The Bet (18+)

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Chapter 31

Once I heard Tommy’s truck leave, I grabbed a sweater and left through the side door. I have to find Damon. I have to make sure he’s okay.

I went straight to his building and climbed the steps up to the third floor before I stopped at room 77. There were no sounds coming from inside and my heart sank, knowing he probably wasn’t here.

I knocked anyway. Nothing. One more knock. Still, nothing.

“What are you doing here, Taylor?”

Damon’s voice made me jump as I turned and saw him marching down the hallway toward me.

“Isn’t Tommy going to wonder where you are?”

He was still angry, so I needed to tread lightly here.

“Tommy doesn’t own me.”

He scoffed. “Not yet.” He pushed by me and unlocked his door, shoving it open.

After he marched into his room, I figured him not slamming the door on my face was a good sign and I stepped in behind him.

“Not ever,” I stated.

He leaned down and grabbed a bag from beneath his bed and started shoving clothes into it.

“Where are you going?”

“Like you fucking care,” he snapped.

“I do! Why do you think I’m here right now?!”

“Maybe so I can fuck you again. That’s why you keep coming around, isn’t it?” He dropped his bag on the bed and glared at me.

Tears blurred my vision as I blinked them away. “That isn’t it, Damon.”

“No? Then why haven’t you told your friends about us? Why do we have to keep fucking in privacy? Admit it, Taylor, you’re embarrassed to say that you want me!” He was screaming now. “Admit that you think I’m a loser just like your friends!”

“Damon!” I sobbed out. “It isn’t like that!”

“Then explain!!” He roared, punching the wall next to him.

I jumped and let out another sob.

“Tommy’s father works with my dad. I have no choice! My dad said he’d cut me off if I didn’t be with Tommy and I can’t leave college yet! I’m not done! I need this diploma!”

He let out a strangled laugh and started packing his shit again.

“You barge into my fucking life knowing you’ll have to choose that fucking douche bag anyways?! I was perfectly fine hiding behind my hoodie in the shadows! I wanted it that way! You have no idea who I was before! Then you come into my life and you’re so fucking gorgeous and I wanted you so fucking bad. Now look at me!” He waved his hands over his torso. “I’m right back to the guy I hated!”

I was frozen to my spot, unsure what to say or do next. I knew nothing about Damon or about the life he came from, but it was clear that it was a sour subject.

“I need you to fucking go, Taylor.” He turned his back on me and kept packing.

“Damon, I don’t want to do that…” It was the truth. I’ve never wanted someone so badly in my life.

He turned and marched up to me, grabbing my arm before he gently shoved me toward his door.

“It wasn’t a fucking question, Taylor. We’re done here! Go live your life with that fucking prick in your mansion and have all the pretty clothes you can.” He pushed me into the hallway and slammed the door on my face.

I let my sobs escape, shaking me to the core as I tried to open his door again. He had locked it. He had shut me out. I’ve never hurt so badly in my life. It felt as if my chest had been ripped open and my heart was crushed. Maybe he just needs some time to cool off. I’ll be back tomorrow.

A/N: Okay, lovelies, this is all I have written on my laptop so you won't see massive updates anymore today. It's clear that a lot of you are already enjoying this and the story will continue. Thank you for all the love!!

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