The Bet (18+)

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Chapter 7

When our lips connected, there was such a magnetic pull that I could hardly breathe. Kissing was always off the table for me, but it just felt right with Damon. The kiss started off with closed mouths and turned to full-on making out.

Damon opened his mouth and slid his tongue against my bottom lip and I let him in. Our tongues collided and I couldn’t stop the moan that escaped my mouth and echoed into his. His hands grabbed the back of my thighs, lifted me up, and pushed me against the door with a thud. My hips ground against him, wanting to feel what he had to offer in those jeans of his and I was pleasantly surprised to feel half an erection pressing into me.

My legs wrapped around his hips while one of his hands stayed on my bare thigh while his other reached up and grabbed my throat and jaw. He held me firmly as he devoured my mouth, making me whimper.

I wrapped my arms tightly around his neck and let him do whatever he wanted to me. It wasn’t long before he moved away from the door, still holding my mouth captive, and carried me to my bed. He laid me on my back, never once leaving me as I tore at his hoodie.

When he broke the kiss, I was completely breathless and watched him tug his hoodie and shirt up over his head. My mouth fell open at the sight of him. There wasn’t a single muscle on his torso that wasn’t totally defined. His abs tightened and flexed with each movement and the muscles on his sides bulged when he leaned back down over me.

His mouth captured mine again as I tried to figure out everything that I just saw. The Damon Carmichael that I’ve always seen walking through campus didn’t look like this! I always thought he might be plain and maybe a little chubby; always hiding beneath those hoodies of his, but that isn’t what I saw now.

He moved his kisses down over my jaw, across my neck, and peppered his lips over my mounds. His hand came up and squeezed my breast, pinching my nipple through the thin fabric of my blouse, making my hips buck. Fuck, that’s good.

Then his hand slid my blouse strap down over my shoulder, revealing my breast to him while the air caused my nipple to perk in excitement.

A hungry growl vibrated through his chest before he leaned down and took my nipple into his mouth.

“Fuck!” I cried out, feeling my eyes roll into the back of my head.

His tongue expertly flicked over my nipple until I was panting. Then he pushed the other side of my blouse down and devoured that nipple.

We hadn’t even gotten to the good stuff yet and I was already a fucking puddle beneath him. I couldn’t take much more. I needed him to fuck me now!

I reached between us and grabbed at the top of his jeans, nearly ripping the button right off. His mouth on my nipples never let up as I slipped my hand into the waist of his briefs and wrapped around his dick.

He moaned against my nipple before lightly nibbling it, causing a storm to brew between my legs. I squeezed his cock and began stroking him, feeling a shiver run down my spine at the sheer size of him. He was thick and painfully hard, and I wanted to feel him stretch me, knowing that he would.

“Don’t,” he warned, leaning back from me but I held onto his dick and kept him there.

“There’s a condom in my nightstand,” I breathed against his neck before I nibbled him there.

He moaned out and then leaned over to rummage through my nightstand. He pulled a condom out and we got back to business in a rush. I shoved at his jeans and briefs until they were down around his thighs as I watched him slide the condom down his length. Fuck, his cock looks so fucking good. Yes!

Centering above me, he stared into my eyes and then pushed in. He stretched me like a fucking virgin as I screamed out and held onto his back for dear life.

Holy hell!!

He grabbed the back of my knees and held them up, allowing his cock to push even farther in. I was about ready to fucking scream from the intense pleasure I felt between my legs. My walls tightened around him as he began to thrust in and out, slamming back in each time.

His mouth found my nipple again as he continued to fuck me, flicking and tasting me feverishly. Then his mouth was back on mine and I plunged my tongue into his. He tasted so fucking good and I was seconds away from cumming. My entire body tightened and I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer.

Damon grabbed my throat and chin then, broke our kiss, and stared down into my eyes as he fucked me harder and faster. My moans and his groans filled my bedroom and I held onto his forearm, digging my nails into his skin.

“Ohmygod!” I screamed, feeling my body rise and rise until it fucking crashed around me like a fucking tsunmai!

My orgasm exploded and I let out the longest moan I had ever heard come from my mouth.

“Fuck,” Damon cursed as his hips thrusted even harder.

Then his movements slowed down and my entire body was buzzing. It was the first time in years that I was able to cum without stimulating my own clit and I’m not sure if that scared me or excited me.

Damon pulled out of me, removed the condom, and then pulled his pants back up.

I leaned up on my elbows, not ashamed of my nakedness as I stared into his aqua blue eyes. Never in a million years would I have thought a guy like him would rock my fucking world.

“I would invite you to stay the night for more of that,” I nodded at his dick, “but we both know this gets awkward in the morning.”

He was back to being his shy self, hiding his face from me as he tugged his shirt and hoodie back on, leaning down to grab his hat from the floor.

“I’m sorry, that shouldn’t have happened. I don’t know what came over me.”

And before I could say anything, he was running from my bedroom like a scared puppy, and I sat there completely stunned.

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