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Feeling Better

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Chapter 14

Before Jackson even gets a chance to get all the way through the front door he is tackled by his tiny brunette. He luckily catches himself on the doorframe so they don't go down, she's covering him in kisses all over his face “hey. Baby. i. Missed. You. oh. God. Did. i. Miss. You” she says through each of her kisses, he starts laughing “i missed you too Luce, but lets get in the door huh?” he’s still laughing when he sees Alisha behind Lucy “Hey Lee” she's laughing at them “thank god you’re here, all she's done since she woke up is whinge about missing you, its driving me mad!” she walks up to Curtis and snuggles into his chest, “thanks for bringing this one home” he kisses her on the head “does that mean I'm forgiven?” he asks with hope in this voice “no chance in hell” she reply's “then what do i have to do?” she quizzes her “oh, i have plenty of ideas” she says winking at him and walking towards the room Curtis has been staying in. “alright then, night guys” he says running off after Alisha. Jackson turns his face back to Lucy, he is still holding her, her arms around his neck and legs around his waist “you alright babe? How you feeling tonight?” she pulls him close so their lips are almost touching “I’m better now you are here” she stays there, looking between his eyes and his lips, she crashes her lips into his finally and he moans slightly, her mouth almost silencing the noise, they pull apart to breathe, Jackson looks at Lucy, seeing if she wants to go further, she answers the unspoken question by kissing him again, this one more needy then the one before, this one telling him how much she needs this. He pulls her closer by palming her ass cheeks, she start grinding on him, Jackson breaks the kiss “Luce, are you sure you want this? I totally understand if you want to wait, i don't want you to feel like you have to do this to please me” his voice is hoarse with desire “oh baby, i love you, but right now i need you to do this for me and not hold back, i need you to fuck me not make love to me, ok?” he just nods, he knows what she wants and if its going to make her feel better who is he to say no. He walks them to their room, their lips never leave each other, he throws her onto the bed and crawls up after her, he starts kissing her, slowly taking her shirt up over her head, only breaking the kiss for a split second to release the shirt from her body. Jackson gets up from the bed and goes over to the wardrobe, coming out with a box, Lucy’s eyes grow wide like saucers, she knows what's in that box, what fun they are about to have, her panties get soaked just with the thought of the fun she's going to be having with her man. She watches him as he puts the box on the floor next to the bed and opens it, pulling out the handcuffs and twirling them around his fingers as he stalks towards her, he is looking at her like she is his prey, she's so excited she can feel the wetness dripping down onto the bed, he hasn't even touched her yet and she's so worked up. He crawls up onto the bed, in between her legs, kissing his way up her stomach and in between her breasts. Taking one of her nipples in his mouth licking and sucking before gently biting, working his way even further up over her collar bone and to her jaw, her moans fuelling him. He grabs her hands and puts them above her head, putting one side of the cuffs on on wrist then threading through the headboard of the bed and clasping around the wrist. “what do you want me to do Lucy?” he asks her, nipping at her lips and running his hand down to her thighs, running it over her inner thighs. When all she does is moan at him he responds “hmmmm? Well?” her eyes are closed and she arches “if you don't answer me Lucy I'm going to punish you, do you want to be punished Lucy?” he asks her seductively, her eyes open she shakes her head “no” he arches his brow at her “no what, Lucy?” “no sir” he grins at her “good girl. For being such a good girl I'm going to reward you” he starts kissing her, she's moaning into his mouth, he pulls away and starts kissing down her neck to her breasts, caressing them in his palms, running his thumbs over her now hard nipples, he starts pinching and pulling the little nubs, she runs her fingers through his hair before grabbing handfuls and pulling hard, making him groan, he starts working his mouth down her stomach, heading toward the ache between her legs, gently brushing over her clit with his mouth, she moans with the touch, “so wet for me Lucy” he starts licking her core “Fuck Lucy, you taste so good, ill never get sick of tasting you” he crawls up between her legs “you want to taste yourself Lucy?” she nods, not being able to form sentences, he leans down, his lips land on hers with such passion that all she can do it groan, she pulls away from him “Jackson?” she whispers “hmmm?” he answers back, admiring her natural beauty “I really need you to fuck me now” he laughs, she feels the grumble through his chest into hers and loves the feel, “I'm not finished with you yet” he sits back on the bed, his erection standing tall and ready “open your legs wide Lucy, i want to see you” she gasps, shocked and a little excited by the demand, she looks at him, doing what he asks, she sees him slowly start stroking himself, she fells herself getting wetter just watching him “beautiful, you are so sexy, lying there getting so wet just by watching me touch myself, its the sexiest thing i've ever seen” he says seductively while he slowly strokes his erection, he starts walking towards her “I’m going to undo the cuffs, i want you to watch you touch yourself” he takes the cuff keys and unclips them, he hands her her favourite vibrator, she turns it on and runs it up and down her opening, getting it all wet, she starts off by putting it on her clit, getting more worked up then she already was, arching her back and moaning with pleasure, she runs a hand down to her breast, pulling and pinching her nipple, she slowly starts pushing down the vibrator toward her opening, all the while watching Jackson touch himself, his eyes wide and full of desire, hand slowly going faster up and down his length “i could watch you do this all day long, but not today, i need to take you right now” he takes the toy and throws it on the floor, puts himself between her thighs, wraps his arms under hers and holds onto her shoulders and centres his head to her core. In one thrust her is inside her, he hisses “oh god Lucy, you feel so good wrapped around my hard cock” he starts to thrust in and out, she wraps her legs around his ass so he can go deeper “oh god, Jackson, that's it, right there” she gets out between thrusts, he gets up onto his knees and brings her legs over his shoulders and starts rubbing her clit, all the while thrusting harder and harder “come for me Lucy, I don't know how much longer i can hold out” as soon as he says that she explodes around him, screaming his name as loud as she can, a few more thrusts and he comes deep inside her. He falls on to her chest, not able to hold himself up anymore. He gets enough energy to roll them both onto their sides while him still being inside of her. They lie there for god knows how long just looking at each other lovingly, slowly calming their breathing, eventually breathing normally. Jackson kisses Lucy on the forehead and pulls away from her “C’mon babe, im going to run you a relaxing bubble bath, then later we are going for round two!!” Jackson jumps out of bed and runs into the bathroom, Lucy hears the water running, rolling onto her back, she looks at the white ceiling with a cheesy grin knowing that what just happened was the 1st step to getting herself back.

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