The Bet (18+)

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Chapter 3

As I sat in class waiting for the professor to walk in, my phone dinged from a text.

Mom: are you still coming this weekend? You know your father will be upset if you cancel again.

Ugh. I completely forgot about this weekend. My dad was hosting another one of his notorious wine mixers for all of his rich friends. I hated going to them but I figured I’d suck up since my parents are the one footing the bill for my being here.

Taylor: yeah, I’ll be there.

And that’s all I said to her. I wasn’t close to my parents, unlike my little brother who seemed to be their golden child. He could literally do nothing wrong in their eyes, but I knew the truth. Spoiled little brat.

I shoved my phone in my bag the moment the professor stepped out from his little room. He immediately jumped into the lesson and I pulled out my notebook. Today, he talked about the civil war and what that meant for our country. I didn’t hear half of it but he was sure nice to look at.

He had to be in his late twenties, maybe early thirties but we never discussed that when he sank deep inside of me after class. He was the only professor on campus that I was banging and only because my grades in this class were slipping.

“That will be all for today,” he called out as the class began to gather their belongings and leave. “Taylor, can I see you for a moment, please?”

A devilish grin tugged at my lips as I stood from my spot and headed down to the podium. I knew exactly what he wanted to see me for. Good thing I took a shower this morning.

The class had cleared out, leaving me and the professor alone.

“Did you catch any of the lessons today? You seemed to be in your own little world up there,” he joked, giving me that sexy smirk of his.

“I caught how you did your hair today,” I replied honestly, “and how my fingers would feel slipping into it.”

“Mmm,” he moaned, stepping up to me and grabbing a hold of me. “Do you have time before your next class?”

“For you? Always.”

He gripped the back of my thighs, lifted me, and then carried me into his office. Kicking the door shut behind us, he set me down on the edge of his desk and began pushing up my skirt. My hands went for his trousers, tugging at his belt and then his zipper.

His lips found mine, but I pulled my face away. Kissing wasn’t really my thing during sex. It felt too personal and I didn’t want to feel emotionally connected to the men I boned for fun.

Our excited breaths and moans filled the room as I wrapped my fingers around his cock and stroked him hard. He let out a string of curse words and dug his fingers into my bare thighs.

Looking at the clock on the wall, I needed to get this show on the road. I didn’t mind being late but there was a special speaker coming for my next class and I didn’t want to miss it.

I slid toward the edge of the desk, lining my pussy up for his cock, and then slid him across me. My head fell back as I let out a moan and he cursed again.

“Condom?” I asked on a moan.

“Fuck. Yeah.” He tore open the top drawer on his desk and grabbed a foil packet, tearing it open with his teeth.

Damn, that was sexy.

He slid the condom over his dick and then pushed into me. I gripped the edge of the desk and let my eyes roll into the back of my head as he filled me.

“Shit, Taylor,” he groaned.

I was in a hurry and this was taking too long. Reaching between us, I began to circle my clit, knowing I wouldn’t be able to cum without this stimulation, and brought myself to the brink of an orgasm.

“Cum for me, Professor,” I purred into his ear, lightly nibbling his lobe.

“Fuuuuck,” he drew out.

My orgasm finally hit me and it wasn’t anything special. None of them were, but it still felt good. The professor groaned into my neck and I knew he was cumming with me. But the longer he kept thrusting, the more I was over this.

Once he pulled out, I jumped down from his desk, and straightened my skirt.

“Thanks, Professor. I’ll see you tomorrow.” I threw him a wink and left his office, hurrying up the stairs before running to my next class.

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