The Bet (18+)

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Chapter 5

The house was nearly bursting at the seams and I was getting annoyed. There was no guy here that I was even remotely attracted to so I had nobody to distract me from the party. Mitch and Bridget were making out on the couch and Rose and Ryan were basically dry humping on the chair.

“This blows,” I complained, sipping from my drink.

They all stopped what they were doing and looked at me.

“What’s wrong, Taylor? Tommy not here to keep you company?” Mitch joked.

I glared at him and then flipped him the bird.

“I don’t need Tommy,” I growled. “I can get with any guy in this house if I want to.” Whoa, okay, Taylor, slow your roll. I had had too much to drink and the cockiness was coming out in droves.

Rose laughed. “Really? Any guy?”

I squared my shoulders and nodded. “Yeah, any guy.” The number of guys that I’d slept with over the last three and a half years came to mind and I knew it was true. All I had to do was bat my eyes and they were mine.

“Even him?” Ryan asked, nodding his head to someone behind me.

Turning, I stared right at Damon Carmichael and cursed beneath my breath. He actually came. And of course he had to show up right now. I laughed and turned back to my friends.

“Nah, maybe not him.” I giggled into my cup and then took a greedy drink.

“Now wait, you said any guy. He’s a guy the last time I checked,” Rose stated.

“Yeah,” Mitch agreed, leaning forward, “I’ve got fifty bucks with your name on it. If you can get that loser into bed, it’s yours.”

He was serious. Jesus, what have I gotten myself into?

“Shit, I’ve got two bills with your name on it if you can get that loser to drop trousers.” Ryan held up two one hundred dollar bills and grinned at me. “Rumor has it that he’s a virgin and is probably gay.”

I laughed, staring at my friends. “And you believe that?”

“Who the fuck wouldn’t believe that? Look at him!”

I turned and looked at Damon. He looked so out of place here. Standing near a corner, he kept his head down and tried to stay out of everyone’s way. My heart sank into my stomach for him. He actually came after I invited him and now I could see how wrong it was. The poor guy didn’t fit in here at all.

“Leave him alone,” I said, turning back to my friends.

“I think someone has a soft spot for the loser,” Rose teased.

“I do not! It’s just… he isn’t doing anything to anyone. Why are we so mean to him?”

Mitch and Ryan burst out laughing at the same time.

“You’re joking, right? The kid is asking for it by just being a loser.” Ryan stood up and got right in my face. “Are you saying you’re the loser now? What? You don’t think you can fuck someone like him? Maybe you aren’t a loser and you’re just a bitch.”

My head was spinning and I shoved at his chest, wanting him to get the hell away from me.

“I’m neither of those things,” I growled.

“Prove it,” Rose added.

My glare turned to her and she was clearly challenging me. What a bitch!

“You said you could get with any guy in this house,” Bridget spoke for the first time. “And he seems to be the only guy in this entire county who doesn’t have a hard-on for you. You’ve always enjoyed a good challenge.”

I sighed and turned to look at Damon again before I spun back to my friends, chugging my drink. “Fine. No problem.” Then I glared at Ryan. “You better not spend that two hundred bucks because I’m about to take it from you.” I reached for another shot on the coffee table and chugged it back before I pushed up my tits, fluffed my hair, and walked over to Damon.

A/N: Well, the bet has been placed. How are we liking the story so far?
As I said before, this story was written a LONG time ago, so you'll probably notice the difference in my writing.

If the story does well and you all like the storyline, I'll be doing extensive edits and rewrites to it.

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