed.

Molly closed her eyes, a small smile plastered on her face.

Oblivious to the danger that lurks in the shadows.

That night, Molly dreamt of two pairs of orange eyes watching her every move. She was so scared that she's used her small wings to lift her body but unable to.

She was paralyzed by fear. Her heart thuds loudly against her chest.

Her feet were frozen on the ground, she willed her feet to move, Molly pushed her legs to run faster.

She never looked back, scared that they might catch her.

Molly woke up screaming, her dress was drenched with her sweat. She checks the time, it's four o'clock in the morning.

She flapped her wings, different color patterns swirling a mixture of pink with violet and hues of blue. She loves her wings, to her, it was her most prized possession.

Her brown locks have pink and purple streaks at the end, while her eyes were the color of grass.

Molly tried to sleep but sleep didn't visit her again. She tossed and turned, the vivid images of the monsters in her dream kept her at night.

She looked out the window, all the animals and faces were asleep. The moonlight serves as a light in the dark forest.

Molly was woken up by her friend Kheelan and Elvina.

"Good morning sunshine!" Kheelan chirps.

Elvina opens her curtains. The sunlight attacks her tired eyes.

"Noo! Close the blinds!" Molly covers her eyes and hides her face under the pillows.

"What are you a vampire? Stop being dramatic." Elvina rolls her eyes.

"Fine. Why are you both here in the first place?" She snapped.

"Well, good morning to you too." She rummages her closet and tossed her some dresses.

"Didn't Gram's tell you?" She arched her brow at her.

"Tell me what?" She groggily asks.

Kheelan sat beside Molly, twirling books on his fingers. He sighs and gets up.

"We're here to accompany you to the city." He finished.

At the mention of it, her eyes widened and she scrambles to her feet.

"Good gracious! I forgot! Thanks for reminding me!" She hurriedly fixed her dress and went to her bathroom.

After some minutes, Molly and Elvina went to the city. Kheelan had an emergency so he went home this upsets Molly but he promised that he will go with them next time.

Molly and Elvina passed different houses, she was in awe.

Different colors of flowers and butterflies flew around them. Birds chirping and the animals eating fruits.

"Wow! This is my first time going to the city!" Molly exclaims.

"Me too, come on, and let's go and shop! We have work to do."

Molly nods and follows her friend to the medicine shop.

Elvina skimmed all the herbs in the bottles.

She was so bored, and she starts to look around.

"El, I'm going to take some stroll, but I'll be back in a minute!"

"Okay! Don't wander too far!"

"Got it!" She yells.

Molly walks into the heart of the city and saw different shops.

Different kinds of creatures wander around. She stayed close to the shops with more Faes.

A sudden chill runs down her spine when she felt a heated and smoldering gaze upon her.

Her back stiffened and her wings stay on alert. The chatters stopped.

Confused, she looks around, only to lock eyes with two icy orbs.

Both of them have the same facial features, except for the hair.

The first one has long silver hair tied in a man bun, the other was short. They're both breathtaking, yet intimidating at the same time.

They both towered over her, due to her small stature, she concludes that she only reached their chests.

Skintight pants and dark shirts, hard muscles and pale skin, an exact build for warriors.

She felt her body trapped against their icy orbs. She tried to look away but was unable to for some reason.

Her breath got stuck in her throat when they began to weave the buzzing crowd and made their way towards where she stood.

She looks at her back but found no one.

They walked with confidence and an intimidating aura oozing them.

Molly felt her knees weaken, she was so nervous. The way they looked at her, she felt like prey waiting to be devoured by a predator.

And she didn't like the idea.

They're both bewitching, one look and you will be forever trapped in their beauty.

Her ears twitched and they continue to walk toward her without breaking eye contact.

Just three more steps and they will reach her.

A hand clamps around her shoulders and turned her. A shrill scream tore upon her luscious lips.

"There you are! I've been looking for you for ages!" Elvina exhaled a breath of relief.

"You scared me! I think I almost died." She puts her hands against her chest to calm her beating heart.

When she turns, the two men are gone, leaving her to wonder if it's just a figment of her imagination.

"Why are you so jumpy? Did something happen?" She asked worriedly.

Molly shook her head and sighed.

"No, I thought I saw something strange. I must have imagined some things." She forced a smile.

"Okay... I doubted it you're always in your world." Elvina laughs.

They both gathered all the things they needed and flew back home.

Molly couldn't shake the feeling of being watched. She could feel it in every fiber of her body.

She felt threatened. Every other second, she looks behind her shoulders. Her paranoia eating her brains out.

Elvina noticed a change of mood towards her friend.

"Are you sure you're alright?"

Molly shakes her head and scanned the area with a guarded look on her face. She felt that they might pop out of nowhere.

"I'll tell you when we get home." Her voice trembled. Elvina didn't push and drop the topic.

The familiar tree houses appear in the thick bushes and branches, Molly lets out a breathless sigh of relief.

Elvina puts down all the goods and demands an answer.

"I think I saw someone, no! There are two of them! Long Silver-white hair and short." She trails off, lost in her thoughts.

Elvina screamed.

"Oh my! Stop screaming! What now?" She slaps her shoulder.

"You saw them!" She squealed. Molly raised her eyebrow at her crazy best friend.

"That's Trent and Tyler!"

"So? What's with them?" She warily asked.

"You didn't know? They're both popular with every woman in here! You're so lucky!"

"I don't get it, why am I lucky? Hmm."

"Every girl would kill to be in your place!"

"They just stare at me no biggie." She shrugged.

Elvina sighed. ''you my friend are so late." She pats her shoulders sympathetically.

"Call it uninterested. Yeah, I admit it they were both handsome but that's it."

Elvina scoffed. "You're so boring." Molly laughs at her friend.

"Whatever!" She threw her hands up.

But deep inside, she can't shake the nagging feeling that something bad will happen.

The intensity of their stares, as if she was compelled not to look away.

She vowed to herself that she would avoid any chance she will get if in case they crossed paths again.

Hopefully not.


First dark fantasy story ever!

You can check out my wattpad account for pictures and my other books as well.

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