The Bet (18+)

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Chapter 23

I couldn’t stop tossing and turning and sleep would not come. My thoughts were all over the place but they seemed to always stop on Damon. The way he grabbed my throat and stared into my eyes with his aqua blue ones made me restless even now. The ache between my legs was back and I squeezed my eyes shut, willing myself to think of Damon’s hands on me.

My own hands began to travel over my breasts, stomach, and into my panties all while I imagined Damon doing these things to me. It didn’t take long for my body to ignite with fire as I began to play with my clit.

A moan escaped my mouth as I buried my head into my pillow and continued to slip my fingers through my folds, centering over my entrance. Damon was big, so I’d need to use three fingers to even come close to feeling stretched. But even that wasn’t enough and I realized it the moment I pushed into myself.

My other hand teased and played with my nipple until I was panting all while thrusting my fingers in and out of me. Fuck, I wish Damon was here!

Then I felt a warm mouth on my other nipple and another set of fingers rubbing my clit.

I nearly screamed with excitement as my body quivered, but when I peeled my eyes open, I found Tommy above me and not Damon. At first, I thought about pushing him away, but my body needed a release right fucking now.

I grabbed him and threw him onto my bed, straddling over the top of him as I pulled his dick through the hole on the front of his briefs and sank down onto him. He cursed and I threw my head back and pictured Damon beneath me. The size was all wrong but it was helping.

Taking Tommy’s hands, I brought them up to grab my tits as I rode him for dear life. But it still wasn’t enough. I moved one of his hands to my throat but he didn’t grab me the same way either.

I tried to find that sweet spot inside of me with Tommy’s dick but that wasn’t working either.

“Grab me!” I demanded, gripping his hand around my throat.

“Jesus christ, Taylor.”

This was turning me off faster than ice cold water dousing me. I crawled off of Tommy, adjusted my blouse, and kicked him out of my bed.

“What the fuck?” He growled.

“You don’t fuck me good anymore. You can leave now.” I know it was harsh but I’m annoyed as fuck and wanted him to leave.

“Who the fuck have you been screwing?”

I chuckled. “That’s none of your business.”

“It’s Professor Weiland, isn’t it?”

Fuck. How does he know about that? Oh, who am I kidding? Anyone with half a brain would know that I’m not discussing homework when he calls me down after class is dismissed.

“Maybe,” I lied, not wanting him to know a thing about Damon.

“You’re a fucking whore.” He pulled on his sweats and glared at me.

“Yeah, well it takes on to know one, whore! Get the fuck out!” I threw the water bottle on my nightstand at him and watched him leave.

Did I care that Tommy may never speak to me again? Nope. Did I worry that he might spread me sleeping with Weiland around campus? … okay, maybe I cared about that one. I ended that yesterday, though. It should be fine.

Frustrated from my lack of an orgasm, I crawled out of bed and went to take a cold shower. Fuck today and fuck everyone who made it this way!!

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