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I've Got Something To Tell You

Chapter 18

Looking straight at Lucy, Curtis cant believe what he is being told, He gets pulled from his thoughts by the voice on the other end of the phone “so boss what do you want us to do?” Clearing his throat “I'm sending more men and we will storm that place. I want the boss kept alive, he will be put in the basement, he has some questions to answer. Matt and i will head out in a minute, see you soon” and he hangs up. He looks between the girls then crouches in front of Lucy “Luce..” he pauses “Luce, it looks like Alex is the one who shot and killed Jay, I’m so sorry, I know he was a friend” she gasps and instantly broke down, Curtis speaks again “We have to go, I have to take matt with me, I want you 2 to go to the kitchen, get some bottles of water a snacks and lock yourselves in Lucy’s room. DO NOT come out for anyone except me and Matt, you hear me? Only me and Matt, no one else” the girls both nod “ok, Alisha? Come here” she walks over to him and wraps herself around his torso “I love you so much Lee, you are the best thing to ever happen to me, you and our son” she pulls away and looks up at him “you come back to us, you hear me Curtis, we need you” he leans down and gives her a passionate kiss, a kiss that says everything words cant at this present moment “I love you Curtis, please be safe” he smiles at her “you have no idea how much I fucking love you Lee, now go with Luce, get the stuff and lock yourselves in, keep your phones on you, maybe grab your charger. I love you” and he sends her away, not looking back as he makes his way to the car, he couldn't turn around, if he did he wouldn't have left and he needed to go, he needs to avenge his best friends death.

Pulling up and meeting the rest of the team, Curtis and Matt talk strategies and who's on the no kill list before slowly sneaking down to the house, they are as organised as a swat team, half the team is out he front while the other half sneaks up and around the back, synchronized they brake through from all angles, storming the house, gunfire erupts and Matt and Curtis run into the loungeroom, stopping suddenly when they see them there, 2 men.

“ALEX!” Curtis screams, storming towards him, fists curled, knuckles going white “you fucking cunt! You are coming with me or ill fucking shoot you where you stand” coming around the front of the chair he looks at the man Alex has tied and he cant believe it, sitting there, tied to a chair “Jay? MATT GET YOUR ASS IN HERE NOW I NEED YOU!!!!” He is in panic mode, Matt comes running in “house is clear C” he stops dead in his tracks “FUCK! Jay?”

Jackson can hear the commotion, what the fuck is happening out there? He’s thinking. Then he hears a mans voice, sounds like Curtis. That's when he realises they have come to rescue him “ALEX! You fucking cunt! You are coming with me or ill fucking shoot you where you stand” there's movement close to him, his eyes are so swollen they are totally closed, it feels like his whole face is swollen to the point of his skin bursting “Jay? MATT GET YOUR ASS IN HERE NOW! I NEED YOU!!!” He hears Curtis scream, Finally, I'm rescued and with that thought he falls into the darkness, next think he remembers is being carried, hushed talking tones, his name being mentioned then Lucy’s, he doesn’t want her to see him like this, he is a mess, he tries to talk but before he can get anything out he is pulled back into the black.

Curtis cant believe it. As they carry Jackson out of the house, he sends some of his best men off with Alex to the basement to wait for him. He grabs his phone out, how is he meant to tell Lucy Jay is alive? She will want to see him, but knowing Jackson he wouldn't want her seeing him like this... lord knows he wouldn't want Alisha to see him if he was as damaged as Jackson is, but he also doesn't want to wait, she has been holding onto hope this whole time, the only one who refused to believe he was gone.

“Matt, you and the boys go with Jay to our doc, I’m going to go home, I have to tell Lucy... She will want to come to the hospital but I don't want her seeing him like this until we have more news on his condition, so post a few of the men outside his door, she will try to brake in there.” Matt nods and helps to put Jackson in the back of the 4WD then following him in. Bending his head close to his ear he whispers “C’mon boss man, you need to fight, you have a daughter coming who is going to need her daddy. C and I will be the best uncles we can be, but, no one else can be her dad, That's your job, mate. So you need to fight, fight for her, for Lucy, damn, do it for yourself... just fight”

Pulling up to Jacksons mansion, Curtis takes a minute to try and sort out what he’s going to say to Lucy. He will take her to the hospital, no worries, but he doesn’t think she should see him, but he knows, she will force her way in... is there any point trying to stop her? That will stress her and the baby out, but so will seeing him, he doesn't look like her Jackson “FUCK!” he screams and hits the steering wheel before pulling himself together “fuck it, lets go” he runs inside and upstairs to Lucy’s room. He knocks loudly “LUCY... ALISHA, Its me, open up, I've got something to tell you”

Lucy opens the door wide, Curtis’s shirt is soaked in blood “oh my god, C are you hurt? Who’s blood is that? Where’s Matt? Oh my god, is it Matt?” he stumbles over his words “no... Matt... I....” he walks in the door, “Luce, you need to sit...” she takes a seat , he pulls a foot stool over and sits in front of he, Alisha to her side, “Curtis... you need to say something, you are freaking me out... who’s blood is on your shirt?” he grabs her hands, her tiny hands in his huge palms, looking at the floor he reply’s “It’s.... It’s Jacksons blood” she’s silent, you could hear a pin drop. Without a word she gets up and runs out the door “LUCY! Where are you going?” she stops and looks at Curtis “where the fuck do you think I'm going? To see my fiancé... for 5 months everyone told me he was dead! 5 FUCKING MONTHS! I tried to tell you all, I can feel it, he’s still alive, no one believed me. So Curtis, put your fucking big boy knickers on and drive me to where ever the fuck you have my Jackson!”

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