The Bet (18+)

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Chapter 37

Dean Jack Alley sat behind his desk as the campus security guys rushed us in. His brows lifted in surprise as the three of us were pushed into the chairs that faced him.

“They were caught fighting in the courtyard, Dean Alley,” one of the guys told him.

Jack locked eyes with me for a long moment before he looked at the two other girls.

“Thank you, gentleman, I will take care of it from here.” He waved them off as I heard the office door close behind them.

Rose was still crying as she held her nose and Bridget’s hair was all over the place. I had done a good number to them and I was proud of myself. Without a mirror, I had no idea what I looked like, but my cheeks were on fire from all of their bitch slaps. And my clothes were ruined from the coffee.

“What is this about?” Jack asked as he looked between the three of us.

They weren’t speaking up and I knew they wouldn’t own their shit.

“These girls taunted me all through class this morning and then threw hot coffee on me as I left. I attacked them.” There was no reason to lie to him. I would walk out of this office without repercussions like always.

“Is that true?!” Jack asked them. “You can’t go around throwing hot coffee on people! That was very dangerous!”

Rose snickered. “She deserved it, sir. This girl has made our lives a living hell. She always stole our guys and flaunted her whore tendencies in front of us.”

Now I was the one snickering. She forgot to mention how big of whores they were as well. It takes one to know one, ya know?

“It doesn’t matter what Taylor does or doesn’t do on her own time. You put her life in danger today. She could have been burned badly. I’m putting you two on probation.”

“What?!” Rose shrieked. “For what?! It was an accident! Bridget tripped and Taylor just so happened to come out at the same time! She was the one who attacked us!!”

No one in their right mind will believe this. What a dumb bitch. I rolled my eyes and sat back in my chair.

“You’ve caused a lot of problems around campus, girls. My probation stands. One more altercation and you’re both out on your asses.”

“You can’t do that!” Bridget cried.

“I can and I will,” Jack replied roughly.

For an older man, he was hot as hell. Now I remember why I let the affair go on for as long as I did. The guy could wear a five piece suit like a beast. Even now, I was attracted to him. Damn it!

“If- if you do that, we’ll tell everyone about you and Taylor,” Rose snapped.

Jack looked at me and then quickly composed himself, glaring at Rose. “There is nothing to tell.”

“No? Well, we just happen to know about the two of you fucking in your office here until late into the night. I believe you even brought her home to your bed one night, no?”

I shifted uncomfortably in my chair and waited for Jack to speak. I didn’t mean to tell the girls about this but they were resilient and wouldn’t let me go to bed until I told them where I was. It just slipped out.

Jack smirked wickedly as he leaned forward and pinned the girls with his glare. “There isn’t any proof other than your word against mine. And do you think anyone will believe two spoiled Greek Row girls over a Dean? Not likely. Get the fuck out of my office.”

We all rose to our feet and went to leave when I froze in my spot.

“Taylor, not you. I haven’t disciplined you for attacking them yet. Sit,” he growled out.

Rose snickered at me. “Ha. Bitch.” Then the girls were gone and I was all alone with Jack. This never ended well.

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