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Lucy’s sitting on the couch in the loungeroom curled up into a small ball, watching Gilmore Girls (can always rely on that show to bring a smile to your face) and thinking. Its been a month since she got rescued, to say it was easy would be a fucking lie, some days are better then others. Jackson has been amazing, on the days she couldn’t get out of bed with fear, he would hang out with her, just cuddling her under the covers, keeping her mind at ease. He got her in to see a good therapist to help her sort through the trauma and deal with the nightmares. Most nights she wakes in a sweat and Jackson trying to calm her down. She gets pulled from her thoughts by someone rushing in through the front door, she jumps from the noise putting her hand over her heart “Jesus Curtis, you scared the shit out of me!” she yells at him, trying to calm her heartrate “SHIT! Sorry Luce!” he runs over to her to make sure she’s ok, she notices the look on his face “Is everything ok C?” she asks him, he shakes his head “No, that’s why I’m here, i need you to come with me, it’s Jackson” her eyes go wide and her body starts shaking “what’s going on? Where is he Curtis? Is he ok? Is he hurt?” she’s asking him as he grabs her wrist and starts to pull her to the door “C’mon Luce, we gotta go to him NOW!” he shoves her in the passenger side of the car, runs around the front and gets in the drivers side. Pulling out of the driveway he heads towards Jackson’s club “where is he C? You’re scaring me” she whispers so quietly he can barely hear her “He’s at the club, I don’t know much more, we will be there in a second, then we will know more” before to long they pull up out the front of the club, Lucy jumps out before the car has even come to a complete stop and runs to the door where she see’s one of Jackson’s men. He stops her before she can open the door “sorry Miss Lucy, you cant go in there” looking over her shoulder he see’s Curtis who nods his head at the man. “it’s ok Brian, she can enter” Lucy looks between the men “WILL SOMEONE TELL ME WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE??” she screams at the top of her lungs. Curtis grins and shakes his head “why don’t you open the door and see?” she furrows her brows at him in confusion before doing just that. She holds her hand on the handle before pulling the door open, she gasps at the sight inside the club. Walking in she’s got her hand over her mouth, breathing heavy and tears in her eyes. She’s looking around when she spots him, he’s on the floor near the bar. He’s on one knee underneath all the fairy lights “Jackson? What’s happening?” she’s still looking around when Jackson clears his throat “Lucy, I had planned to do this a while ago but stuff happened and well, i never got the chance. I have watched you come so far since we met right here in this exact spot at the bar, do you remember? You spilt your drink all over me then cursed me out. I knew in that very moment you are the one for me, you are my forever, I cant imagine my life without you. This past month has proven to me just how amazing you are. You are THE most strong, kind, caring, beautiful and sexy woman that has ever graced this earth and I’ve been blessed to call you mine, but, now I would like to make it more permanent and be able to call you my wife, Lucy... I love you with everything I am, will you marry me?” Jackson lets out a breath after his speech and stars at Lucy who is standing in front of him, hands over her mouth crying. Are they good tears or is she going to shut him down? Shit! Its too soon for her, he is thinking. After what feels like an eternity he is still on one knee holding out the ring “Um, Lucy, I kinda need you to put me out of my misery here and answer the question” she’s full on crying now, one hand over her mouth still and the other over her heart “oh my god, Jackson, are you for real?” she asks him “Ah, yeah, I mean, putting this together wasn’t easy” he says clearing his throat again “oh Jackson... YES! Of course I’ll marry you!” she says as she jumps on him, tackling him to the floor, peppering him with kisses. He sits them up and he grabs her hand, sliding the giant rock on her finger “Thank fuck for that! You started taking way to long to answer and I thought for sure you were going to say no” he’s saying to her shaking his head, she looks at him with so much love, then anger “did Curtis know?” she asks him, he stares at her, eyes wide “of course he did, he knows your every move” she answers herself “that asshole made me believe you were hurt to get me here, I spent the whole trip here wondering how hurt you were! I’m gunna kill him” Jackson laughing at her now, both still sitting on the floor “don’t be mad at him baby, i told him to do what it takes to get you here, granted, it was a bit extreme, but it worked” he stands up and puts his hand out to help her up too “Come here Fiancé” he says pulling her into his chest, she wraps her arms around his neck, running her fingers through the hair at the back of his head before getting on her tip toes and pulling him down to meet her halfway for a kiss. They stand there making out for a while when there’s a knock at the entrance door, pulling away from her Jackson yells out “Fuck off, having a moment here!” Lucy’s laughing at him, still wrapped around each other, Curtis answers him back through the door “Sorry boss, but lee’s out here and honestly I don’t know how much longer i can hold her off, she might be tiny but she still scares me!” hearing a grown ass man, who in all rights should be considered a giant sound so scared of a tiny woman is comical. Jackson looks at Lucy, he can see she’s dying to see her best friend “well, guess the moment is over” he laughs at her while walking toward the door to open it. Once opened there’s a blur that comes through that he could only assume is Alisha, Curtis walks in and looks at Jackson who just nods at him answering the question before he even asks it “well, guess congratulations is in order then!” he says putting his hand out, Jackson takes it smiling “yeah. She scared me for a minute, took forever for her to answer me, thought she was going to say no! Oh and i wouldn’t let her see you if i was you, she’s pissed you made her believe id been hurt” They stand there listening to the girls talk all things engagement, wedding, babies, old age, you name it, they talked about it. “so when’s the engagement party?” Curtis asks, big mistake coz before he knows what’s happening Lucy is running towards him, fuming. If it was possible to physically have steam coming out of her ears she would have. “OH SHIT!!!” Curtis yells running off around the bar, Lucy right on his heels, Jackson and Alisha holding the stomachs laughing like they’ve never laughed before “Curtis, get your ass back here! I swear to all that is fucking holy I’m going to kill you!” Curtis stops in his tracks “Lucy, I love you, but how else was i meant to get you here without asking to many questions and giving away what was going on?” she thinks about his question... she knows he’s right, she would have nagged until he gave on and blabbed, then she would have been pissed he ruined the surprise. Standing with her hands on her hips looking at him, she lets out a sigh “you’re right... but still, i was so worried. I was holding off a panic attack, i thought i was going to have to go on with out him and how would i do that with a baby?” she stops covering her mouth with both hands, slowly looking to Jackson. His eyes are wide, flicking between her eyes and her stomach. Silence, so much silence, Alisha was the first one to speak “A baby? Are you saying I’m going to bean aunty?” Lucy, never taking her eyes off Jackson slowly nods “um, Yeah, not exactly how I planned on telling everyone” Jackson walks up to her “A baby? Really?” she looks at him nervously, replying in a whisper “yeah, are you ok?” he places one of his big palms on her stomach and yelling out “I’M GOING TO BE A DAD!!!!” He grabs Lucy and smashes his lips on hers, they stand like that for a while, only torn apart by the sounds of gunfire. Before she knows what’s happening Jackson is on top of her, shielding her with his own body and she’s covered in blood...

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