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You're Not Going To Believe It


“we’ve been staring at this fucking house for a month Curtis, we know who’s going in there, maybe we could send some men to start following some of these dickwods” Matt is looking at Curtis, the guy looked like shit, between being the new boss since Jacksons death, Alisha being pregnant, looking after Lucy and being there for her pregnancy and all the Mafia shit that goes on top, he had a lot of shit to deal with and Matt was helping as much as he can. “yeah, good idea, in teams of 2, lets get Nick and Pete, James and Mick and Rod and Trav to start with. I don't want to leave us to many men down at the house with the girls both being so far along and not knowing if whoever killed Jay wants us or the girls” looking over at Matt, Curtis adds “I actually wanted to ask you if you could move into the house with us? With the girls so far along with their pregnancies I need someone i can trust to be with them when I cant be and me and the girls, especially Lucy, trusts you.” He is looking straight in Matts eyes, hoping he understands what he is asking of him, literally putting his life on the line if need be “C, I spend most nights curled up on that damn couch next to Lucy’s bed anyway, and you know the shit that's going on at home at the moment, so the break would be good. Lucy only has the 3 of us now and you and Alisha need to have your own time together. Lucy and Alisha are my best friends, I would protect them with my life anyway without you asking me too.” Curtis has never seen him look so serious, EVER. “sweet, well you can bring whatever you want or need with you, will need it to happen ASAP. I've got a meeting with Antony and his boys on Friday night about the next shipment, I want you to stay with Alisha and Lucy, ill take Trav, James and Nick with me. Can you organise the boys for the meeting and also get them on the tails of these cockheads? We need to sort this shit.” As soon as his said that 2 of his men show up at the car to take over the stake out “sup boss, ready to go home to your woman?” one guy says “never been more ready” Curtis reply's with a smile “alright then, we will let you know if anything happens, have a good night boys” the other guy says, Matt and Curtis say their byes and pull out.

Getting to Jacksons mansion and heading inside they are greeted by the girls, who are lying on each end of the couch in the loungeroom, under blankets, eating popcorn and watching movies in the dark. “hey boys, how was work?” Alisha asks, barely looking at them, Curtis walks over and kisses her on the top of her head before asking “the usual, what are you girls watching?” Lucy giggles, hearing that sound is music to everyone's ears at the moment, she doesn't do it much these days “Magic Mike, wanna join?” Curtis and Matt scrunch up their faces and start making spew sounds “no way, I don't understand why you ladies insist on watching that junk, they aren't even good looking” he states, making the girls laugh so loud they have to hold their belly's, Finally the girls calm down and Matt shakes his head, giant grin on his face “you 2 are the worst, give a man a complex with how you go on about those guys bodies” Lucy yawns and gets up “I’m heading to bed guys, this baby is sucking the life out of me these days” looking at Matt “Matty, wanna help a pregnant lady to her room?” As an answer he puts his arm out for her to take, she grabs it pulling herself up with his mucsle's “Night guys, thanks for the movie date Lee, another tomorrow?” Alisha smiles “Absolutely!”

Walking up the stairs with Matt , Lucy cant help but ask “Matty, are you ok? You seem... how could I put this?” she pauses and turns to him “you seem more down then I am, and that's saying something” he pulls her in for a hug, trying to be strong and not cry, but he knows Lucy is a safe place so decides to let her in on what's been happening. Pulling away from her but leaving his arm around her shoulder he walks them towards her room “C’mon Luce, ill talk to you in your room, its not something i want everyone knowing, and you know what this place is like, worse then fucking high school” boy did she understand that! Nothing was sacred in this house, sitting on the couch that Matt usually sleeps on he turns and looks at her

“She cheated” shaking his head “said I’m never around, so she figured, why not go fuck someone else!” his eyes starting to water “not just once either, so many men according to her, all the while she's still fucking me... doesn't even know their names, just takes them back to OUR bed, she refuses to leave our unit so until Curtis asked me to move in here with you guys I was still in the unit with her and the random guys she would bring home” by now he is full on sobbing and Lucy cant help but join him, between the pregnancy hormones and grieving Jackson she struggled to keep it together for him, so she did the one thing she knows helps her even just a little, she lies his head down on her lap, stroking his hair and letting him cry it out to her, just like he has done for her over the past 5 months.

After what seems like hours, Matt sits up, eyes red and puffy “Sorry about that Luce” she gives him a small smile, but before she gets to respond his phone rings. Looking at it he see’s it’s their men at the house, pressing the green answer button “Yeah” he says “right... uh huh... you're fucking jokin... nope he's here at home with us... yep ill go get him now and get him to call you... yeah... roger that... call soon... bye” he looks up at Lucy “we need to go get Curtis, right now!” he grabs her hand and pulls her from the room and they run to get Curtis.

“CURTIS!” Matt yells out through the bedroom door. Within a minute an angry looking Curtis flings the door open “This better be fucking good, Matt, I was finally having alone time with my girl” Matts looks at him with apologetic eyes “Sorry C, but I just had a call from the guys staking out the house, they have news, you need to come to the lounge and call them... oh and make sure Alisha's there, Lucy is going to need her” and with that Matt stalks back to the lounge where Lucy is waiting. A couple of minutes later Curtis and Alisha come in as well, Alisha sits next to Lucy as Curtis Dials the boys back “hey boss” one of the men say “we’ve had some action at the house, the usual suspects came and went at their usual times, but then a blacked out car pulled in and around the back of the house so we didn't see who was in there, but then they got a visit from someone you know and you're not going to believe who it is” Curtis’s eyes grow wide and look straight at Lucy as the guys tell him who they saw...

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