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Who's the Rat?


Sitting behind his desk in his office at the club with Curtis, both have been quiet for about 30 minutes. “ok, so what have you found out C?” Curtis looks down at his feet, fuck, this must be bad Jacksons thinking. “well, where to start? I’ve found out a lot of stuff the last 24 hours” “ok, how about we start at the start? Do we have any info on the rat at the table?” Curtis sucks in his breath “ahhh, yep, so from what we have been able to determine we have been looking into Michael, some of the boys have noticed he has been acting shady the last 6ish months, everyone else has come back 100% clean... well, clean for us” he says chuckling “ok, well lets keep investigating him, i want to be 100% sure its him before we hit him up, now, Whats next? We have any info on who is behind Lucy’s kidnapping?” Curtis’s eyes narrowed in on Jacksons “that’s a harder subject. We know Dominico was the bossman, but we’ve never had issues with him before. We’ve been looking but we cant find a reason for him doing it, which is making me think someone hired him, but who? We haven’t figured that out yet. I mean its not like Lucy has any enemies, it has to do with you for sure, but we cant find anything. I’ve got our best guys on it and we are stumped at this stage. Its doing my fucking head in” Curtis is shaking his head, running his hands through his hair, its obvious he is stressing about it. “Don’t worry Curtis, we will figure it out, we have to go about this quietly and plan everything down to the T. I mean i DID promise lee that that id keep you safe so you’d be around to help her make your future babies” Jackson says laughing at the look on Curtis’s face “I think her exact words were ‘You guys need to come back to us. I want to have Curtis’s babies one day and he needs to actually be around to make them’ and honestly that’s a promise i intend to keep” he says shrugging, Curtis looking at his best mate “we’ve actually spoken about kids, like in the future. I.. ah... i’ve actually bought her a ring, you know, like an engagement ring, was planning on asking her soon, like after we sort out who took Luce” Jackson smiles at his friend “Well, that’s fu...” he’s cut off mid sentence by his phone, he looks down and sees its Alisha “Lee, is she ok? What’s going on?” “she’s fine Jay, i was calling to let you know she’s awake and having a relaxing bath, after that we are going for a walk to the kitchen where i will make her some delicious but nutritionally amazing food then we will head back to bed, where we may or may not binge watch Gilmore girls. She did tell me to tell you she wants to see you, but take your time, she wants to bathe until she turns into a prune” he hears some shuffling and sounds that echo “Hang on she wants to talk to you, ill put you on speaker so please, for the love of my ears keep it PG” Jackson starts laughing “i cant promise a damn thing lee, your girl does things to me without even trying” that’s when he hears her sweet sound, shit he’s missed that sound, her laugh, its one of his favourite sounds “Hey baby, how you feeling? Bath helping you relax a little?” he asks Lucy “Hey you, I miss you and yeah its nice, Lee put some lavender scented bubbles in to help me relax. She’s promised me an amazing dinner too. At this rate if you take to long getting home she would have won me over and you will find us in bed together” Lucy chuckles, you can tell she’s trying really hard to be ok “well in that case, we will finish up here and be home in half hour” she lets out a breath “have i ever told you that i love you Jackson Black?” he grins at her, even though she cant see him “Maybe once or twice, we will be home before you eat, I love you “and he makes a kissy sound into the phone and hung up. Curtis is sitting in the chair, staring at Jackson making kissy noises into the phone, he is trying to hold in a laugh, but he cant anymore and as soon as Jackson has hung up from his call he lets loose, laughing so hard that he is holding his chest and crying “Fuck me man, you are so fucking whipped... oh man... cant breathe... laughing... to.... hard” before Curtis knows what’s happening Jackson jumps up and tackles him into a playful headlock, the pair of them laughing to the point of crying “jesus, we better go, i want to see Luce” still laughing they get up off the floor and head out of the office doors heading into the club itself. Walking through the bar, someone grabs a hold of Jacksons shoulder and spins him around, hitting him square on the jaw mid spin “WHAT THE FUCK!” he’s holding his jaw looking up at the person responsible “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH HER JACKSON? WHERES LUCY?” “WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU??” Curtis screams at the top of his lungs, clearly pissed that Jackson got attacked “Alex?” Jackson asks “what are you doing here?” Jacksons asks him, his aggravated, who is he to come into his club and hit him AND be worried about Lucy? That’s His job, she is his girlfriend! Jacksons trying to calm himself down, but the look on Alex’s face is pissed and it is pissing Jackson off more “I’m clearly looking for Lucy, i haven’t heard from her for over a week, so I’ll ask you again, WHAT. THE. FUCK. HAVE. YOU. DONE. TO. HER?” he makes sure to pause between each word so Jackson can see how angry he is, Jackson grabs Alex by the shirt and drags him up to his office, this needs to be done in private, they slam through the doors, Jackson throws Alex onto the couch in the room “not that its any of you’re business but she’s fine! Why do you care?” he quizzes him “Because she’s my employee!” Alex yells back “Is that all, Alex?” Jackson fires back, something runs through Alex’s face but its gone as quick as it came, but not before Jackson sees it, Alex stands up and goes chest to chest with Jackson “what are you asking Jackson?” he says back as calmly as possible “I’m asking if you have feelings for Lucy? MY Lucy” Alex quips back “YOUR LUCY? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? SHE DOESNT BELONG TO ANYONE! SHE IS HER OWN WOMAN, SHE CAN MAKE HER OWN FUCKING CHOICES JACKSON! Now, where is she, huh? She safe?” you want to know if she’s safe? Here, ill call her” Jackson pulls his phone out of the back pocket of his black ripped jeans and dials Lucy’s number, after a few rings she answers and he puts the call on speaker “Hey baby, you on your way home yet? I mi...” he interrupts her before she manages to say anything “Not yet babe, we were just about to leave when i ran into someone who wanted to talk to you” he looks to Alex, hold the phone out, telling him silently to say something “Hey Lu!” is all Alex manages to get out “Alex? What are you doing there?” she askes “i came here looking for you actually, i haven’t heard from you for a week, i was getting worried. I tried calling and going to your unit but you never answered the phone OR the door, figured if you weren’t here then your...” he finds it hard to spit the next word out “boyfriend would know where you were” he is staring Jackson in the eyes, scowling “oh, um, well, i’m at his house now actually, i haven’t been well and it has slipped my mind to let you know, i’m so sorry Alex, i didn’t mean to make you worry about me” she reply’s to him “are you sure you’re ok Lu? You have that high pitched tone in your voice, you know the one you get when you’re not telling the whole truth, i know you too well, babe!” Looking at Jackson clenching his jaw, knowing he was getting under his skin “Alex” she huffs at him “i’ve told you a billion times not to call me babe, you are my boss, Take me off speaker please” she waits “Jackson, i said take me off speaker, i know you haven’t, give the phone to Alex please” Jacksons furious, what could she need to say to him that she couldn’t say on speaker, reluctantly he did as she asked and handed the phone over to Alex who didn’t get to even say anything before you could hear Lucy on the other end, he couldn’t hear what she was actually saying though. Alex just stands there listening and nodding before eventually handing the phone back to Jackson “she wants to talk to you” he states, Taking the phone from Alex “hey baby” Jackson says looking to Alex “sorry to do that babe, i didn’t want him to get embarrassed at what i had to say. So now that’s over with can you please come home? I miss you and i want to snuggle you” there’s silence “if you get what i mean” she giggles at him. Oh he knows what she means “um, yep babe, i do, ill see you soon” and he hangs up before she can say anything back, looking at the boys in the room “alright i gotta go, my girl wants me home and who i am to deny my beautiful lady anything? C’mon C, lets go” he turns to Alex, grabs his shoulder and pushes him out of the office doors to one of the guards “don’t let him back up here” he claps Alex on the shoulder “see ya mate, have a good one” and with that Jackson is out the front doors to go home and see his beautiful lady

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