The Bet (18+)

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Chapter 14

I was standing in front of door 77 and my heart was nearly pounding out of its encasement. I brought my hand up and knocked three times when I realized something. What if he had a roommate? They’d totally see me and tell everyone. Fuck! Abort mission!

Panicked, I spun and began to sprint down the hallway away from his door.


I stopped dead in my tracks and slowly turned to shyly smile at him.

“Hey, you…” I shoved my hands into the back pockets of my jeans and rocked on my heels. “Fancy meeting you here…”

He wasn’t wearing his hoodie and when he leaned against his door frame and crossed his arms over his chest, his biceps nearly tore the arms of his tee shirt.

“What are you doing here, Taylor?” He asked firmly. There wasn’t a hint of humor in his tone at all. Fuck. He’s mad, isn’t he?

“I, um, came by to apologize for earlier.”

He squinted his eyes at me. “Really?”

“No,” I replied honestly, finally getting a small chuckle out of him. Then he looked around the hallway and then stepped out, pointing into his room.

“You better come in if you’re afraid of being seen with me.”

Ouch. Okay, he wasn’t wrong but I really do have good reasons for hiding him. Right? Ohmygod, I’m going to hell.

I marched up to him and slipped into his room, watching him shut the door behind me.

“Seriously, what are you doing here? We don’t often get to see sorority royals in the dorms.”

I rolled my eyes at him. “Don’t call me that.”

“Why? That’s what you are, isn’t it? Everyone on Greek Row is a spoiled rich kid with a mommy or daddy who is Greek Alumni.”

He wasn’t wrong about that, but I hated when people pointed it out.

“It wasn’t my first choice…”

“Ha, so you admit to being a sorority royal.”

“Don’t you want to know why I came here?” I asked, trying to change the subject.


Now he was being the honest one. Fuck me.

“Well, too bad. I’m going to tell you anyway. So, I was out at the movies with some friends and I realized how dreadfully boring it was and I thought about you and now…” I waved my hands around. “Here I am.”

He watched me intently for several seconds, keeping his arms crossed over his chest.

“And you decided to come here why? I still don’t understand why you’re standing in my dorm room, Taylor,” he said.

I groaned. “Don’t you get it? I can’t stop thinking about you.”

His lips turned into a sexy smirk as he chuckled. “Really? The Queen Sheba of Greek Row can’t stop thinking about me? The loser everyone makes fun of?” He stepped dangerously close to me and ran a finger down my bare arm. “Is it because of the way I fuck you?”

Whoa. Where did Mr. Shy-Damon go? This side of him excited me but it completely took me off guard.

“I mean…” I shrugged in an obvious manner.

He chuckled again, shaking his head. “Well, there’s the door, don’t let it hit you on your way out.”

My mouth fell open as he walked toward his dresser and tugged off his shirt. His naked back sent shivers down my spine and an ache between my legs. Yes, take it all off!

“Excuse me?” I scoffed.

“What? You don’t like getting kicked out? At least I’m letting you use the front door.” He turned and revealed his bare chest to me again and my mouth watered.

I wanted to run my tongue over his nipple and feel him shiver beneath me.

“That isn’t fair,” I said, crossing my arms over my chest.

“No? Tell me again how you have a no-guys rule in your house, yet there seems to be a guy there every single night.”

I opened and shut my mouth several times before nothing came out. I had absolutely nothing to say. He marched up to his door and held it open for me, nodding his head for me to leave.

“I don’t have time for this shit, Taylor. Thanks for the amazing fucks, but I need to focus on school so I can graduate at the end of the year and move on with my life.”

I stepped out into the hallway unconsciously and watched him slam his door on my face.

Holy fuck. That just happened. I’ve never been denied. Now I wanted him even more.

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