The Bet (18+)

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Chapter 46

The rape test at the hospital was awful, but at least the lady nurse was kind to me. She didn’t make me feel uncomfortable in the least, even though the test was. She said it would be sent off for analysis and someone from my case would be contacting me as soon as it came back. I already knew what they would find, though. Tommy’s DNA might be gone but the damage was done.

I thanked the woman and left the hospital, asking my Uber driver to stop off at the pharmacy on my way home. I stood in line and waited for my turn at the counter and my heart was pounding. I’ve always been so careful and never needed one of these, but here I am, thanks to that asshole. Sure, I was on the pill, but accidents happen. I wasn’t taking any chances.

Once I reached the counter, I asked for the pill, and without hesitation, the woman handed me one and I paid the hefty price for it. I held it tightly in my hand asi got back in the Uber and got a ride back to campus.

I was in no mood to go back to class and headed straight for my dorm room. Taking this pill and catching a few z’s was at the top of my list. But as I entered the room, I walked into a scenario I didn’t want to.

Damon was sitting on his bed and he wasn’t alone. A busty blonde sat with him, giggling her head off as I entered, and they had books on their laps. I instantly saw red.

After everything I’ve been through, this was the last thing I wanted to see today.

“Who the fuck is this?” I barked out.

The stupid blonde grinned at me and Damon’s smile had faded. He knew what he was doing.

“Hi! I’m Patsy!” She stuck her hand out to me but I ignored it.

“What are you doing?” I asked, glaring at Damon.

“He was helping me with biology. This stuff is hard,” she purred out as I watched her lean into Damon and press her chest against his arm.

The rage pumping through me escalated and I was seconds away from grabbing Barbie by her hair and yanking her right the hell out of here.

But one look at Damon and I knew what game he was playing. I’ve played it before multiple times. He was trying to get a rise out of me and make me jealous. Well, it was working.

Instead of falling for it, though, I turned and marched into the bathroom to grab a glass of water to take this damn pill. I can’t get distracted right now. Her giggles filled the room behind me and Damon’s soft, raspy voice entwined with hers. I squeezed my eyes shut and plopped the pill into my mouth before I swallowed it down.

Then I stared at myself in the mirror and wondered how I had let myself get to this point. A month ago, I was the queen of my sorority house and ran this campus, but now I’m living in the dorms with a guy who is playing hard to get while I swallow back a pill to stop a possible pregnancy. What the fuck?!

I went back into the room and saw that Barbie was still leaning into Damon as he grinned down at her. Their legs were entwined on the bed and I wanted to scream that he was mine! But he wasn’t, was he? The realization slapped me in the face like a bucket of ice water.

“Damon, can you ask your friend to leave? I need to get some rest.”

They went quiet as I crawled into my bed and stared over at them.

“We’re studying, Taylor. We can go someplace else.”

Alarm bells went off in my head and I couldn’t let him leave with her. I just couldn’t.

“Actually, I wanted to talk to you about something.” Then my eyes went to Barbie. “Alone. It’s a roommate thing. You understand.” I was being fake nice to her and it worked.

“It’s cool, Damon. Just call me later. We’re still on to go see that band together tonight, right?” She asked as she stood up from his bed.

“Yeah, I’ll call you later,” he answered but was staring at me while he did so.

Then Barbie was gone and I sat up and glared at him. His eyes never left mine and we had a silent stare off for what seemed like forever.

“So, Patsy, huh? She seems nice.” My voice was dripping with sarcasm and by the look on his face, he caught it loud and clear.

He shoved the books off of his lap and stood up, shaking his head.

“We were just studying,” he growled.

“Right. Is that what they call it these days? We sure did a lot of studying before you betrayed me.”

His eyes whipped toward me and held my gaze. “I don’t have time for this shit, Tayor.” He stormed into the bathroom and slammed the door behind him.

The rage inside made my hands shake and I tried to stay calm until he came out of the bathroom. This conversation was far from over.

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