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Going home

Chapter 11

Lucy stirred, hearing her name being called, the person is getting closer, she can hear it in their volume. Her eyes force themselves open, she jumps and starts shaking visibly scared before she recognises the voice “Lee??” she yells back, jumping out of her seat in the car, falling to the ground, her legs refusing to work after not being used for so long while being tied to the chair then sprinting as far as she did to escape with Matt. Alisha drops to the ground where Lucy sits and pulls her into a bear hug “oh god, i thought id lost you” she grabs Lucy’s face to look her dead into the eyes “are you ok? Did they hurt you? don’t ever do that to me again.” Alisha sits there examining her best friend for injuries “i’m taking her into the dr now, she should be here already waiting” Jackson says to her, picking Lucy off the ground and carrying her into the house and to his bedroom. Getting Lucy snuggled and comfy in the bed he sat next to her, just looking at her, she knows what he is doing “i’m ok Jay, i’m physically ok, my head on the other hand, not so good. I’m jumpy and scared, but ill be ok” she says grabbing his hand and holding it to her chest “i’m just worried about you, you have been through a lot” he shakes his head “Its all my fault, i’m sorry this happened, i’m so fucking sorry Luce” at that he broke down, she pulled him into her and they sat there together crying into each other before she finally spoke “Jay, i want you to listen to me and listen hard, this is NOT your fault. This is down to the people who took me, its THEIR fault. I heard a lot of things while i was there, things about you. They openly talked in front of me, it made me think the plan was to kill me all along, You are going to have to be careful who you trust, they have someone on the inside, i don’t know who it is, i didn’t see them, but i heard them” they were interrupted by a lady in a white coat “Mr Black, Miss Anderson, sorry if i’m interrupting, i can come back” she says looking between the pair “no, please come in, she needs to be seen” Jackson says getting up from the bed, Lucy not letting go of his hand “ill wait out in the hall babe” she looks up at him, tears threatening to escape “please, don’t go, i want you here” he nods and sits back down next to her on the bed. While he listened to the dr ask Lucy questions, he couldn’t help but think about what Lucy had said, he has a rat and he needs to figure it out, being brought out of his thoughts by the dr asking Lucy if they had touched her, he hadn’t realised he was squeezing her hand as hard as he was until she spoke “ow, Jackson, you’re hurting my hand” He looks down and lets go, giving her an apologetic look, she puts her hand on his chest and without looking away from him she reply’s to the dr “no, they never touched me like that, they hit me a few times, never the leader, always the lower downs, they had spoken to me about the things they wanted to do when “the boss had finished with me” but they never got the chance” she looks back at the dr now “they only let me up off the chair to go to the bathroom, i had only been allowed to have 2 glasses of water a day and 1 small meal, which i never took because i didn’t trust them to not have done anything to it. I wasn’t going to take the risk” she yawns and the dr looks at her “ok, how about we give you the once over then let you get some rest, how does that sound?” she hadn’t realised how tired she was until now, she just nods and lets the dr do her thing. Once done, Jackson walks the dr out, listening to how he should look after Lucy and taking a script for some strong pin meds, the dr saying overall she is physically ok, nothing some good food, rest and pampering cant fix, but she’s worried about her mental state and once physically healed would like her to see a therapist, he agrees, thanks her and lets her out, waving goodbye from the door. By the time he got up to his bedroom, Lucy was sound asleep, so he stripped down to just his boxers and slid into bed next to his woman, and just lied there watching her sleep. All sorts of thoughts going through his brain, but mainly who is his rat? He picks up his phone and messages Curtis, seeing where he is

Hey C, where are you at? We need to talk, found out some stuff from Lucy before she seen the dr

within a minute he had a reply

im in your kitchen eating, want to talk now or wait till tomorrow?

Now, give me 15, going to shower then ill come down

Looking at Lucy again, he kisses her forehead and she stirs, opening her eyes “shh babe, go back to sleep, i’m just going to have a shower and go to the kitchen. Would you like me to bring anything back up for you?” he askes her almost whispering, she just shakes her head no and goes back to sleep. He gives her one last kiss before he gets up and goes to the bathroom. Giving himself a quick shower he dresses and goes down to the kitchen. Curtis is sitting at the breakfast bar when Jackson walks in “how’s Luce?” Curtis asks “She’s sleeping” he grabs a beer out of the fridge, turning around to face Curtis, rubbing his hands over his face a few times “what they did to her C” he slumps against the bench top sobbing “they beat her, beat her bad. Tied her to a chair, barely fed her or gave her water. She listened to them talk about the horrible things they were going to do to her when their boss got what he wanted...” looking straight at Curtis he continued “they told her all the different ways they were going to rape her, they said it to her face” stammering his next sentence he continued “she... she is my world C, I cant go on with out her... i.. i... i can’t.” and just like that he breaks down in his kitchen, slumping on the floor with his best friend sitting beside him, not knowing what to do, but holding him seems like a good place to start. “i don’t know how you are feeling, but she is my friend, she is my best friends girl and my girls best friend, i’m in fucking pain, serious pain for her Jay” shaking his head still holding his friend “i cant imagine my life without her either, so we have to be strong for her, we are the ones who have to help her through this, physically and mentally, she’s gunna be emotionally scarred from this for the rest of her life, she will never forget, but she will learn to live with it... we have to be the ones who help her learn... she is our family” Finally, Jackson calms down, looks at Curtis “she also said we have a rat at our table, we have to find out who the fuck has betrayed us and took her” he is now angrier then he has ever been, they will figure this out and he will fucking slaughter anyone who gets in his way...

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