The Bet (18+)

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Chapter 20

Walking into my next class, I immediately seek out Damon and find him sitting near the back of the class in the corner again. I walked over and slumped down next to him.

He gave me a small grin and reached beneath my desk, placing his warm hand on my bare thigh. I shivered and held his gaze, but I quickly looked away when I remembered what I had just done. Damon told me last night that he’d fuck me so good that I’d never let a guy near my bed ever again. He wasn’t wrong, but I literally just had another guy’s dick inside of me.

I had never felt ashamed of my actions before now and I almost hated these foreign emotions coming at me now. Tommy and I have been fucking off and on for years and I never once felt bad for sleeping with other guys behind his back. I mean, he was doing the same thing with other girls and I didn’t mind. I’m pretty sure I’d puke if I knew Damon was pleasuring other girls behind my back the same way he pleasured me. That has to mean something, right?

Damon’s hand went further up, skimming across my wet lips as I parted my legs for him.

“Fuck, you’re still wet from me, aren’t you?” He whispered into my ear.

I let out what sounded like a whimper of excitement, but I knew it was mostly a nervous sob. I was definitely still wet from him but it only became more after the professor just got done fucking me. I will never tell him, though.

He slipped a finger inside of me and I panicked, reaching down to grab his wrist and stop him. It reminded me too much of what the professor just did to me.

“What’s wrong?” He asked.

I looked around at the growing crowd of students and used that as my excuse.

“There are too many people,” I whispered.

He chuckled. “Says the girl who literally gave me a hand job in this exact spot yesterday.”

Fuck, he was right.

“I, I…” I had nothing to say and then he was pushing two fingers into me.

My head fell back and I bit my bottom lip to stop myself from moaning. My body was betraying me and I was letting it.

I guided him by the wrist, thrusting his fingers in and out of me as I began to move my hips against him.

His eyes were dark and hooded as he watched me, but it was when his lips parted and he let out a groan that nearly did me in.

Then he was pulling out of me and reached into his backpack. My eyes were wild as I watched him pull a small black vibrater from within before he trailed it up my inner thigh.

Jesus. He’s going to fuck me with that thing in a room full of people. Why am I so turned on right now?

The toy slid across my wetness with finesse and then he was pushing it into my pussy. I let out a breathy moan and held his gaze again.

“Ssh,” he shushed me, holding a finger up to his lips.

I vigorously nodded and tried to stay as quiet as I could.

“We’re going to work on keeping you quiet as I make you fucking explode, Taylor,” he whispered.

Then he turned the toy on and the vibration nearly made me scream, bringing my body to the peak of another orgasm. He began thrusting the toy in and out of me very slowly as his thumb found my clit. I was still so fucking sensitive that I bucked in my chair and bit my tongue hard. That was a close call. I literally almost screamed.

He let out a small laugh and grinned at me before his features turned dark. It was obvious that he was enjoying himself, and fuck, so was I.

His circling thumb on my clit, the vibration of the toy, and knowing we could be caught any second was enough to drive me wild.

I stared into his eyes and nodded. “I’m… I’m cumming…”

“Fuck,” he hissed.

And then my pussy tightened around the toy and I came. Again.

A student a few rows in front of us shushed us over his shoulder but never fully looked at us. We both let out small giggles as Damon pulled the toy from me and slid it back into his backpack.

Then he did something that made my heart race and my stomach sink with anxiety. He grabbed my hand beneath the desk and entwined our fingers together. It was obvious that he wasn’t going to stop holding my hand through class and I liked it. Fuck.

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