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The House In The Background


Waking up in the bed she shared with Jackson, she rubs the baby bump. Being 6 months along now its more like a full belly instead of a bump. She sheds a tear and rubs her belly thinking back to the day when she lost him.

He was lying on top of her, shielding her from the gunfire, yelling at Curtis to get her out, her not wanting to leave him behind. He pulls her out from under himself, kisses her and push’s her to Curtis and Alisha, she looks at him the whole time, eyes never leaving him, she sees his mouth moving, his last words to her “I love you baby” before the gunmen stand behind him and pulls the trigger.

A knocking at the door brings her back to now, she looks to the door and see’s Alisha coming in “hey babe, how are you and my niece doing today?” she asks walking towards the bed before collapsing next to Lucy. “I should be asking you how you and my nephew are” she says back with a small smile that never reaches her eyes, looking to Alisha’s expending belly, almost the same size as hers. They are due only 7 days apart and she’s so grateful to her and Curtis, the 3 of them going through all this together. Babies and missing fiance’s.

Curtis had gone back in for Jackson after he left Alisha and Lucy, but all he found was a pool of blood. He told Lucy no one would have been able to survive loosing that much blood and that he had to have been gone. Before to long they had started getting packages, bits of Jacksons clothing and personal items. His phone was the thing she treasured the most, the photos he had taken of them. The packages Always untraceable, then one day they got a package, it was photos, photos of Jackson, of his body. That was the day she broke, her heart shattered into a billion tiny pieces. Being in his bed without him was torture, but she couldn’t bring herself to sleep somewhere else, his stuff still smelt like him and it comforted her.

So many nights Matt would come and sit with her, comfort her, sleeping on a couch next to the bed, he somehow knew she needed her friend close, but also knew she didn’t want anyone else’s smells on Jacksons things. The only person who got away with lying on the bed with her is her best friend. Alisha pulled her back to reality “I know you aren’t ready yet, but maybe it would be nice if we went for a walk today? We can drag Matt with us? I need someone to kick my fat ass to do some exercise and you are the only one who can manage to do that” Lucy looks at her best friend, she’s been so supportive, nodding she reluctantly agrees “okay, if you can convince Matt to come too ill go. I honestly would feel safer with him there” Alisha sits up, surprised “ok, give me 5, you go get changed and meet us down stairs” she says getting off the bed and leaving. Lucy gets up and puts on a pair of tights and one of Jacksons button up shirts, she loves wearing his clothes, he used to as well, she giggles remembering the times he would grunt at her telling her how sexy she looked wearing his clothes.

Meeting her 2 friends at the door, they head out to the car, getting in and driving off towards the outskirts. Looking out the window at all the houses as they drove past, Lucy could help but think about the times she had sat with Jackson planning the future. She sits up straight, looking out the back window “STOP!” she yells at Matt, pulling over slamming the brakes “what the fuck Luce! You gave me a heart attack, what’s the deal” her eyes wide, slowly looking to him “ Remember when we got the pictures of Jac...” she struggles to say the words and starts shaking her head “of Jacksons b..b..body?” Matt nods sadly “that house back there was in the back ground, I’m sure of it” he stares at her, pity in his eyes “I know you don’t want to believe he is gone Luce but he is” she looks at him, pleading with him “please, just humour me, can we please go look, if I’m wrong then what’s the harm right?” cant argue with that logic he thinks “ok, how about I lock you guys in the car, with a gun, of course, Curtis would kill me if I left you both unprotected, and I alone go check it out” shrugging at the girls “If I find something we will call Curtis to get some guys here... deal?” looking at Lucy knowing that she will be the one that wont listen “Lucy, you hear me?” she glares at him “Yes Matthew, I hear you, for fuck sake” happy with her answer, he gets out and waits until he hears the locks on the car and starts heading towards the house Lucy pointed out.

Slowly sneaking up towards the house, he looks through a side window, sitting in the middle of the bare loungeroom was an empty dining chair, ropes around the legs and the entire spot covered in blood. He stalks around to the back door and tries the handle, its unlocked, slowly turning it, he walks inside, clearing the kitchen first, quietly making his way to the loungeroom to check out the chair. Standing in front of the gruesome scene in front of him he blows out a breath, and leaves for the car. Knocking on the window of the car, the girls let him in. Lucy stares at him, eyes wide like sourcer’s, she knows he found something “ok, so I found something, I’m going to call Curtis, but I want us to at least get out of this street first, we will go a few streets over and pull up. And no Luce, I didn’t find him there” he doesn’t want to tell her he didn’t finish searching the place because he knows she will take that as a glimmer of hope, when they have been working so hard with her to start letting him go. Once they were a few streets away, Matt pulls over, gets out and calls Curtis. Talking to him for what seemed forever, he gets back in the car “so C is on his way with some guys. We have to wait here, when he gets here, ill take him to the house, the plan is to stake it out for a while, see who goes there. We need to get as much information as we can. Lucy, I know you probably want to go in and see but trust me babe when I say I wont let you, and not just because we have to watch it, I don’t want you to see what’s in there, its too much, just believe me please, you don’t need to see it” she knows it must be bad, she just wants her Jackson to be alive, he needs to be here, for her and their daughter.

Curtis pulls up close to them and she sees him get out and walk towards them, they all get out of the car, he walks up and stands in between the girls, pulling them both into his sides. He has taken to doing that since Jackson died, he took on the big protector role without question, he truly is an amazing human, between him and Matt she never felt unsafe, if Curtis couldn’t take her to an appointment then Matt would be there without being asked. She honestly felt so lucky to have such an amazing family.

“Luce? You ok baby?” Matt asks her, nodding “yeah why?” she tilts her head to the side like she does when she’s confused “you zoned out on us there” she gives him a weak smile “just thinking how lucky I actually am, even though Jackson...” she pauses, squeezing her eyes shut so she doesn’t cry “Jackson isn’t here, I still have you 3, my family” pulling her from Curtis’s side into his chest, Matt rubs his big palms up and down her spine, just the way she likes it.

“you have no idea just how much the 3 of us love you Lucy, how much I love you” he whispers to her, she is the little sister he always wanted. “alright C, lets do this so we can find out what happened to our boss and can lay him to rest” Lucy watches her boys walk back towards the house that may just hold some answers to what happened to the one person that meant the world to her.

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