The Bet (18+)

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Chapter 30

“Nah, you’ve got the wrong guy,” Damon said.

I was frozen to my spot, watching the situation unfold in front of me. Who was this guy and how does he know Damon?

“Yeah, dude, I totally know who you are.” He seemed so fucking excited and it only piqued my interest even more.

Damon looked over at me and then back at the guy. “Cool, but I’m out of here.” Damon was clearly trying to get away from this guy and I seriously wanted to know why. What is he hiding?

“Wait, wait, wait,” he urged, grabbing Damon’s shoulder before he looked around at his buddies. “I went to high school with this fucking guy,” he stated proudly. “This fucking guy was a legend!! He got more pussy than a toilet seat and everyone worshipped him!”

Damon looked stressed and tried to step away from the guy but the grip on his shoulder held him there. “Wrong guy,” Damon hissed out.

But I knew he was lying. He was this guy he was being accused of being, I could see it all over his face.

“Man, what happened to you? Did you lose that football scholarship? You kind of just fell off the map after that accident, man.” He slapped Damon’s back. “But it’s good to see you now. The old crew will be fucking psyched to know I go to school with you.”

Everyone around us, including my friends, were eating this up. I didn’t like how Rose was looking at him, though. It was almost as if she no longer thought he was a loser all because this guy said he wasn’t. How fucking fake. Watch, now they’ll be nice to him because he isn’t the guy they think he is. Well, I won’t let that happen.

“I can’t believe it, man! You were seriously a god back in the day! You still seeing that Stacey chick? Man, she was fuckin’ smokin’!!”

“No,” Damon growled, and I knew then that everything this guy was saying was true.

A legend? A god? Got more pussy than a toilet seat? Well, that explains how he’s so fucking good at fucking. But, I never imagined him being this popular jock legend the guy clearly admitted Damon was. The long haired guy hiding behind his hat and hoodie came to mind and I just couldn’t see it.

“That accident really fucked you up, though, didn’t it?”

“Drop it,” Damon warned.

Accident? What accident?

“Yeah, this guy got drunk as fuck and killed his little sister.”

Everything happened so quickly after that. Damon tackled the guy to the ground and started pounding on his face. Screams echoed around them as the crowd dispersed and my first instinct was to protect Damon.

“Damon!” I lunged forward and grabbed at Damon but he was relentless on the kid’s face, and I couldn’t stop him.

“Taylor!” Tommy shouted, coming up behind me as he pulled me away from Damon. “Leave it. This isn’t your fight.”

“Someone needs to stop him!” I shrieked.

Damon was clearly pissed as hell and I didn’t know Damon well enough to know if he’d kill the kid or not. He wasn’t letting up and the kid’s face was all bloodied and his body was limp.

“Damon!” I screamed again.

Tommy pulled me away from the scene and roughly pulled me from the party. I was fighting him, trying to run back to Damon, but he wasn’t letting me go.

“Tommy, let go of me!” I shouted.

And when I looked over my shoulder again, Damon had finally stopped hitting the kid and was now glaring up at me. There was a darkness in his eyes that I had never seen before. He rubbed his knuckles on the front of his jeans and stood up, still glaring at me.

Tommy still wouldn’t let me go, tugging me toward his truck before he shoved me into the front seat and slammed the door on me. My eyes were glued on Damon and when Tommy got in and started the truck, his headlights illuminated Damon and my heart sank into my stomach.

When Tommy backed out, my eyes never left Damon’s and then I saw him walk away from the party and disappear into the dark woods once more.

Tommy drove me back to the house and basically dragged me inside, never letting go of my arm.

“Stay put, Taylor! You don’t need to be getting into someone else’s fights. And since when do you want to protect Damon Carmichael?”

I crossed my arms over my chest and glared up at him.

“Get out,” I snarled.

“What?” He looked surprised. “You just made out with me at the bonfire and now you want me to get out? What the fuck is going on with you lately? I want the old Taylor back.”

“Well she isn’t coming back!” I screamed, shoving him toward the front door. “Now get out!”

“Whatever, you crazy bitch. I’m fucking done.” He left the house and slammed the door behind him, plunging me into silence.

Good fucking riddance.
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