The Bet (18+)

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Damon went away to college to run away from his past. He hid behind his hat and hoodie and was relentlessly picked on for it. Taylor went away to college because her daddy was paying for it. She was the queen of her sorority and savage to the bone. A bet is made between her and her friends to play a trick on Damon, but when Taylor realizes that he's so much more than the "nerd," she is forced to look at herself in the mirror. She could no longer be who everyone wanted her to be. Damon was the only one who could make her question her life. Taylor was the only one who could make him face his. Together, they were each other's guiding light.

Erotica / Romance
Lulu Waters
4.9 65 reviews
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Author's Note

Welcome to another one of my steamy stories...

This one is written a bit differently as I wanted to get my thoughts out before I lost them. This is also an older story of mine, so you might notice a slight difference in my writing style. With my newer books, I tend to add in a lot of details and multiple scenes in one chapter... This book is short/single-scene chapters.
I really hope you enjoy it as much as I've enjoyed writing it.

As with all of my other books, I will be adding visuals for characters/scenes on my Instagram. Not following me? That's okay... here you go: lulu_waters7

*Trigger Warning*
There are scenes in this book that may be disturbing to some. There are a lot of explicit sexual scenes, language, drug use, bullying, and hate.
If you are sensitive to any of these topics, please be advised before you continue further.
All of my books are 18+ due to explicit scenes.

I look forward to reading what you all think of this one.
Much love,

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