The Bet (18+)

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Chapter 1

“Ohmygod! Last night has left me with the worst migraine ever!! Why did you guys let me drink so much?!”

“We didn’t let you do shit. You know how you get when there’s a bottle of tequila around,” Mitch teased.

It was normal to tease Rose for drinking so much because she always did. She also had way too much fun in the guy’s department and that got her into trouble too. Shit, that got all of us girls in trouble. The only one of us that didn’t get into trouble on a regular basis was Bridget, but to be fair, she was dating Mitch and they were so damn cute together. He was the football star from his high school and she was the head cheerleader from hers; they were a perfect match!

Rose and I, on the other hand, were still trying to figure out who we wanted. Until then, we were having far too much fun. It’s just what seniors in college do.

“This little harlot brought a guy home,” Rose accused, pointing at me.

I scoffed. “Like you haven’t?”

“Oh, I have and that’s exactly why we have the rule in place. No guys in the sorority house!” She giggled and then hiccuped, looking like she might throw up.

“And that’s what you get for drinking too much. You made that rule and I only follow it sometimes. The guy was too hot not to bring home. Besides, my bed is much cleaner than the one in his dorm room.” It was probably true. Dorm rooms were nasty and who knew when those sheets were washed last. Probably not since his last visit home.

Rose waved me off. “Whatever. Just make sure he’s gone before we all have classes.”

I rolled my eyes at her. “Relax, Rose. He’ll be gone soon.”

“Who is he?” Mitch asked.

I shrugged. “I didn’t exactly catch his name when his cock was in my mouth.”

Both Mitch and Bridget laughed while Rose glared at me. And I glared right back at her.

“Don’t be jealous because I brought a guy home and you didn’t get lucky,” I snapped.

“Whatever, Taylor.”

Sick of Rose’s hungover, crabby attitude, I got off the couch and headed upstairs to my bedroom. That hot guy from last night was still in my bed and even though I wanted to slap Rose’s bitch face, she was right: he needed to go.

But when I stepped into my bedroom and saw his naked form on the bed, barely covered by my sheet, I stood there and gawked at him. He had the sexiest body and that V muscle that disappeared into his briefs last night, reminded me how I got into this situation in the first place. But it would never happen again. At least not anytime soon.

I walked over and slapped his sexy, plump ass. He jumped and turned to grin at me.

“Hey sexy,” he purred.

Damn, he’s hot as fuck!! And that sleepy grin with his messy bed head was doing something to me.

“Hey,” I giggled, “You got class soon?”

He looked over at my clock on the nightstand and nearly went into a panic. Jumping from my bed, he got dressed as quickly as he could and then marched up to me, pinning me against the wall.

“Last night was amazing.” He grabbed the side of my face and planted a sexy kiss upon my lips. “We both know you won’t call me anytime soon, but know that I’m here whenever you want another night like last.” He winked and then left my bedroom as he struggled to tug his clothes on.

My body was excited from the memories of last night. He was right, I wouldn’t be calling him anytime soon, but at least he gave me one hell of a night. One I could use for memory when I brought out my vibrator on lonely nights.

Running into the shower, I figured I’d get ready for class and move on, pushing the sexy guy with no name from my thoughts.

A/N: See? I told you these chapters were short/single scenes. Just know that I am totally using all of you as my “Beta” readers and I expect your honesty. When/if I decide to use this book for Amazon or wherever else, I will be doing edits and rewrites.

This version is wicked old and completely unedited. I am literally copying and pasting from my laptop to your lovely hands. I will block those who leave rude, unconstructive criticism. Want to help point out holes in my storyline such as character details or something else I may have missed, please do so.

This story isn’t your cup of tea? You can hit the back button and move on. ;)

<3 <3 Lulu.

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