The Bet (18+)

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Chapter 9

When I woke, Tommy was still asleep with his naked body taking up most of my bed. I always knew that after college, Tommy and I would end up together. It’s how most of these stories ended. We’ve seen each other off and on all through college and there was actually something there between us, whether we wanted to admit it or not.

But after having to rub my clit to cum last night as Tommy fucked me, I was beginning to question everything. Tommy didn’t even come close to the size of Damon’s dick and the way I felt with Damon was completely different than with Tommy. Something foreign was changing inside of me and it scared the hell out of me.

Seeing the time on the clock, I knew I better haul ass or I’d be late for my second class. I ran into the bathroom, took the fastest shower I could, and then ran from my room, leaving Tommy’s sleeping self in my bed.

I was glad to have skipped my first class, not wanting to face Professor Weiland after having a confusing as fuck night. Walking into my second class had its own challenges, though.

Damon sat off to the side, near the back, still hiding his face as I quietly walked over and sat down next to him.

His entire body froze up again and he still wouldn’t look over at me.

“Really? You can’t even look at me after what we did last night.”

He sighed. “What do you want, Taylor?”

The shyness left his voice in that question, replaced with a roughness that made my insides melt. I had to squeeze my legs together to keep myself from exploding right here. He was completely different from all the other guys I’ve been with and it excited me beyond belief.

I reached beneath his desk and rested my hand on the outside of his jeans, grasping at his dick.

He inhaled a sharp breath and jumped a little from the contact but he didn’t run.

Staring over at him, I begged for some kind of reaction but when he turned his glare onto mine, the aqua blue color seemed to darken.

“Taylor,” he growled.

It was clearly a warning but I wasn’t phased by it, wanting to feel him again. Normally, I made the guys come to me, but with Damon, I just couldn’t help myself.

I slipped my hand inside the top of his jeans and briefs until I was wrapped around his dick. He inhaled another breath and gripped the edge of his desk, making me grin.

Students were milling in but none of them showed interest in us at all. Perfect.

I began stroking him, feeling his dick come to life, getting harder and harder with each stroke. When I felt the precum at the tip of his dick, I shivered in my seat, having to squeeze my legs tighter together. If we were in a more private setting, I’d totally sit on his dick right now and fuck him until we were both screaming.

“T-Taylor,” he rasped.

“Just enjoy it, Damon,” I purred into his ear, stroking a bit harder and faster, making sure to pay attention to the head of his dick.

His hands gripped the edge of the desk as I felt his hips begin to move with the rhythm of my stroking hand. Yeah, he was fucking enjoying this, all right. I was, too. My panties are fucking soaked.

I stroked him the way I’d want to feel him inside of me, hearing his breathing become more labored.

“Shit,” he cursed, “Taylor stop…”

The vein on the back of his dick was throbbing and I knew he was painfully hard. It would only be a matter of seconds before he came in his jeans.

He bit down on his bottom lip and looked over at me, never breaking eye contact as I stroked even harder.

Then I felt it. His cock throbbed with each spurt of cum and I wish my mouth was down there to catch it. I could feel his cum on my hand and very slowly removed myself from his jeans.

He was breathing heavily and his entire body was tense.

I leaned over and nibbled on his earlobe.

“Meet me outside in three minutes.” I grabbed my bag and stood up, making my way toward the exit.

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