The Bet (18+)

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Chapter 66

“What do we do now?” I asked.

Damon sat in the chair across from me and smirked. “Let’s go apartment hunting. Looks like you’ve got a wad of cash there and I have a few bucks saved away. I’m sure we can find something to fit both of our tastes.”

My heart thundered as I smirked over at him. I never expected to be in this situation when I first met Damon. He was supposed to be a one-night-stand, nothing more and nothing less, but here we were. Looking for an apartment with him made the butterflies in my stomach go crazy. I couldn’t wait to wake up next to him every morning and go to bed with him every night.

“And you’re sure you want to do this?” I had to know. Moving in with someone you hardly knew and usually fought with wasn’t the smartest plan, but I loved him. I just wanted to make sure that he was cool with this, and especially since he’s thinking about dipping into his own cash.

He glared over the table at me before he pulled his bottom lip between his teeth. Damn, that was sexy. What were we talking about again?

“I’m more than sure, Taylor. I’ve been a stubborn bastard lately, but I’m sure this is what I want. I want to spend every day with you and I think our relationship will only strengthen when we’re away from the drama that campus has to offer.” He leaned back and stared intently into my gaze. “Are you sure you’re okay with this? I don’t want to bombard you if you don’t…”

“No, I’m sure!” I blurted. There was no way I was going to let him back out now. “Where do we start?”

He looked down at himself and chuckled. “I’m going to run back to our dorm and grab some real clothes. Do you want me to grab anything from the room?”

I shook my head and peered at my luggage on the bed. “I grabbed everything I needed. Everything else is either school property or junk.”

“Fair enough.” He stood up and rounded the table before he loomed over me. My breath hitched in my throat after I swallowed and stared into his intense gaze. “I’m going to assume that you need to get out of here, right?” I nodded. “Come with me and we’ll go from there.”

I was nervous to return to campus after running from there. I couldn’t prove it, but I was pretty sure that the entire campus hated me right now, and I wouldn’t be welcomed back. I was also terrified to come face-to-face with Professor Weiland or the dean. There wasn’t any news on what was going to happen to them, but like most men, they’d probably blame me. And let’s not forget about my father. He could be waiting at the dorms for me to return and I had no plan on seeing that man ever again.

“You go ahead and I’ll look into another motel for the night.” I swallowed and tried to hold my cool. He made me feel all hot and bothered and we hadn’t touched since that night at the club. I craved him and now wasn’t the time to get distracted.

He winked and stood back. “I’ll call you when I’m finished up and I’ll meet you at the new spot.”

I stood up to grab my luggage when he grabbed me around the waist and spun me to him. My chest slammed against his as I looked up into his brazen gaze and held my breath once more. It was obvious that he wanted me just as much as I wanted him. It was just too bad that we had to get moving or I’d have him naked in seconds and lying on his back.

“Are you going to hold me forever? Or, can I get out of here and find our next place?” I laughed.

A growl vibrated through his chest and my panties instantly soaked. When Damon growled and showed his dominant side, I was a total fucking goner.

“What would you say if I said I wanted to hold you forever? Would you fight me?”

I swallowed and blinked several times. I did not expect him to say that as I squirmed in his arms and brushed my hardening nipples against his chest.

“Is surrendering an option?” I whispered.

He growled again and the throbbing between my legs intensified. I squeezed my legs tightly together and inhaled a sharp breath.

“Are you going to surrender to me, Taylor?”

I nodded as I pulled my bottom lip between my teeth. I would surrender to Damon any damn day of the week. Hell, he could tie me to the bed and never let me go as long as he never stopped looking at me like this.

“Fuck,” he hissed. “The no-panties-rule still applies, Taylor. I want to see your sweet, wet pussy when I return,” he growled and it was obvious that he was trying to refrain himself.

If we had more time, I’d let him bend me over this table and fuck me stupid before we parted ways. I knew that wasn’t a good idea, though. We had already been in the room for too long this morning. We needed to get out before my father, or someone else that worked for him showed up.

“No panties. Got it,” I breathed. “Hurry back.” I lightly pushed at his chest, hoping he’d get the hint to step back before I melted into a puddle at his feet.

He finally stepped away but kept his gaze on me until the motel room door was closed. I let out the breath I forgot I held and grinned like a moron. Yesterday started out as the worst day I’d ever had, and now today was the best. I couldn’t wait to start this next journey with Damon by my side.

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