The Bet (18+)

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Chapter 2

I’m not ashamed to admit that me and the girls were the queens of campus. We lived in the best sorority and threw the best parties. Girls wanted to be us and guys wanted to be with us. We ran this place and we weren’t afraid to show it.

Every morning, we walked through the main part of campus, elbows hooked, and watched students and faculty alike part for us like the Red Sea. We were untouchable.

Finding our favorite benches below a huge willow tree, Bridget and Mitch began sucking face like every other morning, while me and Rose watched and waited for the guys to flawk toward us. It was like clockwork. It never failed.

I looked at Rose and said, “3, 2, and 1…”

“Hey ladies.”

I snickered into my shoulder, glaring up at Rose as she grinned back.

“Well, hey cutie!” Rose greeted the first guy of the morning.

He looked like one of the Hockey boys and those were our favorite. They were super athletic and that meant they had killer bods and extra strength. They knew their way around a woman’s body, too.

Speaking of Hockey boys, where is…

“Hey gorgeous,” a male voice rasped behind me.

Yep, right on time.

I spun and stared up into Tommy’s eyes. He and I have had this on again, off again fling since freshman year. We never actually got together but he was the only guy I’ve ever called back. Out of all of my conquests, he was my favorite.

“Hi Tommy,” I purred.

He rested his hands on my knees and spread them apart, stepping between them.

“You free tonight?” He asked while nibbling the sweet spot beneath my ear.

I squirmed beneath him, trying to keep my composure.

“I might be,” I lied. I never made it easy for Tommy and I think that’s why he stuck around. I also knew that if I ever decided to settle down, he’d be right there waiting for me.

“Ohmygod! Nerd alert, anyone?”

Rose’s comment pulled my attention from Tommy as I looked up and saw Damon Carmichael walking by. I rolled my eyes at his presence. The guy always wore like the same three hoodies, ripped jeans, and black boots that were never tied. His long hair stuck out from his black baseball hat and always hid his face. He was so weird and quiet and always carried a stack of books with him.

“Don’t trip!” Mitch yelled out to him.

Startled, he looked over at us, turned red, and actually tripped. His books went flying and we all burst out laughing.

But when he looked over at us, I felt bad for laughing. My smile instantly died and I smacked Tommy in the chest. He stopped laughing too and then Damon grabbed his books and scurried off.

“What a fucking loser,” Ryan laughed out.

Tommy smacked the back of his head. “It isn’t his fault he’s a loser.”

Pouting, I stared up at Tommy and realized I was so over this right now. I had a class to get to. I pushed away from Tommy and headed toward my class, waving goodbye to my asshole friends.

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