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Jackson Black is a 27 Year old Nightclub owner with ties to the Mafia, Lucy is a 22 Year old PA to a CEO, She is a good girl by all accounts, that is, until she meets Jackson...

Erotica / Romance
Tina Britten
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the Meeting

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As Jackson Black walked through the sea of bodies on the dancefloor of his night club in the inner city of Sydney, he had never felt so alone. The crowd parts for him as he moves, he looks like a menace, standing at 6′5 and 160kg of pure muscle, his entire upper body covered in tattoos right up his neck stopping just under his jaw, bright green eyes, sandy blonde hair that was shorter on the sides and long and styled on the top and a constant scowl on his handsome face. The men move aside with fear and the women try to gain his attention by rubbing themselves on him as he walks past. At 27 years old he has everything he could ask for. An endless supply of money, respect and women, so why did he feel like he wasn't whole? And why has it started now? To busy being caught up in his thoughts he ran straight into a tiny woman at the bar who proceeded to spill her Jack and coke all over his white button up shirt as she tried to get out from the last bit of crowd hanging around the bar.

“FUCK!!” Jackson growls

She gasps “fuck dude, watch where you're walking, anyone would think you own the place or something!” she says with attitude before she looks up, its then that she realise's the man she just spilt her drink on, does in fact own the place. Internally ramming her head into a brick wall over and over again she notices him staring at her emotionless, fuck she thinks and downs what little of her drink remains, I'm in fucking trouble. She stares back at him before getting the courage to speak. ” can I try that again or is it too late?” she says hoping the rumours weren't true and she wouldn't be taken to the clubs basement where she would eventually show up ‘missing’

“You can try, cant guarantee it will help you” he says shrugging but continuing to stare at her tiny frame. she had to be 5′2 and 50kg soaking wet he thought. He knew he was making her uncomfortable but he couldn't take his eyes off the tiny brunette with the big brown eyes that stood in front of him.

“LUCY!!” He heard a woman yell out and his tiny brunette turned around and smiled at the blonde running towards them and embraced her in a huge hug, both the women then turn and look at him, he was still staring. Lucy, I like the way it sounds, he thought. God why cant I stop looking at her, he is thinking to himself, its so unlike him, he usually picks a girl off the dance floor, takes her to the VIP section, fucks her senseless and sends her on her way, her totally satisfied, him feeling empty. He barely ever remembers their hair colour 60 seconds after they have walked away, but this woman, she was different, but how... and more important, why? He realises the girls are still looking at him, he shakes his head to snap out of it, he should excuse himself and get back to his office, instead he introduces himself.

“Hey, I'm Jackson” he says looking her straight in the eyes

“Lucy” she says and points to the girl next to her “and this is my best friend Alisha” she sticks her hand out for a handshake, he laughs, shakes his head and grabs her hand shaking it. Suddenly his phone rings “What Curtis?” he growls, handsome smile gone and replaced with a scowl “Fuck, alright, ill be up in a minute” he turns to the bartender “Zach, my man” he says pulling Zach over the bar for a man hug “give these 2 ladies whatever they want for the remainder of the night on the house” he looks back to Lucy ” I have to go, club wont run itself, but Zach here will look after you” he goes to turn and walk away but stops himself and looks back at Lucy “Hope to see you round again Lucy” he says before winking at her and giving her a sexy smirk that brightens his handsome face even more, before finally turning and walking away.

“What the fuck was that Lucy” Alisha says to her, Jaw still on the floor, while they both watch him ascend the steps up to the VIP section of the club. Once out of sight, Lucy turns to her bestie and shrugs “I have no fucking idea my friend, but we have free drinks all night so ill take it” she says giggling and throwing an arm around her besties shoulders, taking a sneaky look behind her up to the windows that tower over the dancefloor of the club, seeing Jackson looking her way with that sexy smirk planted on his face while he talks to the guy that stood beside him.

After changing into a clean button up shirt and Staring out of the windows of his office looking over his club, he was aware of Lucy looking up at him from the bar while she had her arm around the other girls shoulders, Curtis was rambling on about something but he wasn't listening, he was to distracted by the beauty at the bar.

“And then she told me about your baby” that got his attention as he whipped his head around to the side at his right hand man. Curtis, not only his right hand man, is also his best friend since they were 4 years old. Curtis standing at 6′4 and weighing just as much as Jackson, is just as scary looking when he needs to, maybe even more so with his black hair and dark brown eyes, so dark they look black at first glance. “Right, now that I have your attention from the very beautiful girl sitting at the bar, I wanted to talk to you about the problem we have downstairs, would it cause to many issues if it went missing or should we give ’em a warning and send him out to show the others what will happen if you don't follow orders?” Curtis asked

“so hang on, who said I knocked them up?” Jackson asks confused. Curtis just laughs, shakes his head and promptly gathers his senses. “no one... no one is pregnant... that i know of anyway” Curtis shrugs and grins “Had to get your attention somehow, I have been saying your name for about 5 minutes and you never responded, had to try something” he says shrugging and laughing his ass off at the look on Jacksons face. “so what's the plan for the problem boss man?” he says looking at Jackson who has turned back to look at the girl at the bar. “its his first fuckup, yeah?” Curtis nods “give him a warning, make it a good one though, we don't want those little fucks thinking they can walk all over us and get away with it” he says running his hands down his face. He was fucked, this shit that was going on with the cartel was draining the life out of him, he needs a distraction, like a beautiful girl at a bar maybe. With that thought he turned to look back at Curtis, clapped him on the shoulder and walked off downstairs ignoring Curtis calling after him “hey Jack, we aren't done here!!” He just kept going out the door and down the stairs,

He came up behind the girls at the bar, hearing them talking about him and Curtis “Can you ask your new boyfriend to introduce me to his friend?” Alisha says to Lucy, Jackson chuckling behind them. Lucy, shaking her head and laughing reply's “ok, 1, he isn't my boyfriend, I literally just met him tonight and our first encounter was me spilling my drink on him, and 2, he sooooo doesn't like me for said reason” she giggled “I'm really good at first impressions” she added. Jackson decides to step away and text Curtis to join him at the bar. He walks up to Zach and orders a scotch, having his back to the girls, pretending he didn't notice them still there. Curtis joins him ordering the same thing and started chatting to him about the bar. The girls sit there, mouths hanging open at the fact the boys have ignored them. Lucy orders 10 shots of tequila for her and Alisha and they slam them back, she's pissed off at Jackson and has had enough liquid courage to let him know about it. She jumps up and walks over to him stumbling in front of him. Okay, maybe I had to much tequila she thinks while trying to seem like she's fine in front of the 2 giant men. Jackson smiles at her “Can I help you Lucy?” she's caught off guard, him remembering her name “listen here Mister” she says trying to sound like she's not a push over, seeing him smile aggravated her more, pointing a finger and poking him the chest “I don't know what you are playing at here, but I think you have the wrong idea about me, I'm not some princess you can win over with your sexy smile and rock hard abs” oh shit, did I just really say that out loud, she thinks. “I also wont put up with you being all flirty before and ignoring me now, so, we will see you another time... maybe” she turns to Alisha “c'mon girl, lets go to the next spot” and with that she's gone, pulling Alisha along with her. Meanwhile, Alisha is busy giving a seductive smile and wave to Curtis who just smiles and waves back.

The Girls stumble out of the club, arm in arm, laughing to each other about tonight's events, not believing what the hell just happened.…

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