The Bet (18+)

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Chapter 55

Something pestered my cheek as I tried to go back into my deep sleep. It was annoying as shit!

“Stop,” I mumbled.

But it continued to vibrate and then I realized it was my phone. My eyes burned as I peeled them open and looked down into the bright screen. My dad’s face lit up and I was no longer sleepy.

I sat straight up in bed as my heart thundered. The sun wasn’t up yet and I knew in my gut that this phone call would have something to do with Tommy. I didn’t want to answer it. I knew what he’d say.
I hit ignore and then shut my phone off. He would be furious, but I didn’t care. He has no idea what’s going on other than what Tommy’s father had probably told him. I would look like the bad guy here and I didn’t want to face that tonight.
My eyes drifted over toward Damon’s bed when I saw his pile of clothes on the floor. His naked torso stuck out from his blanket and I chewed on my bottom lip. There was no way I was going back to sleep and just wanted to be held. I wanted all of this to be over with already.
I got out of my bed and sauntered over to his. He was angry with me yesterday, but he mentioned that he would always care. I just hope he’d care now when I woke him from a dead sleep.
His hair swept over his forehead as I reached out and brushed it away. Then his eyes were wide open as he stared up at me. My bottom lip trembled and I couldn’t say a word. I just wanted him to hold me.
He must have known exactly what I needed because he held his blanket open and gave me space to lie down with him. I took the opening right away and snuggled in. My back pressed against his warm chest as he draped the blanket over me and held his arm on the outside. He buried his face into my neck and I felt a sob crawl up my throat, but I quickly swallowed it back.
“You okay?” His voice was like sandpaper from sleep.
“I am now,” I whispered.
He kissed my neck as I squeezed my eyes shut. This was exactly what I needed and I would never leave this spot. Well, until I had to pee, but not before then.
“I’m sorry for yelling at you earlier,” he rasped.
I tensed. “You’re sorry? You have nothing to apologize for, Damon. I’m the one who’s screwed everything up over a stupid bet. You had every right to be angry with me.”
His arm tightened around my waist as he pulled me harder against his chest. “Maybe so, but you didn’t deserve that after what you’ve been through.”
I snorted. “And you deserved what I did to you after what you’ve been through?” The articles I read online about his accident and sister came back to me. Damon had been through way more than I had.
He was the one to tense then. “You didn’t know.”
“No, but that just shows you how horrible of a person I am. I didn’t care who you were or what your backstory was. I treated you badly right along with my so called friends and then accepted their bet. I’m horrible and…”
He cut me off as he leaned up on an elbow to stare down at me. “Taylor, we’ve all made mistakes in the past. I was angry with you, but I’m still here, aren’t I? You were right. There is a connection between us. It scares the hell out of me, but it’s there.”
My heart fluttered for a split second as I stared up into his gaze. How did I get so lucky with this guy? He literally had no reason to stay, yet he was still here.
“I love you,” I blurted out before I could stop myself. I had never loved another human being in my life, not even my own family, but I knew I loved Damon.
His eyes flitted between mine as fear passed through his gaze. I didn’t expect him to say it back and now I felt like a fucking idiot for blurting it out in the first place.
I continued to stare up into his eyes as he lowered down and took my lips with his. It was a sweet, sensual kiss; one I’d never felt before and I reveled in it. He could kiss me like this forever and I’d be perfectly content.
Then he laid back down, pulled me close to his chest again, and buried his face in my neck.
“Get some rest, Taylor.” He kissed my neck and I grinned. He might not have said it back, but I could feel something in that kiss.
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