The Bet (18+)

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Chapter 18

Walking across campus the next morning, I couldn’t stop myself from looking over my shoulders or around corners, hoping Damon would be there. He never was. Where is that boy?! I didn’t even see him walking by while I sat at the benches with my friends. That shit was like clockwork and he wasn’t there.

An uneasy feeling gripped my chest, wondering if someone had seen us leaving his room last night and he was holed up in his room this morning after meeting the rough end of Tommy’s fist. I really hope that wasn’t true. I don’t even have his number, so I can’t check on him and there’s no way in hell I’m going to his dorm in the daytime.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

As I reached the building for my first class, I swung the door open and stepped in, but as soon as I did, someone grabbed me from behind and pulled me to the side. Their hand covered my mouth while their arm held my waist tightly to them.

Damon’s familiar scent filled my nose and made me instantly relax.

“You better not be wearing any panties beneath this skirt,” he growled into my ear.

I shivered in his embrace and shook my head. I was definitely not wearing any panties. He told me not to.

He grabbed my hand and pulled me away from the front doors, heading up the steps to the second level.

Neither of us said a word as he found an unlocked closet door and pulled me in, slamming his lips onto mine.

I got light-headed by his taste and instantly felt the throb between my legs. Sliding up his hoodie, I ran my hands over his abs and found a nipple, teasing it.

“Fuck,” he rasped into my mouth before he broke the kiss and turned me away from him.

His hands slid up my bare legs and hiked my skirt up onto my hips. Then he lightly slapped my ass, causing my pussy to clench while a fire spread across my skin. Fuck yes. Slap me, daddy!

The space was small and the sound of his zipper echoed around us. I gripped the shelving in front of me and wiggled my ass for him.

He let out a groan as I heard the tearing of a condom wrapper. Then his dick was centered over my wet opening before he plunged into me.

I bit my bottom lip, trying to prevent myself from screaming out. His size stretched me beyond belief and hit that deep, sweet spot again. But the harder he fucked me, the louder my moans became.

“Ssh, Taylor,” he chuckled.

There was no way I could be quiet when he fucked me like this. We might need to rethink our fucking spots because I can’t be quiet. Nope, not happening.

He reached around and covered my mouth with his hand again, fucking me harder. My moans were muffled but were still loud.

Pulling out of me, I whimpered at the loss of his dick but he quickly spun me around, lifted me by my thighs, and sank me back down on his dick.

I gripped his shoulders and moaned out again, feeling a different pressure from being fucked this way.

He grabbed the back of my neck and pulled me toward him, slanting his mouth over mine. His hands lifted and dropped me on his dick as he passionately kissed me. Usually, I’d push the guy away for kissing me, but with Damon, it was different. And I knew he was doing this to drown out my moans. It was working.

His thrusts got deeper and within seconds, I was coming undone. My orgasm reached its peak and sizzled through the pit of my stomach all while my moans filled his mouth, mixing with his own groans.

Setting me back on my feet, I adjusted my skirt and tried to steady my shaking legs. My cheeks were flushed and I couldn’t stop grinning like an idiot, letting out small giggles every time my eyes met Damon’s.

He was grinning too, zipping himself up as he grabbed my chin and stepped right up to me. He stared down into my eyes for a long moment, still grinning, before he lightly kissed my lips.

“Come sit next to me in our next class together. I’ve got a surprise for you.” He pecked my lips once more and then left the closet and my grinning self.

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