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Chapter 10

Lucy sits on the same chair she's been tied to for 4 days, wondering if Jackson caught the little easter egg she had given him in the only phone call they had been allowed to have. As she sits in the chair, wrists and ankles red raw from the rope tied around them, she's praying her kidnappers will allow her to speak Jackson again, maybe she will ask next time one of them comes in. As if on queue, the man in charge came in “Miss Anderson, you must be missing lover boy, yes? How about we call him and see what he is up to?” Lucy just glares at him, doesn't want to give away how desperate she is to talk to him. Mystery man pulls out his phone and dials Jackson for a video call “Hello” She hears Jacksons Deep voice on the other end “Mr Black, how wonderful to see you again. I have someone here who would like to say hi!” Mystery man says before turning the camera on Lucy “Lucy? Baby? Are you ok?” His handsome face looking tired and worried with heavy black bags under his bloodshot eyes, his beautiful hair, dishevelled like it hasn't been washed or brushed since she went missing “Im ok Jay, I'm tired and sore from being tied down, but I'm ok. How is Matt? Is he ok? I didn't get to ask last time. He was pretty hurt when they took me, they wouldn't let me help him” “he is on the mend Luce, i will talk to you more about that later, i wanted to tell you I've prepared our special spot for your return, i miss you so much baby, I'm doing everything i can to get you back safety, now i just need to talk to the man who has you, ok?” he says calmly as she nods at him “i love you Jay” “i love you too baby” she sees Mystery man turn the camera around to face himself “ Mr Black, I've given you enough time, have you got what i want returned?” he askes Jackson “Its been held up, I'm hoping to have it by tomorrow afternoon, I'm doing everything i can to get it here sooner” “i told you Mr Black, I'm not fucking around, what did i tell you would happen if you didn't get it to me on time? Hmmm??” Mystery man says with a crazy man look in his eyes “Please don't hurt her, I'm doing everything i possibly can to get what you want, its not an easy task, please, give me anoth...” Jacksons voice was cut off by sounds of gunfire behind Lucy, she tries to duck but finds it a bit hard since she's tied to the chair, she notices someone is screaming a high pitch sound, before she realises its coming from her. Gunshots coming from all directions, and in the middle of all that she sees a giant figure approaching her, she cant tell who it is though all her tears, they grab her and she can see a knife. Oh shit, this is it, im going to die in this fucking chair she thinks. She closes her eyes, she doesn't want to see it coming, she just hopes its quick, she doesn't want to have to think about her family and friends while she dies. “Lucy?” the person whispers, I know that voice she's thinking. “Lucy? Its Matt, we need to go, Jackson is waiting for us, I'm going to cut the ropes and carry you to him ok?” she opens her eyes and sees one of her best friends kneeling in front of her, she nods, bawling her eyes out “Matt? He figured it out? You guys came to save me??” “c'mon beautiful, lets get you out of here and ill fill you in as we run” he cuts the ropes on her wrists and starts on the ones on her feet when Lucy sees someone come up behind Matt, she knows him, its the man who kidnapped her, he is walking closer and aims his gun at Matts head, without thinking she reaches around Matts back and grabs the gun she knew would be in the waistband of his pants, flips the safety off, aims and pulls the trigger, getting him square in the head. Matt whips his head around and looks back at Lucy “Thanks babe, lets get you out of here and you can tell me how you know how to shoot like that” and with that he pulls her up bridal style and makes a run for it, she hides her head in his big chest, not wanting to see the body's that are more then likely littering the floors. She knew they had made it outside by the heat of the sun on her skin but Matt didn't slow down “we are outside beautiful, but we still have a little bit to run before we get to the car that's waiting, can you walk or would you like me to keep carrying you?” looking up at him she smiles “i think i can walk, ill give it a go at least” he nods slightly and puts her feet on the ground gently and she starts walking, its painful but he has been carrying her for a good 1km. “almost there Luce, another 200m i reckon, you ok to keep walking?” she nods at him and picks up her pace, suddenly she can see the waiting car, the back door opens and she sees him, the love of her life, she starts sprinting to him and him to her, when she gets close enough she jumps at him and like always he caught her, pulling her in for the tightest embrace she's ever felt and boy was it nice “Oh My God Lucy, are you ok? Are you hurt?” he puts her feet on the ground and starts turning her around to check her over, she stops him and pulls him into her, she just wants to hold him and he doesn't resist “c'mon babe, lets get you into the car and to see a dr” she looks to Matt who's standing next to her and puts her palm on his cheek “you are the best friend a girl could ask for, thank you for rescuing me” she pulls him in for an embrace that's so tight he nearly cant breathe. “c'mon beautiful, lets get you in the car with your man and take you home” he ushers them both in the back seat and takes the front passenger seat before the car pulls off. She looks into Jacksons eyes, tearing up “i thought id never get to see you again, i tried to be strong and stay positive but i didn't know if you got my clues or not” breaking down and sobbing into his chest, feeling him draw circles on her back to soothe her “i thought they were going to kill me and id never get to have a future with you, i.. i... i “ she starts, not managing to get the words out “shhh baby, its ok, you are here, and you are so brave, you are the strongest woman I've ever met” he says to her when Matt turns around “you sure are beautiful, you know what your girl did in there?” Jackson shakes his head “she saved my life that's what, Dominico was advancing on me from behind while i was cutting Lucy's ropes on her feet and hadn't heard him, she reached into my waistband and pulled out my gun and shot him, bullseye. She was amazing” he says with such awe that Jackson couldn't help but puff his chest abit with pride, His girl saved one of his men. “you are amazing baby, now lets get you back to my home, Alisha is waiting and wouldn't take no for an answer, you look tired gorgeous, why don't you put your head down and rest, ill wake you when we get home” Lucy just nods, puts her head on the crook of Jacksons arm just before blackness consumes her.

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