The Bet (18+)

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Chapter 59: DAMON POV

DAMON POV (Yes, you read that correctly! What?!)

“Drinking early, I see,” Charlotte remarked as she slid onto the barstool next to me.

I held up my tall shot of Jameson and groaned. She had no right to point out my early drinking when she was in the bar at the same time that I was. I also had a damn good reason for drinking this early and knew I’d sit here until they had to carry my drunk ass out.

“Problems with Taylor?” She kept probing.

Annoyed, I slammed my shot back and then spun to glare at her. “Not that it’s any of your business, but yes, huge problems with Taylor. Did you know that she’s basically slept with the whole fucking school?”

She inhaled a sharp breath and slowly nodded. “I saw the videos. Tough break.”

I scoffed and turned back to stare at the wall of booze in front of me. I wanted to drink alone but Charlotte apparently had other plans.

“You know you can’t point the finger when you’ve got three pointing back at you, right?”

“Charlotte, what the fuck do you want? I’m trying to get fucking plastered here and you’re ruining that.”

“I want you to stop crying and hiding your sorrows in this shot,” she snapped as she slid my glass away. “That girl is clearly mad about you and you’re sitting in here like a little bitch because she slept with some dudes. Hello! It’s 2020 and having sex because you want to feel good isn’t a crime anymore.” Then she nudged me as my jaw tensed. “Real rich coming from a guy who got more pussy in high school than any college guy I know.”

She knew everything about my past because she was there. Charlotte was the only person in this state who knew who the real Damon was and I hated her for it.

“Drop it, Charlotte,” I growled.

“You’re just pissed off because you actually love the girl, and instead of trying to work through it, you run. Your shoes are getting a little worn out there, kid.”

I ground my teeth and glared over at her. “Why do you fucking care?”

She held my gaze for a long moment before she shook her head and turned away. “You may not recall, Damon, but you and I go back a long way. I know who you are and this,” she stopped to wave a hand over me, “isn’t who you are. You should be comforting this girl and helping her through this bullshit. You know better than anyone what it’s like to be an outcast and shunned for your actions.”

“She fucked several dudes, a professor, and the fucking Dean, Charlotte. I killed my little sister. We’re not the same.”

“Oh, would you get the fuck over yourself? It might be two completely different scenarios, but the outcome is the same. That girl is all alone and you’re being a fucking selfish prick. I can see it all over your face that you’re torn up over this.”

I slammed my hand down on the bar. “Of course I’m fucking torn up over this! My girlfriend has fucked all these guys even after she took a bet to fuck me! Do you have any idea how bad that makes me fucking feel? Yes, I wish I could man up and be there for her, but I can’t! My mother always said to let go of those you love and if they come back to you then it’s meant to be.”

Charlotte smirked. “And her moving into your dorm when you left isn’t coming back to you?”


“No,” I lied.

“Damon, I know you’ve been through some shit, but that girl needs you. Can you do us both a solid and pull that stick out of your ass and go get your girl?”

I waved the bartender down and had him pour me another shot of Jameson. Charlotte might be making a damn good point right now, but I wasn’t moving from this seat anytime soon.

She groaned next to me and took the shot from my hand before I could knock it back.

“What the fuck is your problem?” I snapped.

“You’re my fucking problem, Damon! You’re being the biggest fucking hipocrite I’ve ever seen in my life! How dare you condemn that poor girl for sleeping around when you were the biggest man whore I’d ever seen?!”

She wasn’t wrong, but that didn’t mean I agreed with her. My heart felt like it was being ripped out all over again and I couldn’t go through that again. Taylor told me that she loved me, and fuck, did I want to say it back, but I just couldn’t. Once she saw who I really was, she wouldn’t love me anymore and I couldn’t allow another person to let her down in life.

Part of me forgave her the moment I saw those videos. I didn’t blame her for her sexual desires and I didn’t hate her for it either, but something snapped inside of me when I saw them. I wanted Taylor to be truly mine and she wouldn’t ever be as long as we were here. I wouldn’t be able to walk through campus without wondering if she’d slept with this guy or that guy. Hypocrisy was the right term to use, but I didn’t know how to shut it off.

I tore my drink from Charlotte’s hand, shot it back, and got the fuck out of there. Her words were making me overthink and I needed time alone. I knew I’d kick my own ass later and grovel on my knees to get Taylor back, but right now, I was fucking pissed off and wanted to wallow in my own self-pity. Cheers, mother fuckers.

A/N: Eeeek! So, what did we think of Damon's FIRST pov chapter? Did I do his character justice? Did we like seeing his pov? Should I do more? How many more questions can I ask you guys? LOL.

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