The Bet (18+)

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Chapter 56

Loud bangs erupted on the door and tore me from a dead sleep.

“What the fuck?” Damon growled as he leaned on his elbow and wiped the sleep from his face. “Who the fuck is pounding on our door this early in the morning?”

I had an inkling, but I hoped I was dead wrong. The bangs pounded again and then my fears were confirmed.

“Taylor! Open this fucking door!” My father’s voice boomed from the other side of the door and I froze.

“Fuck, it’s my dad,” I whispered as I slid out of bed.

“Your dad?” Damon sat up as I scurried to find a pair of sweats to slip on.


“I’m coming! Hold on!” I screamed back just as I pulled Damon’s grey sweats up and whipped the door open.

His mean glare stared into mine before he scanned me up and down with displeasure. He looked completely pissed and my heart pounded in my chest. There was only one reason for him to be here and I knew he’d try to make this my fault.

He marched into the room and slammed the door behind him before he turned and glared at Damon. His shoulders squared and he huffed out a breath.

“Who the fuck is he? Are you still sleeping around like a whore?”

I flinched at his words as Damon jumped out of bed. Fuck. This wasn’t going to be good.

“Dad, I’m not…”

Dad held his hand up into my face as he glared at Damon. “You must be the little fuck Tommy told me about.” Then he whipped his glare back to me. “Is he the reason why you’re pinning this monstrosity on Tommy? Is he the reason why you’ve moved out of your sorority? You’re completely fucking up your life, Taylor!”

“You need to watch what you fucking say, sir,” Damon growled. I could tell that he was trying to hold his cool, but his hands balled up at his sides and I knew he was about to flip out.

I stepped between them and tried to de-escalate the problem as quickly as I could. “Dad, you don’t know half of what’s going on. I don’t appreciate you coming here this early in the morning to pick a fight with me.”

He chuckled and shook his head before I noticed his gaze move toward Damon’s bed. “It’s obvious that you’re still a whore. Just like your mother. You know that Tommy walked this morning right? You won’t get away with this lie.”

Damon went at my dad but I pushed him back. My dad’s words stung me, but I wasn’t surprised by them. He never had my back. He was never a real father to me. I have always just been a pawn in his game of life. Well, fuck him.

“You can believe whatever you want about Tommy, but we know the truth and I won’t let you make me feel bad about what I did. He deserves to rot in jail for what he did to me.”

“You can’t rape the willing, Taylor,” Dad growled. “Did he put you up to this?” He nodded toward Damon and there was nothing else I could do to stop him.

Damon gently moved me to the side and punched my dad square in the jaw before he slammed him against the door by his collar. I let out a small scream but froze in my spot as I watched it all unravel.

“You will watch what you fucking say about her and to her. Do you understand me? That fucking prick put his hands on her without permission. And if you come around here again and make Taylor feel any less perfect than she is, you better believe I will knock you into next fucking week.”

There was so much rage rolling off of Damon’s shoulders that it made me shake. I had never seen him get so angry and I had seen him get angry plenty of times.

Dad grinned as he stared down into Damon’s eyes. “You have no idea who you’re getting involved with, kid. You think my daughter loves you because you’re fucking her? She’ll get tired of you like all the other guys.” Then he turned his gaze toward me. “Pack your shit, Taylor, you’re coming home and we’re going to fix this mess. Tommy has agreed to let this mess slide if you agree to marry him. It’s already set into place.”

I crossed my arms over my chest and shook my head. “I will never marry Tommy, and I’m never coming home.”

Damon grabbed his collar, pulled him from the door before he opened it, and shoved him out before he slammed the door on his face. I blew out a breath and stared over at Damon.

“I am so sorry that you had to witness that. My father is a monster and he…”

He walked over to me and framed my face with his hands. “Don’t apologize for that prick, Taylor. It isn’t your fault that he should be medicated.”

I laughed. “I know, but…” I felt my bottom lip tremble as I pulled my gaze from his. “You don’t believe a word he said, do you?”

Damon let out a small laugh. “Nah, babe, not a word.”

“Because I really do love you.” Shit, there goes that word from my mouth again. What the hell?! But when I looked up into his face, I didn’t see fear or surprise there.

He simply smiled and rubbed his thumbs beneath my eyes when I didn’t even notice that I had started to cry.

“You hungry?”

I nodded and let him change the subject for now. Eventually, though, I’d like to know his thoughts on my revelation.

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