The Bet (18+)

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Chapter 67

After Damon left, I checked out of the room and carried my luggage to the bus stop down the street. I was so excited about tonight that I had tunnel vision and didn’t see the black SUV pull up to the curb just down the block before it was too late.

Two men surrounded me as panic consumed my being. Every alarm bell went off in my head and there was no escape route to be seen. They cornered me in the bus shelter as my breathing became rapid and made me lightheaded. There wasn’t a single notable feature about them as their faces were covered with black ski masks and their clothing matched. Nothing stuck out as to who these men were.

“Take whatever you want, just please don’t hurt me,” I whispered as tears burned my vision and blurred out their features. There was a wad of cash in my backpack and they could take it if it meant they’d leave me alone.

One of them stepped up and grabbed me around the throat before he slammed me into the glass wall behind me. My head thudded hard as stars filled my vision. I knew that they didn’t want my money and my heart thundered in my chest at the realization that they were here for something far more sinister than a mugging.

“Do you want to live?” He growled into my ear as his grip around my throat tightened.

I choked out from the lack of oxygen before I nodded my head. I did want to live. I wanted to live for Damon and what our relationship could be. I was far too young to die.

“Then drop the charges against Tommy, you fucking whore.” He brought his free hand up and cupped my breast as I whimpered.

His grip on my throat gargled my whimper as I tried to swallow. So much pain vibrated from my neck but my fear of these men took over.

I nodded my head as I tried to stare into his eyes. I would do anything he asked as long as he let me go. If Tommy wanted the charges dropped so he could go be a douchebag Frat boy again, then I’d do it. I just wanted this shit to be over with already.

“We’ve been watching you, you little skank, so we’ll know if you haven’t dropped the charges. That little boyfriend of yours doesn’t scare us.” He leaned forward and licked my cheek as I cringed and squeezed my eyes closed.

“I- I will d-drop them,” I stammered.

He released my throat as I fell to the bench beneath me and coughed my lungs out. Every breath I took in burned and my vision began to restore back to normal.

“We’ll be back if you don’t.”

They ran from the bus station and jumped back into the black SUV before it squealed its tires away from the curb. Even though I couldn’t see any true features, none of their eyes looked familiar and that scared me. Who were those men? Did Tommy and his father hire these men to scare me? Because it worked. I was fucking terrified.

“Are you okay?!” A guy around my age with long dreadlocks ran over to me with worried eyes. “Do you know those guys?”

I nodded and shook my head at the same time. I was okay but I had no clue who those bastards were.

“Can I drive you somewhere? You shouldn’t be out here alone.” He nodded to a silver Toyota Camry when I noticed the Uber sticker in the front window.

As I looked up and down the street, I realized that I was truly alone and if this guy left me here, I’d really be alone. I looked into his eyes and saw the kindness in them. They were a warm golden color filled with so much worry for a complete stranger.

“Thank you.”

He pointed at my luggage. “I’ll put those in my trunk.”

I walked over to his car and waited for him to put my luggage in the trunk before I slipped into the back seat. He got in and took off. I told him where I was going and he kept the conversation light. I could tell that he wanted to inquire more about what happened, but I was glad that he hadn’t.

I took my phone out of my back pocket and pulled up Damon’s name. He said he’d call when he was done, but I needed him now.

T: Damon- I need you asap.

And that’s all I could type. I didn’t want to explain through text messages about what had happened to me, but I needed him to know the urgency of my dilemma.

D: you okay? Where are you?

I looked up to see that we were parked out front of the motel I had asked this nice guy to bring me to.

T: Star motel. Highway 7. Please hurry.

D: I’m coming now.

I nervously nibbled on my bottom lip as I got out of the car and headed for the office. After paying cash for a room, I went back to the nice guy and helped him take my luggage out of the trunk.

“Are you going to be okay?” He asked.

“My boyfriend is on his way, but thank you so much for helping me.” My eyes moved toward the street when my blood ran cold. The black SUV was back and parked across the street. The windows were so tinted that I couldn’t see inside, but I knew they were watching me. “I should get to my room now. What do I owe you?”

He shook his head before he looked over his shoulder to follow my gaze. “Nothing, it’s my treat. Do you want me to sit with you until your boyfriend gets here?”

I looked over to find that our room was just a few doors down and close to the office. I would be safe once I got inside the room and locked myself in.

“Thank you, but I’m fine.” I grabbed my luggage and slowly made my way toward the room. Damon better hurry the hell up.

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