The Bet (18+)

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Chapter 29

The woods got darker and more dense the further back I walked. Where the fuck is he?! Then I saw his shadow and shoved him from behind.

“Damon!” He stopped when I shouted his name. “Who the fuck was that bitch?” I demand to know.

Seeing him with another girl made my blood boil.

He spun around and grabbed my hands, stopping me from shoving him again.

“Are you fucking kidding me right now? I was simply helping the girl! She’s drunk as fuck and I didn’t want her to trip and fall in the fire.” His grip on my wrists tightened.

“Oh, right!” I shoved away from him. “Is that like saying, oops, she tripped and fell on my dick when I catch you cheating?”

“You’ve got problems, Taylor!”

“I’ve got problems?! Are you kidding me right now?”

“Yes, you’ve got problems! You’ve clearly been with some fucked up guys in the past if you think I’d ever do that to you. And cheating?! What, are we together now? Are you ready to tell your friends about us?” He marched up to me and started touching me seductively. “Are you ready to tell them how good I fuck you?”

“Fuck you!” I shoved him away.

“No, fuck you, Taylor,” he growled.

We were both breathing heavily, glaring at one another. God, he’s sexy when he’s angry. Then we lunged at each other, crashing lips as we devoured all while tugging roughly at each other’s clothes. His hands pulled my jeans down to my knees before he spun me and pushed me into a tree.

I moaned out as he skimmed his hand over my ass before he lightly slapped me.

“Is this what you want, Taylor?”

He slapped me again, making me hug the tree and bite my bottom lip to keep myself from screaming. He stepped right up behind me and slid his cock between my legs, brushing against my most sensitive spots. This time, I moaned, and I wasn’t afraid to let it all out.

“Yes, this is what I want,” I mumbled, pushing my ass into him as he continued to rub his dick across my wet lips.

He grabbed the back of my hair, holding my head back as he bit my neck. Then he centered his dick with his other hand and I felt him sink into me. Everything inside of me ignited as I reached back and grabbed his bare ass, guiding him to push into me further. My legs were trapped by my jeans and that only caused the tightness around his dick to intensify.

“You like it when I fuck you, Taylor?” He groaned into my ear and I shook beneath him.

His thrusts were deep and hard, slamming my face into the tree and I realized then that he wasn’t wearing a condom. Normally, I’d freak out and push the guy off of me, but I wasn’t going anywhere. He felt so good fucking me bareback and there was no way in hell I was going to stop him now.

“Y-yes, Damon!” I moaned out, letting him completely control my body as he fucked me.

My pussy was tightening around his dick, making him groan out as he tugged my hair harder and slapped my ass with his other. I bucked and let out a deep, guttural moan. In. Out. In. Out. Harder. Harder. Harder.

“Ohmygod!!” I screamed, feeling my body betray me as my orgasm exploded like the Fourth of July between my legs. My breath hitched in my throat as flashes of light twinkled in my eyes and my ears did that deaf, whistling thing again.

He gripped my hair even tighter, pounding his cock into me as he sucked and then bit my neck, growling into my flesh. There was a foreign pressure inside of my pussy that I had never felt before and I then I realized what it was. He had cum inside of me, and I wasn’t even a little upset. He was mine and now I was his. Fuck what my dad wants and fuck Tommy Terro. I was never his.

Damon pulled out of me as he released my hair and gently pulled my jeans up for me. When I turned to face him, he looked completely sated as he tugged his own jeans up. Then I grabbed his chin and kissed him. Not hard and deep like we normally did. No, this was a kiss that told him that I was his.

He wrapped me in an arm and then reached up and cupped my face, deepening the kiss. Then he let go of me and we headed back toward the party, separating right before we rejoined everyone.

“Hey, I know you!”

I turned and thought the guy was talking to me, but he was pointing at Damon.

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