The Bet (18+)

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Chapter 16

Damon spun me around, pushing my face into the door as he trailed his hand down the side of my body. My hands were pressed against the door and all I could think about was his hands exploring while ripping my clothes from my body.

He leaned into me, pressing his lips to my ear.

“I don’t want you wearing jeans or panties for the next week. When I see you around campus, I want to be able to pull you into a quiet place, hike your skirt up, and sink my cock into you. Whenever I want,” he rasped the last part.

A shiver ran down my body as I nodded my head. That request was so fucking hot and I couldn’t wait for him to do exactly that. Knowing that I would be pantieless under my skirt and waiting for Damon to pop out of nowhere excited the hell out of me.

“Turn and drop to your knees, Taylor.”

I did without question. His floor was hard beneath my knees but when I looked up into Damon’s aqua blue eyes, I seemed to forget the slight pain.

He pulled his hair back and tied it in a man bun behind his head. I gulped seeing his full face for the second time. It was like a glimpse of what he’d look like without long hair and my mouth watered. Who knew the loser on campus was the sexiest guy on the planet?

Then he slowly backed away from me as he began undoing the top of his jeans. His V muscle pointed straight into his pants and I knew what was there waiting for my attention. He never pulled his gaze from mine as he sat on the edge of the bed, watching me.

His hand slowly slid over his abs, making them flex as he slipped it into the top of his briefs. I knew where that hand was going and I was dying over here with anticipation. The half smirk on his lips was taunting me and when his hand began to move in a stroking motion in his pants, I knew exactly what he was doing.

I began to shift uncomfortably on my knees, silently begging him to let me come over and play. He was teasing me and he knew what he was doing to me.

He began stroking himself a bit faster as he continued to stare down at me. His breathing was picking up and I knew how excited he was getting. Fuck, this is hot! My pussy was throbbing and had that slight pain where if it wasn’t touched soon, I’d cry. My mouth parted as I watched him pleasure himself right in front of me. Jesus.

Then he was pushing the top of his jeans and briefs down, revealing his rock hard dick as he continued to stroke himself. Good fucking lord. I wanted to crawl toward him, but I was frozen to my spot just watching him. When he threw his head back and let out a small groan, I whimpered in return. Fuck. Please stop teasing me and fuck me already.

Damon brought his head back to look at me and with his free hand, he hooked his finger and summoned me.

“Come here,” he growled.

I crawled over to him as quickly as I could, stopping right in front of him as I slid my hands up his thighs before wrapping my hand around the base of his cock.

“He’s all yours… Do what you want with him,” Damon rasped.

Oh, yes! Don’t mind if I do.

I leaned forward and licked the tip, tasting his precum on my tongue. He inhaled a sharp breath as I moaned and then I was sinking my mouth down onto him. The vein in the back of his dick twitched against my tongue and he groaned out again. I went down as far as I could with his size and popped off when Damon grabbed my chin and forced me to look up at him.

“If you want me to fuck you tonight, you gotta stop sucking my cock like this.”

My stomach tightened with arousal at his words. I loved that I could affect him this much by just using my mouth.

I stood to my feet and popped the button on my jeans. Damon’s eyes slid over me and I swear my skin was on fire everywhere he looked. I shimmied out of my blouse, going for my jeans and panties next before I reached for his, tugging them free from his legs.

“Condoms?” I asked as he nodded toward his backpack near the door.

Reaching into the bag, I grinned when I saw the brand new box of condoms. Awe, he bought a box of condoms just for us. How sweet, but we’re going to need a bigger box.

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