The Bet (18+)

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Chapter 36

Tommy left half way through class saying it was too boring and he wanted to hit the gym. How he was even passing any class was beside me. He skipped a lot.

But his absence helped me focus on the professor as I typed away, eating up every word he was saying. I’ve missed a lot in this class over the last few weeks and now I had to catch up.

The professor turned on the lights and shut down his slideshow and called it for the day. Everyone began packing up to leave as I looked over my shoulder to see that the girls were gone. Thank God. I didn’t want to have to deal with their actions anymore.

I shoved my laptop in my bag and began to exit the auditorium. But as soon as I stepped outside, a hot liquid splashed across my front side as I inhaled a sharp breath and froze.

Coffee stained the front of my new shirt and the places it touched my skin burned. My hands began to shake and when I looked up to see who did this, I saw the crowd of kids gawking at me, but then my eyes landed on Rose and Bridget with empty coffee cups in their hands. They were giggling again and I saw red.

I may be trying to be a new Taylor, but the old one was ready to rip their heads off. I chucked my bag to the side and full out sprinted at them as I tackled them both to the ground. Their screams erupted as I leaned over Rose and started punching and slapping her.

Bridget got to her feet and started tugging my hair.

“You stupid bitch!” She screamed.

I cried out from the pain of nearly losing my hair as I got off of Rose and spun toward Bridget. I slapped her so hard she was forced to let go of my hair. Then Rose jumped on my back and let out a war scream as she started slapping the top of my head.

“This is what you get for being a whore!” Rose screamed.

“Fuck you!” I snapped as I grabbed Rose by the hair and flung her off of me and right into Bridget.

The crowd had only gotten bigger, but I didn’t mind. They could watch me attack these spoiled brats all day. It was a long time coming.

I stormed them again and we all grabbed chunks of hair before the slaps began. Then I threw several punches and the girls cried out.

“My nose job!” Rose cried as she stepped back and grabbed her face.

I didn’t give a shit about her nose job or about her. She started this fight and I was going to finish it.

Grabbing Bridget by the collar of her shirt, I landed a hard punch in the center of her face and watched her eyes roll into the back of her head before she went down like a sack of potatoes.

“This ends today, Rose!” I screamed as I went toward her first.

But her leg came up and kicked me in the stomach. Ouch, that fucking hurt.

“Clear a path!” I heard a guy holler.

That wasn’t enough to stop me from punching Rose one last time in the nose. She went down and I saw the blood streaming down her nose. There was so much anger in me that I didn’t care how badly I hurt her or if I screwed up her nose job or not.


Three campus security guys walked through the crowd and stormed up to me and the girls. They each grabbed one of us and hauled us through the crowd.

“This ends right now. We’re taking you all to the Dean.”

I snorted. They could bring me anywhere. I knew the Dean wouldn’t do shit to me in fear that I’d blackmail him. I imagined his wife wouldn’t be too thrilled to learn that him and I had an affair over the summer while she was off in Europe with her girlfriends. The sex wasn’t all that bad and I had another important guy wrapped around my little finger.

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