The Bet (18+)

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Chapter 21

We walked out of class but made sure to be far enough apart so that it wasn’t obvious. I couldn’t stop grinning as I walked ahead of Damon, knowing he was right behind me. I was actually hoping he’d pull me into another closet and have his way with me but then again, I don’t know if my body can handle another orgasm today.

“Hey, you fucking loser!” Ryan’s voice boomed through the courtyard and my heart sank.

Looking over my shoulder, I watch him shove Damon to the ground and kick his backpack away from him. Damon didn’t do a thing, just letting Ryan overpower him.

“Ryan!” I scolded, running up to push him away.

He shoved me off and bent down to grab Damon by the collar of his hoodie.

“I heard you made out with my sister last night, you fucking piece of shit!”

“Ryan! What-” I paused when his sentence sank in. And one look over at Damon and I knew it was true. He was looking at me with sympathy and I felt like throwing up.

“Stay the fuck away from her!” He punched Damon in the mouth and I saw blood, making me flinch.

I would stop this if things were different, but I couldn’t move. Damon made out with Ryan’s sister last night after… after he fucked me stupid in his bed. He mentioned going downtown to meet some friends but I never expected him to make out with another girl. What is this feeling? Is this jealousy?! Ugh, I hate it! Make it go away.

But I had no right to be jealous over what I had just done to him. What is this foreign feeling?! I didn’t do jealousy and I definitely didn’t do the whole exclusive thing.

“And to make you remember who you’re fucking with, I’ll leave you a message,” Ryan growled, throwing Damon’s hat to the side as one of his other buddies picked it up and put it on his own head. Then Ryan reached into his back pocket and pulled out a pair of scissors. He grabbed a chunk of Damon’s hair and sliced it off, waving it in front of his face while laughing.

Damon dropped his gaze to the ground and tried to hide himself with his hood. Everyone from class surrounded us, watching the entire shit-show; some of them laughed, while others looked on with disgust for Ryan.

I still couldn’t move, but I knew I should stop this. Running up to Ryan, I shoved him away from Damon and kept pushing at him.

“Leave him alone! You’ve given him your message.”

Ryan laughed, shaking my hand off of his arm. “What? You’re standing up for this loser now? Did fucking him rattle your brain lose?”

I slapped him across the face. “Shut the fuck up, Ryan. Don’t forget our little agreement.”

His gaze darkened but he didn’t push it any further. Instead, he turned and waved for his buddies to follow him. Then they were gone and the crowd of students went on with their lives, none of them stopping to help Damon.

Seeing him on the ground, missing a chunk of his hair that he tried to cover with his hoodie, made my heart sink into my stomach. I walked over to him and noticed that he wouldn’t look up at me.

“I’m sorry about Ryan. He can be a real asshole.”

He snorted, finally standing up to his feet as he brushed himself off. He still kept his gaze from mine as he hiked his backpack over his shoulder.

“I’m sorry,” he finally said.

“For what?” I asked, shrugging my shoulders.

I didn’t want Damon to know how much his making out with another girl affected me. I didn’t want him to know that he was reaching me on a deeper level.

“I’ll see you on Monday.”

He finally looked up at me confused. “Monday? You’re that mad at me?”

“No. Not mad,” I lied, taking a deep breath, “I’m going to my parents for the weekend. Take care of that busted lip, yeah?”

He touched his lip, noticing the blood on his hand as he nodded. “I’ll be fine.”

“Why don’t you ever stand up for yourself?”

He looked away from me then, tightening his jaw, but wouldn’t answer me. Fine. He doesn’t have to tell me anything. I began to walk away.

“Have a good weekend, Damon. Oh,” I turned to look at him over my shoulder, “and thanks for the fun in class this morning.” I winked at him and then continued on, feeling the pit of my stomach build with nausea.

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