The Bet (18+)

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Chapter 25

“How was your weekend at home, Taylor?” Bridget asked the moment Tommy and Ryan walked up to our bench.

We were sitting at our spot in the courtyard, enjoying the beautiful day but as I looked up at Tommy, he was clearly trying to avoid eye contact.

My dad’s words from this morning came back to haunt me and I knew I’d have to fix things between Tommy and me very soon.

“It was the same as every other visit: horrible. I hate going home.” I leaned back in my spot and turned my gaze back to Tommy.

He still wouldn’t look at me but sat right in front of me, between my legs. Ryan went up to Rose and kissed her hard, making her giggle. Then Mitch did the same thing to Bridget. It left me feeling awkward.

So I leaned forward and wrapped my arms around Tommy’s neck, kissing the side of his temple.

“I’m sorry,” I whispered so only he could hear.

He grabbed my arm and lightly squeezed it before planting a kiss on my wrist. No words were needed to know that we were cool again. That’s how Tommy and I have always worked. Maybe my dad was right. Maybe I wouldn’t love Tommy at first but would eventually be happy with him. I don’t know, but I can only hope.

“Ohmygod! Is that Damon Carmichael?” Rose called out.

My head instantly whipped up but I didn’t see the long-haired guy with a hat and hoodie covering his face.

But then my eyes landed on him and I nearly creamed in my panties. I sat back from Tommy and glared at the chick walking with Damon. They were laughing and I wanted to scratch her eyes out.

He had cut his hair and holy fucking shit was he gorgeous. I knew he was, but losing the long hair and replacing it with a pompadour style made my mouth water. He also ditched the hoodie and his biceps were stretching the sleeves of his tee shirt.

“Fuck,” Bridget sighed, “When did he get so hot?”

“What?!” Mitch protested, making all of us laugh.

But I couldn’t pull my eyes away from him. She was absolutely right. Damon was hot and my hormones were running wild. I need to see him.

I pushed away from Tommy and got off the bench, turning to them.

“I forgot some books in the library, I’ll catch you guys for lunch?”

I hope they didn’t catch my lie. Left some books in the library! Even I was laughing at that one. But they all nodded and waved me off. Tommy didn’t even seem phased as he pulled his phone out and stared down into the screen as if I wasn’t even there.

Turning, I took off toward the library building but when I knew I was out of sight of my friends, I took a shortcut in the direction Damon was last seen.

Damon’s voice echoed down the long corridor but it was too echoed to hear what he was actually saying. The girl’s giggles were loud and clear, though, and my heart hammered in my chest.

Then they were right by me as I hid further in the shadows and let them pass.

“I’ll see you later, then?” The girl asked Damon.

No the fuck you will not, I replied in my head.

“Yeah, I’ll see ya later,” Damon replied.

I held my breath waiting for the girl to fuck off before I made my move. Her heels clicked down the corridor until they went silent. Then I poked my head out and saw Damon walking back toward my direction.

And when he passed by me again, I waited for the perfect moment to jump out. His back was to me now as I slipped out of my hiding place, grabbed his arm, and pulled him into the vacant room beside us.

“What the fuck?…” he sounded shocked and surprised.

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